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a day in the life with photographer Lee Ann Norris

a day in the life with lee ann norris

A Day In The Life with Lee Ann Norris
It’s summer and for us that means schools is out!  And we like to take full advantage.  This past weekend was a wedding one, so that meant today it was errands and kid time!  No work today.  :)  My mornings start out slow. The kids laze in bed and I eventually mustered up enough energy for my morning run.  It was fabulous.  I even saw a flower growing out of the street!!!  Thankfully(…)

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why do you need an engagement session

importance of engagement photos

by Lee Ann Norris

Do you remember as a kid getting your pictures awkwardly taken at school?  You would have a slightly crooked smile with a deer in the headlights look.  And looking back you think if they had just talked to me, and gotten to know a little about me I would have looked like a happy kid instead of the one who wasn’t sure what was really going on.  It would have taken a little bit more time, but(…)

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tips for photographing weddings by Lee Ann Norris

how to get into wedding photography

by Lee Ann Norris

When I started my photography business back in 2007 I proclaimed loudly, strongly and with great confidence I was not ever going to shoot a wedding.  In fact, I was going to shoot babies, kids, and families.  But weddings, I would never shoot a wedding.  It was too stressful, you only had one shot, and I never wanted someone to look back and think my wedding pictures suck.  I am laid-back and chill, weddings weren’t for me. (…)

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Simple tips to get your subjects to relax in pictures

I am the ultimate cliche when put in front of the camera, I geek out and only show the nerdy side.  I am sure if I try to smile I will look like I am trying to be a hot model, and not me, so geeking out is my way of dealing with it.  You too?  Let’s talk about how to get people comfortable so you don’t have your clients doing some awkward face where everyone wonders what was going(…)

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