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backlit photo of twin boys in a field by Heather Stockett

10 Photography Rules I Broke and How I Got Away With Them

Since having my three boys, most notably the twins who are now toddlers, I’ve learned that many rules are meant to be broken. Rules you’ve heard all of your life: jumping on the bed, staying up past bedtime, wearing pajamas all day. I like to break photography rules, too. Throw the rule book out the window, grab a cup joe and let’s get started!(…)

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picture of dad on the couch with two kids by Jennifer Kielich

6 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Everyday Photos

Taking photos of my children everyday is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself. They are only little once, and I cherish all the images I have of messy hair, dirty faces, and naked baby bums.

Taking compelling photographs of everyday childhood isn’t rocket science. If you’re a mother, you know that just about everything they do is photo worthy in the early days. So make it a point to get the camera out regularly, and then follow these simple tips to help those day-to-day images really stand out.(…)

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boy laying in a pool of water picture by Ardelle Neubert

Announcing VOICE 2016 and Click Away Registration

You love VOICE and you’ll love it again this year!

The purpose of VOICE is to recognize and celebrate images that encapsulate the spirit of this special collection – vision, originality, inspiration, creativity and overall excellence. The 2016 VOICE collection will feature 14 categories. Select images will be featured in an online gallery, Click Away print showcase, and Click Magazine’s Images of the Year feature. Use the form here to submit your images for consideration for inclusion in the 2016 collection. The deadline to submit is May 6, 2016.(…)

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5 Steps to Adding Depth and Complexity to Your Photos

When we think of shooting tips for new photographers, a few pieces of advice come to mind, and common among them are these:

Get closer.
Simplify your frame.

The suggestions are good ones, and they tend to go together well: the very act of coming in closer helps to simplify the composition, because it allows our main subject to fill a larger area of the frame. As artists, this approach can help us to work more deliberately by forcing us to identify the element or elements that are most important to us. We don’t just ask, “what is the subject?” We ask: “what is the best, most interesting, most important PART of this subject?” (Hint: It might be a face, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.) Get closer. Cut out everything non-essential. Fill the frame. Simplify. When you do this, your intended subject becomes more prominent and showcases rich details that we might not have noticed in a wider composition. There’s a lot to love about a closely composed photograph.(…)

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the rule of thirds on the beach by Gina Yeo

What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography?

As photographers, one of our goals is to create visually strong images.

Composition, which is the placement of subjects within a frame, should be considered and used purposefully in order to enhance the visual aesthetics of an image. The Rule of Thirds (ROT) is one of the more well known and utilized tools a photographer has at his/her disposal as a means to enhance composition within a photograph.(…)

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young boy looking through an eye piece by Sally Molhoek of Sallykate Photography

20 Ways to Photograph the Same Subject in One Lousy Location

What do you think it takes to create a set of breathtaking, emotive and eye-catching photographs of a single subject, all completely different from one another? How much time do you need? What kind of location? What about wardrobe and props?

If you start thinking too deeply about everything you might need, you may get overwhelmed and put aside your dreams of a magical session. What if you live in an uninspiring location? You have no budget for wardrobe and props? You have a child subject who might only last ten minutes, if you are lucky?(…)

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man and woman holding hands in a field by Lissa Chandler

How to be a better photographer THIS year

The first few months of a new year are such a rush!

A new year is a new slate – a clean slate! – and, because of this, it’s easy to overwhelm ourselves with all the things we’re going to do this year to make our lives easier and skinnier and more fulfilling and more organized and more creative, too. We want a new year to be the most amazing year ever – who doesn’t?! – and, honestly, the pressure we put on ourselves can be pretty ridiculous.(…)

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girl holding a red heart pillow by Angie Kuna

10 Valentine’s Day Pictures You Need to Take

‘Tis the season for love. Valentine’s is a celebration full of hearts, chocolate, and much more and every bit of it is worth documenting. We asked the CMpros what their must-have photos for documenting their Valentine season are and boy did they dish. So read below, grab your camera, and then get to photographing this happy season!(…)

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family hugging and kissing portrait by Elena Blair

The 10 Most Common Photography Questions Answered

I will never forget when I was first starting out on this photography journey.

I knew I wanted to learn how to use my camera. I knew my images looked very different from the professional photographers I was following. I knew I might want to start a business, but knew very little else.

It was overwhelming, and was enough to make me want to curl up into a ball and forget about this whole photography thing! Thankfully, I found Clickin Moms and was able to get some of the toughest initial questions answered. I have searched far and wide and found ten of the most common questions asked by the new photographer. This is guaranteed to jump-start your beautiful and worthwhile journey!(…)

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kids snow tubing by Kim Hildebrand

Near or Far, 8 Ways to Photograph Your Family Adventures

I grew up in a small town in Idaho, going on numerous camping trips and family vacations.

