picture of young girl sleeping in the car by Brittany Blake

Single Frame Project: could you take only one photo a day?

Photographer to photographer, mother to mother, I ask you; Have you been in a place where you felt an overwhelming desire to surrender yourself to creativity, but didn’t know how? Have you admired Personal Projects or 365s of friends, or other photographers, but the mere thought of undertaking a daily shooting project for yourself seemed unattainable?(…)

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11 questions with photographer Bob Weil

11 questions with photographer Bob Weil

During a business trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in Winter 2010, I found that I used my iPhone camera more often than my conventional DSLR to take pictures. I proceeded to edit several of them on the phone during the trip, and was impressed with what I could do with the few apps I had at hand. I realized that mobile had become a legitimate platform for image capture and editing – but had still not attracted serious attention from the media or the arts world. I was validated in my thinking when one of the photos I took during the trip won an IPPA iPhone Photographer of the Year Award in 2013.(…)

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10 questions with Ohio film photographer Matt Day

10 questions with photographer Matt Day

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with an incredible film photographer, Matt Day!
by Megan Dill

Hello Matt! I’m such a fan of your work. Can you please start off by telling us a little about yourself?
Thank you! My name is Matt Day, I’m 23 years old, and I’m a photographer from Chillicothe, Ohio. I have a beautiful wife, Molly, a baby on the way, and two dogs that are with my wife and(…)

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sky picture by Meredith Novario

Photographer Get Together: 6,454 miles couldn’t stop them

Carolyn Brandt, whom I love as a human most and a photographer second most, lives in LA. I live far, far away from her in Okinaway, Japan. The chances of us getting together to chum it up in person are zilch. Pretending to hang out and documenting our pretend get together seemed like the next best thing. So we did. Carolyn and her people headed to the LA Korean Festival while I and mine bee-lined it to the 59th All(…)

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picture of girl walking in water by Brittany Blake

How one photographer is embracing her inspiration

Inspiration. (noun) “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

We’ve all felt it, right? That little spark… It can come from just about anywhere and it usually comes out of nowhere, or so it seems. I spent time over the past month overwhelmed with inspiration.

You see, I attended Click Away and spent three days with 1,000 other women who share in this medium of expression that I am absolutely addicted to. I(…)

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black and white newborn photo by Anne Geddes

9 questions with photographer Anne Geddes

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with famed newborn photographer, Anne Geddes!
by Alicia Gould and Jenni Jones

When you opened your first official studio in 1988, what did you envision your business would be like?

At first I was just focused on honing my skills as a photographer, but as I became more confident I gradually established some goals.  Firstly I wanted to become the most well known child photographer in my local city(…)

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river island picture by Jayne Cho

Why I’m happy with my gear

I’ve always loved photography. Ever since I was a kid – which was a long time ago!

So long in fact, that I remember doing an “Introduction to Photography” course by correspondence. I was about 15 at the time, and living on my family’s farm in rural Australia. Each month there was an assignment, and I would mail my image that had been developed at the local pharmacy, to the instructor in Sydney. She would then record her feedback on a(…)

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black and white portrait of man with his eyes closed by Brian Powers

9 questions with photographer brian powers

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with the amazing Montana photographer, Brian Powers!
by Nina Mingioni

We always love to ask, how did you become a photographer?

For my daughter’s 4th birthday, I wanted to have her shoot with a professional photographer. He did a great job at capturing her eyes and laughter. I knew instantly I wanted to be able to capture her in that way. I purchased a low end DSLR shortly after.(…)

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child crawling through tunnel photo by Lissa Chandler

dear self: a photography letter to myself 5 years ago

Dear Twenty-Two Year Old, Wanna-Be Photographer Me,

You’re cute. Like, really cute.

I’ll be honest, I am kind of jealous of how cute you are. Right now, five years ago to this day, you have been married for two months and five days and, this very week, your husband has bought you your very first DSLR, a Canon 40d with a 50 f/1.8 and a zoom lens you found used on Amazon for $110. You’re not sure what a 50 1.8 lens(…)

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before and after of boys room makeover

Bedroom Makeover: using photography to create wall art

Whenever I see a blank wall, I am tempted to fill it with something as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I simply pick a few photos from my hard drive, print them large, hang them up, pat myself on the back for not procrastinating, and move on. And sometimes I plan the entire room around the photos, as was the case when I did a little makeover in my boys’ bedroom.

