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young girls having a tea party in a field by Allison Zercher of Snippets from Suburbia

1 way to fall back in love with your photography

It happens.

We slowly, sometimes unknowingly, slip into a creativity slump with our art, and before we even realize what has happened, we’re questioning every brilliant idea we’ve ever had, every original thought we’ve ever managed to bring to life.(…)

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man riding a fair ride pic by Missy Mayo

Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Family Photos at the Fair

I admit it. I am a fair lover. Like the magnet of a kid to freshly spun cotton candy, my camera and I are drawn to the rides, colors, games, and regretful food choices at the State Fair. As a photographer who embraces joyful and colorful imagery, I have found that taking my family to our local and state fairs each year is a win-win for everyone. I prepare for taking photos of my family at the fair in much the same way I do with any photography shoot – I plan ahead, gulp a Starbucks, and enjoy every minute of the ride. Here are my Do’s and Don’ts for successfully photographing your family, or even clients, at your State Fair.(…)

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newborn picture and interview with photographers Bethney Backhaus

10 questions with Bethney Backhaus

Another month brings a new CMpro of the Month! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to September’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Bethney Backhaus! And now for a fun interview with Bethney!(…)

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sister spraying sister with a water hose by Melissa Gibson

4 keys to making fun photos that will make you smile

As a mom, it seems as though I’m always wanting things ‘just so’. Clean faces, clean rooms, children who are following the rules and not climbing the walls. However, I’ve found out that breaking the rules will result in fun, happy, and joyful moments for my children as well as for myself. It’s when I’m letting go, being patient and allowing my kids to be themselves that the great images unfold.(…)

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two brothers standing in the light by Meredith Novario

Snapshot vs Good Photograph: 7 photographers weigh in

What’s the difference between a snapshot and a good photograph?

No photographer rolls out of bed hoping to take crappy pictures. Rather we all hope to take spectacular photographs. What usually happens rests somewhere in between the two extremes. How we define the crappy versus the spectacular varies based on our intent, experience or what we had for breakfast. We don’t all see things the same way, thank goodness. The world is better off for it. While there needn’t be rigid, uncompromising definitions of what is lousy and what is solid photography, it’s worth pondering how we draw these boundaries in our own work. Seven photographers, including myself, set out to answer this question in an effort to give shape to the divide between a snapshot and a good photograph.(…)

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Tiffany Kelly

29 amazingly gorgeous black and white photos

No matter how much I love color photography, there’s just something special about a great black and white that pulls me in. The following photos definitely fit in that ‘great black and white’ category! More than just good conversions, there is a deep amount of soul in each image, emotion so intense that you can’t help but examine each and every one on its own. Job well done to each artist below!(…)

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Clouds over a housing edition by Meredith Abenaim

A Photography Education, Netflix Style

Between my two years of formal photography classes in the late ‘90s and discovering the world of online photography education, I often joked that I was teaching myself photography “Good Will Hunting style.” That is, an education that cost “a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library,” to quote Will. Except that I’ve racked up way more than a buck fifty in fines. I still love the library, but I also adore documentaries. So when I unexpectedly unearthed a bounty on Netflix — a photography documentary library of rental options — I took a book break and watched. And then experimented with self-created photography exercises derived from some of the films (think Henri Cartier-Bresson “decisive moment” practicing). Like Will said, “How do you like them apples?”(…)

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mom breasteeding newborn and holding big brother by Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel

4 fresh perspectives on lifestyle newborn photography

You have probably heard many times already that lifestyle newborn photography is THE new way to photograph newborns if you are a modern photographer.

Let’s face it: lifestyle is a trend, and as any new trend it might last… or not. And even if it lasts, it doesn’t mean that the market for other types of newborn photography will disappear. The variety of tastes and styles will remain!

So today I’m not here to explain why lifestyle newborn photography is the IT thing. I’m just trying to offer a new perspective, based on several years of practice, which might convince you to embrace this shooting style just because it feels right for YOU, and not because it’s what the cool girls are doing.

Let’s consider a few things you might not have heard yet about shooting newborns in a lifestyle way:(…)

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girl smooshing her face against a window by Meredith Novario

Pictures no one should take but we all do (and how to fix them)

Photographers vigilantly and earnestly learn how to see, compose, shoot and edit yet we continue to make rookie mistakes. We know better but we don’t always do better. Sometimes we still mix colors and whites, lock ourselves out of the car, cut our own hair, share too much on Facebook or take a picture looking straight up someone’s nose. It happens to the best and worst of us. Rest assured, we all fall prey to these common mistakes despite knowing that we shouldn’t. The following blunders are as easy to make as they are to fix. At least we’re in good company.(…)

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full body photo at different apertures by Alicia Gould

2 aperture excercises that you can do TODAY

When setting up an image, the aperture and lens you choose makes a big difference. It’s important to know when to isolate your subject by shooting with a large aperture like f/2 or when to stop down to capture more of the scene with a small aperture like f/16.

Experimenting in aperture priority mode can help you visualize how changing the aperture affects both your subject(s) and your background. These exercises will help you understand how your area of focus changes as your aperture changes and also how using a different lens drastically changes the affect.(…)

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clare barker wells photography

Announcing the VOICE image competition 2015

You loved VOICE last year and you’ll love it again this year.

The purpose of VOICE is to recognize and celebrate images that encapsulate the spirit of this special collection – vision, originality, inspiration, creativity and overall excellence. The 2015 VOICE collection will feature 12 categories. Select images will be featured in an online gallery, Click Away print showcase, and Click Magazine’s Images of the Year feature. Use the form below to submit your images for consideration for inclusion in the 2015 collection. The deadline to submit is May 22, 2015.(…)

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The photography journey of South Carolina photographer Beth Wade

my photography journey | beth wade

It’s hard for me to say exactly when my photography journey began. I’ve been an artist all my life using various mediums, mainly painting and charcoal. For photography though, I took my first class in high school. We made pinhole cameras, developed our own images in a darkroom and I can remember learning about some of the basics. But it wasn’t until college that I got my first SLR. And to be honest, I didn’t use it that much because it was right at the same time that digital (point and shoot) cameras came out.(…)

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The photography journey of California photographer Vironica Golden

my photography journey | vironica golden

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved visual arts. As a little girl I was always making something or drawing something. Growing up in Indonesia where a degree in arts is not very lucrative and parents are a big influence in choosing your career path, my mother steered me towards getting a degree in accounting. I moved to the United States for college in 1995. A year into college I decided to switch my major to graphic/packaging design that was more in line with my interest as a child.(…)

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The photography journey of Nevada photographer Shannon Wilkinson

my photography journey | shannon wilkinson

When I was a child, I had an old 110 camera. We lived around the corner from a Kodak kiosk and I would ride my bike over to the kiosk to get film developed. I don’t remember how old I was or when I got that camera but for as long as I can remember I have loved photography.

I was born in the late 60’s and digital cameras were not even a blip on the radar. As I grew, I documented my life with that old 110. When my first child, Alyssa, was born in 1990, I purchased my first 35mm camera and used it to document her childhood and in 1997 I got my first digital point & shoot. It was then that my obsession with photography truly began.(…)

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