learn to pose photography subjects


4 easy tips for posing your clients

Posing your subject is an important element in photography.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to posing but I have four quick and simple tips for you!
Take That Second Glance:
When you are in the middle of a session, things can get hectic pretty quickly.  When it comes to posing, one of the biggest traits you can pick up as a photographer is to take 2 seconds and double check your pose.  Where are your subject’s hands placed?(…)

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learn how to pose babies during a photography session by Jennifer Dell

Amazing secrets to posing babies

Ah, six month olds…my most favorite age to photograph. I love it when my littlest of clients starts to sit on their own and truly take in the world around them. They are usually very curious, happy and easy to work with. I honestly cannot think of a reason not to love photographing a baby at this age!  While they are sitting on their own and a few may be getting ready to crawl, a baby this age is still(…)

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Shooting 101: Posed for Success online photography workshop by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

posed for success

Posing has been one of the hardest things for me to learn.  I’d walk away from sessions feeling completely deflated.  My clients looked awkward and uncomfortable.  I knew that I had to learn so I forced myself to get better at it.  Through a LOT of trial and error I grew confident in my ability to pose my most difficult subjects and am beyond excited to share what I have learned these last few years with you!
Week 1:
Shooting 101: Posed(…)

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