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Metering modes explained and how to know which one to use

Choosing a metering mode can be as important as choosing an ISO or aperture when you need to nail your exposure. Metering affects how your camera processes the scene, thus giving you a reading on your exposure in camera. I know that with the ability to “chimp”, or stop and look at the back of your dSLR after each image, we can take our meters for granted. As a wedding photographer (and as a mother to two young children that don’t allow “do-overs”), however, I simply do not have the time to second guess myself after each frame.

Most of today’s modern cameras have at least three different metering modes to choose from; matrix (evaluative), center-weighted, and spot. Some cameras are also equipped with a fourth metering type called highlight-weighted metering mode. Both of my Nikon bodies have this newer mode and so I’ve included it here.(…)

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The photography journey of South Carolina photographer Jan Tyler of One Boy Photography

my photography journey | jan tyler

I have always had an interest in photography…of taking pictures of the people I love and the places I visit. Like many of you, my full-blown passion began the minute my son was born. I spent the first year of his life happily taking pictures with my little Canon point and shoot camera…and life was good. (…)

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photo of Elizabeth Gilbert speaking at Click Away 2014 in Salt Lake City by Lacey Meyers

Interested in Teaching at Click Away?

Click Away 2015 is coming to San Antonio in October and is accepting applications from talented photographers who would love to share their passion, knowledge, and experience with attendees in boutique sessions and outdoor shooting experiences. Got a great idea for a program? Want to lead a fun session and connect with dozens of other photographers? Click Away wants to hear from you! (…)

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child looking at shark display by Jennifer Bogle

10 questions with photographer Jennifer Bogle

Congratulations on being featured as the CMPro of the Month, Jennifer! Would you please tell us a little about your photography journey? First memory including a camera, what made you pick up photography as a serious endeavor and how you came to be where you are today?

Thanks! I’m really honored to be interviewed!

I had a camera in high school, and vaguely remember snapping through rolls of film, but I was never a student of photography. And then, predictably, my first son was born and I bought a DSLR–a Rebel Xti. Unfortunately, it took me five years (and two more kids) to learn that a dslr isn’t just an expensive point and shoot. A friend introduced me to Clickin Moms and I started reading! That was about two and a half years ago.(…)

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black and white ballerina photo by Kate Luber

my photography journey | kate luber

My photo journey began when…wait for it…my daughter was born! Surprise!

I guess the seeds were planted long before that. My uncle is a photographer in San Francisco. We don’t see him often, but once a year, he visits and brings his fancy camera. He not-so-secretly follows everyone around during holiday gatherings and takes candid shots of the family. We don’t see the photos for a year. When he comes again, he brings the photos from last year. It’s always fun to look back at the previous year…and also hope you’re not wearing the same outfit…(…)

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Example photo of full frame vs crop sensor crop by Jessica Nelson

What the crop? Full frame and crop sensors explained.

As with many photographers, I started my interest in digital photography with a smaller and less expensive camera. I wanted to dabble without spending a ton of money. So in 2007 I bought the Canon 30D. I knew this camera was a crop sensor, or APS-C, when I bought it and I learned how to adjust the focal lengths of my lenses to make it work for me.

Let’s start with the basics, what is the sensor?(…)

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backlit photos of two girls laughing by Amy Schuff

55 amazing photos from 2014

We see a lot of photos in a single year. Between the CM forum, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, our minds are constantly blown at the amount of incredible imagery being created. Your talent astounds us. A few weeks ago, we asked the forum members to show us their 3 favorite pictures they took in 2014. After receiving hundreds of photos, we took on the grueling task of narrowing it down. That was hard, the photos were too great, but we eventually did it and below is 55 of our favorites for you to enjoy. (…)

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Top 14 photography tutorials written in 2014

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone but it has and 2014 was a great year! Here on the CMblog we have continued to work hard in bringing you the type of tutorials and fun articles that you’re looking for. This past year was a success and we are excited to see what 2015 brings. In celebration, we thought we’d look back on the 14 most popular articles from the CMblog last year!(…)

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The photography journey of Mississippi photographer Liz Behm

my photography journey | liz behm

My journey begins like many other moms. In 2008, I was a new mom and I was so frustrated at always “missing the shot”. I had thousands of blurry, boring snapshots of my son and no real understanding of what it took to get the shots I was drooling over.(…)

