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Rachel Boer

connecting with kids

by Rachael Boer
Does this expression look familiar?

Or how about this one?

If you’ve ever photographed young children, you know they can be some of the most challenging subjects on earth. They are tiny balls of energy with a mind of their own and they may not be wild about letting you invade their personal space to get a photograph. Almost all of the families I photograph have at least one child in the 2-5 age range, so I have developed some(…)

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wedding ceremony perspectives

by Alexis Rebenstein

The ceremony can be the most nerve wracking part of a wedding day for a photographer.  Tons of pressure to capture every important moment in a short time frame, no control over lighting and placement of subjects, no do-overs, and of course despite all that, the images have to look beautiful and dreamy and effortless.

Luckily, many of you are like me and thrive on a challenge, so here are 3 key ideas to think about that will allow you(…)

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black and white lifestyle car photography by Kellie Penn

a day in the life | kellie penn

A Day In The Life with Kellie Penn
The tardy bell rings for school at 7:45 so our day begins pretty early! None of us are morning people so it’s a challenge!  After a quick breakfast of Pop tarts (don’t judge!) Mason and Millie brushed their teeth (not sure why she’s making such a grumpy face in her picture…I wasn’t lying about not being morning people), grabbed their backpacks, and ran out the door for school.

In a rare turn of events, Madden(…)

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