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girl wearing a mask picture by Kris and Lauren Penland

5 Tips for Indoor Photography During the Dark Winter Months

Many of us find ourselves stuck inside this time of year. However, this doesn’t mean we have to fall into a creative slump. In fact, being stuck inside can be an excellent opportunity to get our creative juices flowing like they never have before. Some of my favorite images I’ve taken have been the result of gloomy weather forcing me inside. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way.(…)

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child dressed up as Captain America by Jen Bilodeau

5 tips for taking and editing emotive black and white photos

Light and shadows, and the contrasts between them, are my muses. High-contrast light is full of life and emotion… emotion that transcends that particular moment, and moves and changes as the image is absorbed by different eyes. Both light and dark work in perfect synchronicity to create a feeling that there is more to what lies within the image than what is visually present.(…)

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girl watching the ipad on a plane by Elizabeth Ordonez

How to capture your everyday while you’re traveling

I love to capture my world through photography. Sometimes that means photographing mountains or beaches, but often it means watching my two young daughters experience things for the first time. When we travel, even the most ordinary things are special to my girls because they are different from our everyday at home. I love to photograph those unique everyday moments while we we’re away.(…)

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how to light and edit a composite portrait by Lindsay Brummer

How to light and edit a composite portrait

After years of shooting kids, my own included, I have fallen in love with the composite image. I feel like it’s so hard to get everyone EXACTLY how I want them in one shot when I am working with young children. Because of the certainty that kids will be kids, I learned to master the composite image and know that I will always end up with at least one great portrait. (…)

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child running in the rain with an umbrella by Erin Hensley

6 secrets to beautifully capturing childhood

Through the many daily shooting projects I’ve tackled, I’ve discovered that my most favorite thing to capture is just raw, natural childhood. Just the everyday happenings around the house, or out and about.

Planning and posing stressed me out and we all know how much that stresses kids out. In 2011, taking sessions took a back seat and in 2012, I began my first 365 project. It was the best decision I could have made for myself as a budding photographer and artist. I discovered my love for observation, both of light and life. I’ve always been an observer, but that quality in me is the foundation of who I am as a photographer, and realizing that was a turning point for me.(…)

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dad holding newborn photo by Beth Deschamp

5 Newborn Portraits You Must Take During the First 2 Weeks

Expectant parents are commonly told to savor every single moment with their little ones, as time goes by too fast and they will grow before you know it. It’s hard to imagine them being anything but tiny when you are holding them for the first time in your arms but, in a blink of an eye, they are quickly growing and you are begging time to slow down.

Well, time sure won’t slow down, but you can freeze it in time… through photographs. And because your new baby will start changing quickly during the first two weeks after birth, you are going to want to capture that brand newness right away. Amongst those few roles of photographs that you take, be sure that you capture these five portraits during the first two weeks.(…)

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girl holding a stuffed chicken toy by Liz Behm

1,269: the story of a 6 year 365 project

What started as a way to keep my husband connected to our family while he was deployed overseas grew into a Project 365 that’s documented three new babies, two moves and five plus years of a crazy life with no sign of putting the camera down anytime soon.(…)

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photo of Michelle Turner photographing a woman holding a red umbrella with flash

This Week Only: learn for FREE!

Next week: Learn creative child/family/senior posing, location lighting, Sue Bryce and more!

Join us online next week for free live learning! Watch these amazing programs from Click Away! (…)

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Alison Winterroth

22 pictures we are LOVING!

Are you in need of some photography inspiration today? We’ve got just the right medicine!

We love sharing beautiful imagery with you and the following 22 pictures by some incredibly talented artists are nothing short of amazing. Prepare to be inspired :)(…)

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after adding leaf overlays in Photoshop by Krista Campbell

5 Secrets to Amazing Fall Photos

I don’t know about you, but I just love fall. Apple crisp, brisk morning walks, warm clothing, football, pumpkin picking… what’s not to love? I want to capture every autumn sight, scent, and taste with my camera. Here are 5 Secrets to capturing amazing fall photographs.(…)

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backlit photo of girl in a field by Marissa Gifford

7 secrets to tack-sharp pictures

You see pretty light, a fleeting moment, or a stunning vista and rush to grab your camera to document it. You look at the back of your LCD screen only to be disappointed that you missed focus and your image is a blur. Your shutter speed was high enough to stop the motion, so what gives? Keep reading for a few tips to achieve sharply focused images.(…)

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photographer meet up photo

8 cheap (and some free) ways to learn photography

Let’s face it, photography is an expensive hobby.

Between camera bodies, lenses, camera bags, and other accessories, photography can quickly drain your bank account. However, all that fancy gear does very little in helping you achieve the images of your dreams if you don’t know how to use it. While I believe classes and workshops are wonderful for learning photography, they can be quite expensive too. Fortunately, there are many ways to learn the craft of photography without breaking the bank. I’ve compiled a list of eight ways to help develop your photography skills on a budget.(…)

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kids playing on the beach by Mickie DeVries of Fresh Modern Photography

7 tips for getting a variety of shots from one location

During the summer months I often shoot at the beach at golden hour. My kids are happy to let me take photos of them because they get a night swim out of the deal. I try to make the most out of them being willing to be photographed! I particularly love getting shots of them backlit playing in the sand or water, but I also want to make the most out of the time I have with them without having all the shots look the same. Our beaches don’t offer too much in the terms of different spaces to shoot in as it is pretty much just sand and water with a very occasional tree if we are lucky. Even if your location doesn’t have different spaces to shoot in you can still get a lot of variety from any location. These tips are not specific for shooting at the beach, and are a great list to keep in mind anytime you are shooting!(…)

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young girls having a tea party in a field by Allison Zercher of Snippets from Suburbia

1 way to fall back in love with your photography

It happens.

We slowly, sometimes unknowingly, slip into a creativity slump with our art, and before we even realize what has happened, we’re questioning every brilliant idea we’ve ever had, every original thought we’ve ever managed to bring to life.(…)

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man riding a fair ride pic by Missy Mayo

Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Family Photos at the Fair

I admit it. I am a fair lover. Like the magnet of a kid to freshly spun cotton candy, my camera and I are drawn to the rides, colors, games, and regretful food choices at the State Fair. As a photographer who embraces joyful and colorful imagery, I have found that taking my family to our local and state fairs each year is a win-win for everyone. I prepare for taking photos of my family at the fair in much the same way I do with any photography shoot – I plan ahead, gulp a Starbucks, and enjoy every minute of the ride. Here are my Do’s and Don’ts for successfully photographing your family, or even clients, at your State Fair.(…)

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newborn picture and interview with photographers Bethney Backhaus

10 questions with Bethney Backhaus

Another month brings a new CMpro of the Month! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to September’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Bethney Backhaus! And now for a fun interview with Bethney!(…)

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