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The photography journey of Mickie DeVries of Fresh Modern Photography

my photography journey | mickie devries

2004 was the year my son was born, and while I always loved taking photos before that, his birth made me want to document every waking moment of his life. I did not yet own a DSLR, but I began scrapbooking and began playing around with images in Photoshop. (…)

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mom and dad lifting caughter picture by Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel 7

How to create impactful photos with mediocre light

by Lisa Tichané
Sometimes you stumble upon an image on Facebook or on your favorite blog, and the fabulous light in this image stops you in your tracks. A gorgeous golden hour shot, a stunning silhouette, or maybe a low light image with fantastic depth… And you can’t help but think, “Oh how I wish all my images would look like this!!”.

And here comes the dreadful self-doubt, again. Because let’s face it, not all our images look like that. More often(…)

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10 questions with photographer Jessica Thomason

10 questions with photographer Jessica Thomason

Another month brings a new CMpro of the Month! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to December’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Jessica Thomason! And now for a fun interview with Jessica!
december cmpro of the month | jessica thomason

by Megan Cieloha

Congratulations on POTM, Jessica! What initially drew you to photography, and what made you stay?
Thank you so much Megan! I’m still pinching myself. So let’s see… as far back as I can remember I’ve been intrigued(…)

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The photography journey of Alabama photographer Lauren Sanderson

my photography journey | lauren sanderson

My Photography Journey by Lauren Sanderson

Like most things in my life, I procrastinated writing this blog post for way too long. I couldn’t really figure out where to begin or what y’all would think was important enough to talk about, but then I just decided to do what my Type A personality does best, and that’s go in order from the beginning. I can’t promise that this will be short, but if nothing else I hope to show that progress(…)

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how to get sharp photos by Lissa Chandler

Can’t Nail Focus? Stop making these 3 mistakes!

I still remember the first time that I realized I could pick my own focal point.

Lying on my bed late at night, my six month old snuggled up against me as I browsed photography blogs, I came across a blog post that showed two photographs taken a breath apart. The first photograph was focused on a couple; the second photograph was focused on the grass in front of the couple.

I thought this was magic! “How did the photographer do that?!”(…)

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smiling boy picture by Lacey Meyers

Not too Dark, Not too Bright: 3 Steps to Get Exposure Just Right

**This photography tutorial was posted on the ever-growing CM forum; however, we think it’s so rad that we just had to share with you, too**
Like Goldilocks on the hunt for the perfect bed to nap in, we photographers are working to achieve the perfect exposure in our images.  Sometimes they’re too dark, sometimes they’re too bright, but with a few quick tips, you can get your exposures just right!

I help teach the Mastering Manual Exposure photography workshop and wrote(…)

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photography interview with Salt Lake City Utah photographer Rachel Nielsen

10 questions with photographer Rachel Nielsen

Another month brings a new CMpro of the Month! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to November’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Rachel Nielsen! And now for a fun interview with Rachel!
november cmpro of the month | rachel nielsen

by April Nienhuis

Congratulations on being the November CMpro of the Month Rachel! Tell us a little about yourself and your photography.
Thank you so much! I am so honored to be November’s CMpro of the month! I am based(…)

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The photography journey of Nova Scotia photographer Samantha Covert

my photography journey | samantha covert

My Photography Journey by Samantha Covert

My photography journey began in 2008, when my husband gifted me my first DSLR (a Nikon D40) just before our wedding.  I had no idea how to adjust any of the dials, but was happy that even in auto mode my images were better than those I took with my little point and shoot.

My interest and motivation for capturing images really ramped up after my first child was born in 2009.

I became quite photo-crazed soon after his(…)

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self portrait series of mom and child by Marissa Gifford

10 questions with photographer Marissa Gifford

Another month brings a new CMpro of the Month! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to October’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Marissa Gifford! And now for a fun interview with Marissa!
october cmpro of the month | marissa gifford

by Megan Dill

Congratulations on being October’s CMpro of the month, Marissa! Can you please start off by telling us a little about yourself? Also, do you have any special talents unrelated to photography?
Hi there and thanks for having(…)

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