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by Sharon Johnson

Birth Photography. If you haven’t heard of it or seen a session you must have been living under a rock. National news sources as well as hundreds of local broadcasts, blogs, and articles have covered the new trend of Birth Photography and while some people love the sessions, others despise the idea. Regardless of your opinion, this is one trend that is growing quickly and doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

I’m one of those that(…)

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because you were there, too: 16 tips for family self portraits

“Yes, honey, I was there, too. I was just the one taking the pictures.”

Is that the way you want your children to remember you? As the ghost in the frame? We all talk about how important it is to document life, to capture memories for our families, to have a visual history of the day-to-day because the years are fleeting. Well, I have news for you: you’re a part of that. You need to be in pictures.

So you don’t like(…)

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