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how to use a lensbaby: your starter guide

by Nina Mingioni

You may be seeing photographers share photos with delicious blur – they very well may have been taken with one of the many Lensbaby lenses. Whether you’ve never heard of these before, just getting started with yours, or looking for more tips on using a Lensbaby, this post is for you!

I never leave my house without one of these. It’s true – my camera bag is my purse, and even if I leave my camera at home, I(…)

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a peek inside | kristen ryan

It’s time for another installment of one of our favorite blog series, a peek inside. Today, we have one of our newest Mentors to feature, Kristen Ryan.
a peek inside | kristen ryan

1. Nikon D800: I have had this camera for nearly 2 years now and I just love it! It is wonderfully sharp and fabulous for landscapes as well as portraits and lifestyle work.

2. Sigma 35 f/1.4: One of my very favorite lenses. It is on my camera most of(…)

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lensbaby edge 80 review

Have you been eyeballing a new photography product?  Would you like to hear a Pro’s opinion on the product prior to purchasing?  We have a new series for you, Click It and Pick It, where the CMpros will be reviewing several of the most talked about photo products!  In this installment of the Click It and Pick It series, Director of CMpro Jen Bebb puts the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 to the test.
lensbaby composer pro with edge 80(…)

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kristen ryans favorite things

Lock up your wallets because we’ve got a fun, and tempting, new series for you to get to know the CMpros a little better!  What better way to learn about them than to ask them what their favorite things are, photography related or not?  Next up is Kristen Ryan sharing what she loves!
kristen ryan’s favorite things

1. Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park: I’ve been spoiled all my life that my grandparents bought property in Jackson Hole, WY before(…)

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approaching a photo walk

The 2013 ClickinWalk is coming up but have you wondered if it’s right for you or not?  Most of us are used to shooting portraits and street photography can feel a bit intimidating but today we have CMpros Megan Dill, Justine Knight, and Stacey Vukelj sharing their insights on participating in a photo walk.  They all joined in on the New York City ClickinWalk last year (all images in this post were taken during that walk) and are looking forward(…)

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guinguette | daily of the week

Have you visited the CMpro Daily Project to get your daily dose of photography inspiration?  If not, it’s definitely worth checking out!  The CMpros, both hobbyist and professional photographers, are uploading beautiful photographs to it every day and each week we choose a favorite, the DOTW (daily of the week).  This week, this atmospheric and colorful image by Anne Wick stole our hearts.  Congratulations, Anne!

To see more of Anne’s photography visit her website and CMpro daily images.

To view more images(…)

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caroline jensen personal project

Personal photography projects can be incredibly beneficial to your growth as a photographer.  Whether it be a 365 or a series of self-portraits, it will stretch you beyond your safety zone.  And what could be more fun than seeing what personal projects the CMpros are up to?!  In this new series, we’ll feature a different CMpro and follow along as they show off some of their images and share about their unique project.  Today we are excited to have Caroline(…)

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how to rock a lensbaby

by Emma Wood

If you’ve never used a lensbaby before, they almost seem like a mysterious kind of secret, something unique and totally different.  This is how I felt before I joined in on the fun about nine months ago.   Lately I’ve found more and more people experimenting with them, and loving them.   They bring something fresh and new to images and they are not expensive compared to most lenses.   I remember being totally intrigued with them before(…)

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