how to photograph food

bowl of figs by Elizabeth Gelineau

7 inexpensive must-haves for drool worthy food photos

I found myself photography food quite by accident. It all began with my love of baking and trying new recipes. At first, I had a desire to simply document what I had made, but after a while I began to want my food photographs to look as good as the food tasted. This is where my food photography journey really began and, over the past few years, food has been one of my favorite subjects.(…)

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Matt Armendariz Plum Lunch Yellow Glass

an interview with matt armendariz

You’ve probably seen Matt Armendariz’s work and don’t even know it.  His photography has been in numerous national magazines, several books, and all over Target during the Thanksgiving season.  Matt is an incredible food photographer that loves to share his knowledge with others and is also the author of a new book called Food Photography for Bloggers published by Focal Press.  Please enjoy the most mouth watering interview we have ever featured here on the Clickin Moms blog!
an interview with(…)

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Allison Jacobs

6 tips for making your food photography shine

For many of us, we spend the majority of our time photographing our children and perfecting those techniques.  Photography food, however, is a completely different ball game.  If you struggle with photographing food then you’re going to love today’s article brought to you by guest writer and CMpro Allison Jacobs.  She’s an incredible food photographer and she’s here to share some of her favorite tips with us!
6 tips for making your food photography shine
by Allison Jacobs

1. Find the light
Just like(…)

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