We hardly ever flew as we couldn’t afford it, so we’d pile in the car and take a two week road trip somewhere new once a summer. Lucky for us, the family adventures didn’t end in the summer since we lived close to a plethora of mountains suited for backpacking trips, hiking, fishing, and skiing.

My love for adventure and all that comes with it(…)

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portrait of mom holding newborn by Kellie Bieser

The Top 15 Photography Tutorials from 2015

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone but it has and 2015 was a great year! Here on the CMblog we have continued to work hard in bringing you the type of tutorials and fun articles that you’re looking for. This past year was such a hit and we are excited to see what the next year brings. In celebration, we thought we’d look back on the 15 most popular tutorials from the CMblog last year!(…)

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girl jumping across benches by Gretchen Willis

The Kodak Moment: learn when to take a photo

Henri Cartier-Bresson, famous French photographer from the mid-20th century, is considered the father of candid photography. He coined the term “The Decisive Moment” to describe the exact moment in time when a photographer captures a subject and allows it to communicate its intent. In Cartier-Bresson’s words,

To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.(…)

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close up family portrait by Olivia Gatti

Head Games: 6 ways to push past your photography fears

I have a big secret that I want to share.

It has been something I’ve carried since the beginning of my career, when I was green and unsure. I’ve had it when I was at the top of my game, held big titles and some prestigious awards. And when I left the field and took some time off, it was there too, like a shadow following silently behind me as a reminder. Now back in the full swing of running a business and shooting everyday for myself or clients, it has me like a prisoner.(…)

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7 month baby photo by Sarah Carlson

Your Baby’s Monthly Photos: 5 tips to keep in mind

This time 6 years ago, I was pregnant with our oldest daughter and researching countless items for our registry. Baby shopping was so much fun! One of the top things on my wish list was a set of month-by-month stickers to put on Kate’s onesie to photograph and document her growth throughout her first year.

Like many momtogs, the birth of my firstborn is what sparked my desire to learn about photography, so her monthly baby pictures were also a signpost of my progression. By month 12, I realized I needed to open the window to get some light into the room rather than using the overhead light. Not even kidding. Here are my three girls when each was 4 months old. It’s so fun to compare these side by side! I’d love to share some tips I’ve discovered along the way, and I’ve got some beautiful monthly baby photos from some of our talented CMPros to share with you as well.(…)

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girl holding a sunflower by Kara Orwig of June & Bear Photography

When Centered Compositions Aren’t As Bad as You Think

Give anyone who knows nothing about photography a camera or a phone and ask them to take a photo and he or she will generally place the subject right in the middle.

It’s our natural instinct.

But once you begin to learn about composition, you are told that centering a photograph is less appealing. And in many cases, this type of composition may not be ideal because it discourages the viewer from roaming the entire photograph. A center focal point is so heavily weighted that it draws the eye and it gets stuck there. But with careful and thoughtful planning, use of the center focal point can be taken advantage of to strengthen the image.(…)

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yellow lawn chairs on a patio by Erin Wagnild

5 ways to create memorable pictures using color

I have always been a bit obsessed with color.

I love the surge of energy I get when I have a bright red pedicure, the calmness I feel when I’m surrounded by the deep blue water of the Pacific Northwest, or how my favorite yellow sweater brings a little cheerfulness to an otherwise gloomy day. My love of color spills into my photography as well. While I can definitely appreciate a good dramatic black and white image, I usually feel something is missing in my work if I’m not using color in some way to help tell my story. Here are some of the techniques I use to create memorable images using color.(…)

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girl wearing a mask picture by Kris and Lauren Penland

5 Tips for Indoor Photography During the Dark Winter Months

Many of us find ourselves stuck inside this time of year. However, this doesn’t mean we have to fall into a creative slump. In fact, being stuck inside can be an excellent opportunity to get our creative juices flowing like they never have before. Some of my favorite images I’ve taken have been the result of gloomy weather forcing me inside. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way.(…)

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child dressed up as Captain America by Jen Bilodeau

5 tips for taking and editing emotive black and white photos

Light and shadows, and the contrasts between them, are my muses. High-contrast light is full of life and emotion… emotion that transcends that particular moment, and moves and changes as the image is absorbed by different eyes. Both light and dark work in perfect synchronicity to create a feeling that there is more to what lies within the image than what is visually present.(…)

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girl watching the ipad on a plane by Elizabeth Ordonez

How to capture your everyday while you’re traveling

I love to capture my world through photography. Sometimes that means photographing mountains or beaches, but often it means watching my two young daughters experience things for the first time. When we travel, even the most ordinary things are special to my girls because they are different from our everyday at home. I love to photograph those unique everyday moments while we we’re away.(…)

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