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5 reasons you should infuse your photography with joy by Lisa Tichane

5 reasons you should infuse your photography with JOY

If there is one thing that makes my heart truly sing, it’s freezing a moment of pure bliss on a photograph.

I’m not talking about a simple smile here, I’m talking about raw, uninhibited, exuberant JOY. Recently, a friend asked me why I was obsessing so much about joy, because as she said “Life is not always joyful” which is perfectly (and sadly) true. The first reason is very selfish: because it nurtures me. Capturing joy makes ME blissfully happy. Spending hours on my computer editing images filled with laughter and carefree moments is the best job I could ever dream of. It makes my heart burst! Secondly, as a family photographer, I want my clients to remember how happy they were together. Even though life is not a succession of blissful moments, joy is a part of it, and I strongly believe that being able to remember how happy life can be sometimes is the best way to reconnect with your inner joy. At least it works for me, powerfully.(…)

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toddler playing peek a boo picture by Lisa Tichane

How Lisa Tichané defines lifestyle photography

During every run of my Capturing Joy workshop, a topic seems to come up repeatedly, “How much should the photographer interfere with what is going on in a lifestyle session? If we are asking our subjects to do something for us, is that cheating? Should we catch joy when it happens organically, or is it okay to make it happen?”

To me, these questions all come down to how we define “lifestyle photography”.

I’m not pretentious enough to declare that I have(…)

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lockers pont des arts Paris picture by Juliette Fradin

18 tips for photographing your family vacation

by Juliette Fradin

Family vacation is one of the most important moments in the year that you want to remember with photographs.

It’s a great time to document your family story because you are all together, you have fun, you visit new places, and you have time. Preserving those memories is a great thing for the older and younger kids too, to know what they were a part of! And how fun is it to look at the photo album and retrieve(…)

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Workshop Preview: capturing joy

Workshop Preview: capturing joy

Do you want to capture children and family images filled with true smiles and carefree laughter?

Would you like to learn how to enhance the emotion perceived in your images to make them memorable and strong?

Would you feel happy if people smiled irresistibly when looking at your work?

If the answer is YES, then the Capturing Joy photography workshop by Lisa Tichané is the class you need!

In this workshop, you will learn how to embrace joy in lifestyle family photography. Whether you(…)

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photo of dad and kids playing by Lisa Tichane

5 ways to save your photos from disappearing forever

A few months ago I was attending a dinner and the conversation came to a sad story about one of the guest’s relatives whose house had recently burnt. We all agreed about the fact that even if the most important thing was that nobody was hurt, it would be pretty traumatic to lose some of our most precious belongings. Suddenly, one of the guests asked us: “If you had two minutes to save something in your house before it got(…)

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capturing joy online photography workshop by Lisa Tichane

Capturing Joy: a photography workshop recap

When I created the Capturing Joy photography workshop, I was expecting it to be a joyful experience in itself. Of course we were going to work (sometimes hard!) on how to make these authentic happy pictures happen, but the very first goal of this workshop was to reconnect to our inner joy, in order to ooze happiness so irresistibly that our subjects simply couldn’t resist.

I was both exicted and scared when the first run started – excited to spend 4(…)

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3 tips to capture joyful children and family images by Lisa Tichane

3 tips to capturing joyful photos

Some might say that I’m obsessed with photographing joy and laughter, and this is probably true. I guess every photographer has a topic that he or she can photograph over and over again without ever getting tired of it. This is how I feel about laughter and carefreeness. Capturing joy feeds my soul, and makes me a happier person.

This is probably why I’ve become a children’s photographer in the first place; there is something about kids’ giggles and belly laughs(…)

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a peek inside | anne wick

It’s time for another installment of one of our favorite blog series, a peek inside.  Today we have Anne Wick.
a peek inside | anne wick

1. Nikon D700 – I  love this camera so much that I’ve had no desire to upgrade since I got it two years ago. I will probably use it until its last breath.

2. Nikon FM2 – My very first camera, the one that made me understand the power of connection through photography. I haven’t used it(…)

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la bicyclette daily of the week photography by Anne Wick

la bicyclette | daily of the week

Have you visited the CMpro Daily Project to get your daily dose of photography inspiration?  If not, it’s definitely worth checking out!  The CMpros, both hobbyist and professional photographers, are uploading beautiful photographs to it every day and each week we choose a favorite, the DOTW (daily of the week).  This week, this gorgeous photo of a bicycle that just screams french by Anne Wick  stole our hearts.  Congratulations Anne!

To see more of Anne Wick’s photography visit her website and(…)

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boys jumping while holding red balloons picture by Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel

personal photo project: war on seriousness

Personal Photography Project of Lisa Tichané

war on seriousness

What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
I’m a fairly cheeky girl – on good days. But as everybody else, I also have bad days, moments when I see life through dark glasses, and on those days I tend to take everything a little bit too seriously. And I hate myself when it happens. A few years ago during one of those days, I stumbled upon a picture of my(…)

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a day in the life with French photographer and CM mentor Anne Wick

a day in the life | anne wick

A Day In The Life with Anne Wick
Today, the day I photographed this, is Saturday. On the weekends, we like to sleep in… as much as our cats and our daughter will let us. This morning, these two came meowing and knocking at our door around 9, which is a reasonable time.

On our way downstairs to get breakfast, we meet the second feline member of the family, just being his cute and fluffy self.

I cannot function before I’ve had my(…)

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how to take photos of kids jumping on the bed by Lisa Tichane

5 ways to rock your toddler session

If you read photography forums, you are probably aware that toddlers are supposed to be a photographers nightmare. They don’t listen to instructions, move all the time, run away from you whenever they can, drive their parents crazy, throw your props away and will probably hate all of the brilliant ideas that you had carefully prepared when you planned the shoot. I have to admit that every single thing in this list is true (and can be even worse in real life).(…)

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using back button focus tutorial

How to use back button focusing

If you are an active member of the Clickin Moms photography forum, you have probably heard of it several times. When members are asked what their major AHA moment was, Back Button Focusing is often on top of the list. It was definitely one of my very own major light-bulb moment when I discovered it.
So what is back button focusing?
It’s a very simple thing that might change the clarity of your images forever.

When you auto-focus with your DSLR default settings,(…)

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walking on a trail black and white photography

interview with anne wick

Hello there and welcome to the month of December!  It’s time to break out the mittens (or the swimsuits if you’re further south), trim the tree, wrap some presents, and introduce you to the last CMpro of the Month in 2012, the always lovely Anne Wick.  Anne is a tremendous photographer who has been in love with this craft for quite some time and it has been a huge pleasure to watch her incredible growth over the last two years.  It’s(…)

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workshops beginner photography learn digital photography Lisa Tichané Tout Petit Pixel CMPro

april cmpro of the month | lisa tichane

We will be interviewing a different CMPro member every month so we can all get to know them better – so exciting!  For April, one of our lovely international CM members (and brand new CM Mentor as of today – congratulations, Lisa!  Welcome to our team!) Lisa Tichané is featured.  Lisa is so sweet and helpful and always has a kind word and seems like a kid at heart – I’m sure that’s why she has such a knack for(…)

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