iPad apps for photographers


wedding ceremony perspectives

by Alexis Rebenstein

The ceremony can be the most nerve wracking part of a wedding day for a photographer.  Tons of pressure to capture every important moment in a short time frame, no control over lighting and placement of subjects, no do-overs, and of course despite all that, the images have to look beautiful and dreamy and effortless.

Luckily, many of you are like me and thrive on a challenge, so here are 3 key ideas to think about that will allow you(…)

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Sunny 16 iPhone iPod app Apple apps

top iPhone & iPad apps for professional & enthusiast photographers

I feel quite confident speaking on behalf of most of our Clickin Moms photography forum when I say that we are definitely crazy about our techy gear!  We love, love, love ourselves some high tech paraphernalia!   Possibly none more so than our beloved Sarah Wilkerson which is why she was the perfect choice to put together this awesome review of iPhone and iPad Apps for photographers – I suspect you’ll all be adding iTunes gift cards to your holiday wish(…)

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