Our boys are seven and five and have always shared a room;(…)

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child playing with tricycle picture by Storybox Art

10 questions with photographer alpana aras of storybox art

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with the amazing California photographer, Alpana Aras of Storybox Art!
by Elicia Graves

Hi Alpana!  I’m excited to share your work with our readers.  Could you tell us about how you got started in photography and a little bit about your business?

Following my childhood dream, I enrolled in J.J School of Art in Mumbai for my BFA in Design. While in college, I went to see an exhibit(…)

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girl picking strawberries photo by Katy Tuttle

10 questions with photographer Katy Tuttle

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with an amazing Seattle photographer, Katy Tuttle!
by Melissa Stottmann

Hi Katy! Can you tell us just a bit about yourself? Where you are from? What you love to do… etc?
Hello! I am from a very small town in Oregon. I have lived and worked in Seattle, Wa, but just recently moved with my family into the woods outside of Seattle. It is a whole different kind of(…)

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maternity photos in San Diego by Sheila Clapperton

Photographer Shoot-Out: Sheila Clapperton & Lindsay Moeser

It’s easy to get preoccupied with what everyone else is shooting and how. What we have to do, as cliche as it sounds, is stay true to ourselves. Once you have the basics down, you have to shoot what you love and in your own way. Just because one photographer sees a subject in a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to see that same subject in the exact same way as there are many, many correct ways to(…)

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reading a book pregnancy announcement by Elena Blair

11 creative photos to announce your pregancy

You’re pregnant.  Congratulations!  Now what?

At every point in your pregnancy – through the morning sickness, excitement, fear, appointments, and changing hormones – you eventually want to let your family and friends know that a miniature you will be joining the world.  Using a picture to announce the big news is fun but it can be difficult to come up with an idea on how to execute the photo.  We’re helping you out and have tracked down 11 fun and creative(…)

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capture them where they are today by Heidi Hicks

capture them where they are today

by Heidi Hicks

I started my photography journey when my niece and nephew were babies. I vowed to learn how to use a camera so that when I had children of my own, they wouldn’t go months (or years in some cases) without nice pictures like my own niece and nephew.

Fast-forward seven years; my own son is two and a half (and super awesome). And while I have thousands of client images on my computer, there’s only a small folder of(…)

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beauty in dead tulip petals picture by Lisa Benemelis

Trash To Treasure: finding beauty everywhere

Inspiration comes in many forms, even garbage.

Have you exhausted all the shooting possibilities in and around your home?

Are you feeling uninspired? Are you looking to push yourself creatively?

I realize that many people will wince or roll their eyes when I recommend shooting garbage.  I know I probably would have prior to capturing “garbage” quite accidentally.  It forced me to think about art in a whole new way – and it also has been a very enjoyable experience!

Inspiration from this unlikely(…)

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horse picture

the story of Jana, Danielle, and Otis the horse

Every once in awhile, a special soul passes through our lives and leaves our memories enriched and our spirits stirred. Their lives impact others for the better, imparting valuable lessons and creating bonds between those that they come across. This is the story of an unforgettable horse, and the women who love him.

Otis is a 17 year old Quarter Horse whom Jana Drew and family purchased a little more than one year ago. Approximately one month after the Drews brought(…)

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inspiring photography interview with Ana Myer

10 questions with photographer Ana Myer

We love photography interviews and today we are excited to bring you an interview with an amazing Maryland photographer, Ana Myer!
by Tarah Sweeney

First, I adore your work! So much beauty! As any other photographer, I love to talk gear and am curious what your favorite lens is?
First of all, Thank you so much!! It really warms up my heart when someone can identify with my work. As far as lenses, I own the 35L and the 50 1.4, they are(…)

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Jenna Reich

a new beginning: a philanthropic photo project

by Jenna Reich

‘A New Beginning’ was born from my desire to support and empower refugee women as they begin to reshape their lives and start anew.

My goal was to show the community and the world how brave and powerful these women are and how they can inspire us all. I wanted the project to be about having a voice, allowing these women to see themselves in the images with their children and focusing on their future. I felt like these(…)

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Allison Zercher 12

inspiration from urban exploration

Over the years, I’ve certainly been a victim of the dreaded photography rut, a feeling that comes from some mixture of:

“I have nothing to photograph.”
“I have no one to photograph.”
“Every photo I take lacks creativity.”
“I need better equipment.”
All of the above, or some combination of countless others reasons why we doubt our work…

My personal cure for such a rut is to occasionally get into my car and take a drive with my camera in tow.  I’ll even gather up a(…)

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