Courtney Keim


How to time your beach session

Summer season is in full swing and for me, it means a plethora of beach sessions.  Most inquiries always include the conversation about children, napping, dinner and the perfect time for a session.  While, in an ideal case, I can tell a client that I ONLY will shoot an hour to an hour and a half before sunset, that may not always be conducive to everyone’s schedules.  Flexibility is key in both times and the sessions itself.

I limit my times(…)

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tips for photographing surfing by Courtney Keim

How to photograph surfers

I think of the last eight vacations that we took, 99% of them has revolved around my husband’s love of surfing. I really can’t complain though since we’ve hit two islands in Hawaii and Costa Rica most recently.  I tell myself every time that I will pack my equipment and get some photos of him surfing but I’ve realized that the prime time he surfs, I’m usually staring at my eyelids or am taking photos of my kids on the(…)

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How to get Dad into the photograph

I think I always had this idea of dads and family portraits.  I think it started when I was young.  It’s not that my dad was not there.  He just was not in the photos.  He always told me it was the memories not the photo.  Then I married my husband.  And unfortunately, he is seriously just as bad when it comes to family portrait time.  To him, he’d rather be subjected to anything torture-filled if it meant avoiding being(…)

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working at a New Jersey high school

a day in the life | courtney keim

A Day In The Life with Courtney Keim
Every morning I wake up before 5 to head out to Crossfit.  So often I want to roll over and go back to sleep but it’s literally the only part of the day that I get to be out and do something I love ALONE.  I have to be out of the house by 5:20 to make sure I make it to my 5:30 am class.  Any later, I won’t make it.

I get home(…)

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How to photograph and edit silhouettes

My absolute favorite thing to incorporate into a photo session is the silhouette.  Most people think it’s so tough to create one but in fact, it’s rather simplistic.

There are many different ways you can create and process a silhouette and some of the time it’s a personal preference not only in your style and how you photograph it but also in the post processing.  I’m a fan of a bright background, a little sun flare, and a total black foreground(…)

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Simple secrets to creating the perfect blog post

For every photographer, the question always arises about blogging and how much is too much, too little or just enough. This time around, we’re not talking about the great debate over whether or not you should blog a session and the always controversial sneak peek but what makes up the perfect blog post because, let’s face it, a client would LOVE to see all their images, but what else should go into a post?

With the advent of the internet, Google(…)

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How Instagram can work for you

I love searching Pinterest for behind the scenes footage of photographers in action.  Not to replicate a photographer’s setup but to see how others work.  I love the latest feature on the CM blog called “A Peek Inside” which showcases the offices and camera bags of the CMteam.  I am unsure if it’s the busybody in me or what but I love, love, love seeing HOW other photographers work in addition to actually viewing their work.

Most recently I’ve noticed a(…)

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5 ways to protect your blog

Over the last day, I can count on both hands the number of photographers I have heard of sites being hacked.  The biggest fear is losing your site completely … and not being able to recover it, right? Because two of my recent clients can tell you, sometimes even your web host, cannot help you save your site.

So let’s figure out some ways to safeguard your site from an impending attack:
1. Update Wordpress
I truthfully cannot tell you the number of(…)

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a peek inside | courtney keim

It’s time for another installment of one of our favorite blog series, a peek inside. Today, we have Courtney Keim.
a peek inside | courtney keim

I hate to say I have a camera bag addiction. Right now, my bag of choice is my Epiphanie Lyric but I have carried faithfully in the past my Ketti Handbag, Kelly Moore Bag + a Crumpler bag.


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Get Organized: stay ahead of your blog posts and tweets

If you are anything like me, that little alarm on your phone constantly sounds and reminds me of my upcoming appointments each day.  I am horrible with remembering things.  I’m unsure if I can legitimately blame “baby brain” or say it’s my kids fault.  But, I can say, I need to keep organized.  While I would love to remember each day, to create a post or a tweet, I often find life gets in the way, it slips my mind,(…)

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World Prematurity Day | Photographing NICU Babies

I had the perfect pregnancy.

Both my OB and my high risk doctor had agreed to let me go full term and let me deliver my boys (they were both head down) on my own vs a scheduled c-section – that was Thursday.  They told me I had the perfect pregnancy.  But with twins (or with any pregnancy), you never know.  Yes, that was the case with me.  I swore I had the stomach flu that Sunday night.  Two days later(…)

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Personal Blogs vs Business Blogs: how much privacy is right

Some photographers choose to have a blog with personal posts. Some photographers choose to keep their private lives separate. Some photographers choose to maintain two blogs – one for their business and one for their families. But the question, remains … what type of photographer are you?

If you are like me, I maintain two blogs. While I would love the ease of maintaining one, in all actuality, the many snapshots and personal rants I post on my personal blog, might(…)

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october cmpro of the month | courtney keim

It’s that time again!  Time for another one of our amazing CMpros of the month!  For October we have the awesome Courtney Keim.  Courtney is an on-location candid, modern portrait and wedding photographer.

october cmpro of the month | courtney keim

If you could take only three pieces of gear on a shoot, what would they be?
My Canon 5d Mark II, my 85 1.2L (or 70-200 2.8L – depending on the session and subjects) and my 7 million Crumpler (it keeps out(…)

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Top 10 list of family photography tips

1. Get to know your client ahead of time so you know what they expect.
I always send out a questionnaire to the family ahead of time.  I not only survey them on their personalities, etc. but also the poses they are looking for.  I let them know that while I have certain ones that I will use, there could be photos that spotlight relationships you do not want to miss but did not know exist.   Who would know that little(…)

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