high key photography


how to get a high-key photo without studio lighting

by Crystal Samson
Have you ever wanted to make a high-key headshot, but don’t have studio lighting, or enough equipment to pull it off?

If you have a window, or even just a bright sky, you can!  No fancy lights to learn…just a simple reflector (if you want, you can even do it without a reflector) and a bright light source behind your subject is all you need.

Place your subject in front of a bright window, the less distractions the better.  Blinds,(…)

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unique perspectives in lifestyle newborn portraiture by Michael Kormos

top 12 from 2012

What a great year 2012 was for Clickin Moms!  There was the introduction of Click Magazine, the addition of several new CMteam members, new photography workshops added to the CMU line-up, tons of new products added to the CMstore, and many new photographers joined CMpro.  Not only that, but we had numerous brilliant blog posts here on our photography blog.  Today, we are sharing a recap of the top 12 viewed blog posts written in 2012!
top 12 from 2012
12. Unique(…)

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Simple high key lighting tips

I get asked a lot about my lighting sets ups, specifically high key lighting set ups.  There are a few different ways to achieve a nice high key image done with studio lighting and natural light. I will tell you, I always try to make sure my exposure is near perfect in camera and try not to resort to photoshop to fix my backgrounds.  I want to keep this as simple as possible for all of you who would like(…)

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