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how to get into wedding photography

by Lee Ann Norris

When I started my photography business back in 2007 I proclaimed loudly, strongly and with great confidence I was not ever going to shoot a wedding.  In fact, I was going to shoot babies, kids, and families.  But weddings, I would never shoot a wedding.  It was too stressful, you only had one shot, and I never wanted someone to look back and think my wedding pictures suck.  I am laid-back and chill, weddings weren’t for me. (…)

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advice for photographing your next vacation

by Megan Moore
You’ve spent hours researching the perfect family vacation. Beach? City? New destination or your favorite spot that you return to annually? Wherever you decide to go, inevitably the subject of “what should I bring for gear” pops up – usually around 10pm the night before you leave, if you’re anything like me.  It’s one of those decisions I always put off until the last minute, changing my mind over and over again before I hastily toss a few(…)

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