food photography

bowl of figs by Elizabeth Gelineau

7 inexpensive must-haves for drool worthy food photos

I found myself photography food quite by accident. It all began with my love of baking and trying new recipes. At first, I had a desire to simply document what I had made, but after a while I began to want my food photographs to look as good as the food tasted. This is where my food photography journey really began and, over the past few years, food has been one of my favorite subjects.(…)

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cupcake with a strawberry on top by Kristy Dooley

3 tips for photographing cake and other sweet treats

One of my favorite parts of holidays, parties, and celebrations are the cakes and sweet treats. While I do enjoy a nice slice of cake or pie, what I like even more is photographing the goodies. There is something surprisingly therapeutic about food photography. A still subject is great for experimentation and practice within your work. Whether you purchase or bake the treats for your next celebration, I’d love to encourage you all to take a few minutes to photograph them before taking that first bite. Here are a few tips to get you started…(…)

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food photography from Clickin Moms members

7 unusual and creative ways to approach food photography

When we think of food photography, we often think of pristine plates and beautiful gourmet styling. Indeed, there is an entire visual art to culinary plating – something we will explore further in a creativity exercise later this year. Right now, however, we’re going to explore the inclusion of food in the frame a bit differently.

[caption id="attachment_31577" align="aligncenter" width="640"] JennyKDiaz[/caption]
Food is an an enormous part of our lives. It’s not just a physical necessity but an integral part of both(…)

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food photography personal project by Jessica Nelson

personal photo project: food

Personal Photography Project of Jessica Nelson


What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
As part of my 365 for 2013 I decided to add in monthly themes that would help me grow creatively.  I wanted to choose things that were very far from my comfort zone.  I had shared a photo of food on CM just before June of 2013 and someone suggested I take that idea and run with a 30 day project.  At first I(…)

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Matt Armendariz Plum Lunch Yellow Glass

an interview with matt armendariz

You’ve probably seen Matt Armendariz’s work and don’t even know it.  His photography has been in numerous national magazines, several books, and all over Target during the Thanksgiving season.  Matt is an incredible food photographer that loves to share his knowledge with others and is also the author of a new book called Food Photography for Bloggers published by Focal Press.  Please enjoy the most mouth watering interview we have ever featured here on the Clickin Moms blog!
an interview with(…)

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egg photography by Shavan Flake

A classic artist’s exercise

Drawing an egg is a classic fine art exercise for those working in chalk, charcoal, or pencil. It’s a great way to study form and the way light and shadow work together to establish depth, dimension, and even mood. For this month’s creativity exercise, I challenge you to photograph one or more eggs. While drawing inspiration from the classic exercise (single egg, dramatic light) is a wonderful photographic undertaking and will no doubt produce some beautiful and unexpectedly creative work,(…)

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Allison Jacobs

6 tips for making your food photography shine

For many of us, we spend the majority of our time photographing our children and perfecting those techniques.  Photography food, however, is a completely different ball game.  If you struggle with photographing food then you’re going to love today’s article brought to you by guest writer and CMpro Allison Jacobs.  She’s an incredible food photographer and she’s here to share some of her favorite tips with us!
6 tips for making your food photography shine
by Allison Jacobs

1. Find the light
Just like(…)

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colorful camera cookie sugar cookies by Jodi Arego

camera cookie cutters and our favorite cookie recipes

As photographers, we love to WOW people with our beautiful photography.  But sometimes it’s fun to show them we are skilled in other areas too.  Imagine walking in to your next photographer meet-up holding these tasty treats. You would be the hit of the party with these cookies made from the Camera Cookie Cutters in the CMstore. Oh wait, you say you have no time to bake or decorate cookies?! Why not use them as sandwich cutters for the kids.(…)

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homemade apple pie by April Nienhuis

Food Photography: 7 Easy Tips to Making Appetizing Images

I love food.

I love to eat food and I love to photograph it. Many of our traditions involve food: homemade apple pie on Thanksgiving, hot dogs and beer for the 4th of July, cupcakes during birthday parties, and fresh grilled burgers when camping. Photographing the meals you eat can bring the memories of an occasion flooding back, so don’t forget to capture them along with all the smiling faces and silly antics from a day or event.(…)

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4 tips for photographing your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is next week! When I’m hosting a Thanksgiving meal I usually put quite a bit of time and thought into the tablescape that I prepare and like to have photos to remind me of how lovely all of my hard work looked, before the hungry diners tore into the meal. Here are some tips to help you capture your own beautiful Thanksgiving table:

1. Vary Your Perspective
Just like when you are shooting a portrait session, varying your perspective while photographing(…)

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Food Styling Tutorial: make it or fake it ice cream

I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream… I apologize in advance if this causes uncontrollable urges for real ice cream – whoops!  Enjoy!

But… what if you want to photograph it? You better snap it quick as that luscious yummy cold deliciousness doesn’t last long.

The solution?  FAKE IT.

Food Stylists regularly use fake food in place of real food on a photo shoot. Here’s a quick easy way to fake some ice cream.


1 lb. Powdered Sugar
1/2 Cup Corn Syrup

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