Freckle Face Photography


card inspiration from Pinterest

by Carol Swaitkewich
As fall comes to a close and winter starts to make an appearance, that’s when I start to think about my own family Holiday cards and pictures.
Last year wanting something different, but not knowing what, I hit Pinterest to get some inspiration.
When I am looking at Pinterest, or anywhere online really, for an image as inspiration I, of course, am not wanting to copy a picture exactly. If a pinned image strikes me, I ask myself what it(…)

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How to take portraits in the snow

by Carol Swaitkewich
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada or Winterpeg as we are affectionately called. It snows. A lot. It’s also cold. Like REALLY cold. For 5 months of the year we are surrounded by white and ice. If I wanted to take pictures I needed to learn how to shoot in the cold and snow fast!

The 3 main problems I found shooting in the snow are flat lighting, exposure issues, (blown out or grey looking snow), white balance issues(…)

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