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mom and dad holding child by Kristy Dooley

8 simple business tricks from a pro

Being in business for yourself is full of pros and cons, highs and lows, and ups and downs. It requires a constant willingness to change, adapt, and adjust, as you strive to meet the needs of both you and your clients. This isn’t just the case for photographers, but for all small business owners. For many of us, I think it’s safe to say part of us likes the challenge. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing it. Here are a few unique “tricks” to help you along the way….(…)

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How to make an abstract macro photo with oil and water by Monica Wilkinson

How to make an abstract macro photo with oil and water

Want to make some abstract art?? It is easy. Let me show you how!!

For the past 3 years I have been teaching the Intro to Macro class on Clickinmoms. During each week I have a “mid-week challenge” to kind of add a little fun! These challenges are a great way to step out of the box and have a little fun shooting something you may not shoot on a normal basis or even think to try! In week one we have the oil and water challenge. This challenge is always a hit for the students so I thought I would share the tutorial with you!(…)

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out of focus photo by Meredith Abenaim

Motif #1: a photographer’s new perspective

See that little red fishing shack?

That’s called Motif #1 – because it’s the most painted building by artists in America.

Motif #1 is situated on Bradley Warf in Rockport, Massachusetts just about one hour north of Boston.  The little fishing village along Cape Ann is rich with art galleries, to-die-for New England seafood, cozy beaches, stunning ocean views and a vibrant and committed arts community of all mediums.  Remember the 2009 Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds film, The Proposal?  It was(…)

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waiting at a restaraunt picture by Meredith Novario

culling and editing to enhance your story

When I see a story unfolding in front of me I shoot first and ask questions later.

I let the story do its thing and decide afterwards (in Lightroom) which image packs the biggest narrative punch.

Lastly, I edit to emphasize the story.

For example, I recently went out to lunch with two of my people, Joe and Josie. As we sat ordering, whistling, and waiting for our burgers, my husband and daughter were, fortunately for me, bored. I love how they wear(…)

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Adobe Photoshop Elements before and after by Melissa Gibson

Workshop Preview: photoshop elements

This workshop is no longer offered.
Processing 103: Photoshop Elements is a three week online workshop focusing on PSE 11 that will help you take your images from SOOC to finished product, all in Elements.  Instructor Melissa Gibson will teach you how to begin in ACR and finish with web sharpening and printing.  From clean edits, removing distractions, to levels and tones, Elements has it all and is a powerful editing program.  PSE 103 will show you an efficient workflow and(…)

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4 ways to smooth skin in lightroom by Caroline Jensen

4 ways to smooth skin in Lightroom

The brush tool is one of the most powerful tools in Lightroom.

Today, I am going to show you four ways to smooth skin.

My son has agreed to let us use his image. I think it is really helpful to see the results on a teenage boy because natural results are so important to them.  I did not remove any blemishes prior to adding the skin smoothing. The results will be more effective with a little use of the healing brush,(…)

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photographing with heart and vision online workshop alumni photo by Kristina Hetling

photographing with heart and vision: a workshop recap

Photographing with Heart and Vision was born out of my consuming desire to make connections… honest connections with people, with the essence of places, and with simple, ordinary moments.

Just like you, I crave a life full of rich and meaningful experiences that touch me deeply and stir something inside my heart.  But, honestly, the ebb and flow of the responsibilities of everyday life have their way of reminding me time and time again that these life-giving experiences don’t always just(…)

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Workshop Preview: capturing joy

Workshop Preview: capturing joy

Do you want to capture children and family images filled with true smiles and carefree laughter?

Would you like to learn how to enhance the emotion perceived in your images to make them memorable and strong?

Would you feel happy if people smiled irresistibly when looking at your work?

If the answer is YES, then the Capturing Joy photography workshop by Lisa Tichané is the class you need!

In this workshop, you will learn how to embrace joy in lifestyle family photography. Whether you(…)

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getting through photographic ruts with introspection

Something drew us all to photography, and that something is rooted really deep.

We can accept that as true and not linger on it: inside everyone who has bothered to learn photography is a strong motivation… even if we can’t give that motivation a name or even understand what it is yet.  I’m going to come back to this again because this initial motivation is going to save us from feeling adrift later on.

It seems like we all go on the(…)

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Alicia Gould 1

newborns, learn how to photograph them

Newborns are pure…




There is something that twinkles in a newborn photographer’s eye when you ask them what they love about capturing newborns.  If you can’t see their eyes, you can feel it through their words and images.  Newborns are not easy!  The sessions are longer and require more physical work from the photographer.  You need to train your eye to find pockets of light and recognize flattering compositions. It requires a great deal of patience you didn’t know was possible. It’s all(…)

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workshop on photographing your kids

Workshop Preview: photographing your family’s everyday

Photographing Your Family’s Everyday is an online photo workshop from Melissa Stottmann that hits on each area of your life and days. Our lives have so many facets and to classify the why and how we take images to capture those facets can have so many different approaches.

This class is not a “lifestyle” photography class, but instead we are going to look at how to define and combine documentary, lifestyle, and posed images and use them interchangeably to mirror your life(…)

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black and white wedding picture by Todd Reichman

how to build a business you’ll love

by Todd Reichman
Ever wonder how to price your work?

Some people would tell you to mark your products up a certain amount.  Obviously we need to make sure that we have enough margin to cover costs and ensure profitability, but are our products and services only worth what they cost us?

Some people think that you should offer a low, middle and high package and set your middle package at your desired average sale.  You may have also heard that you should(…)

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capturing joy online photography workshop by Lisa Tichane

Capturing Joy: a photography workshop recap

When I created the Capturing Joy photography workshop, I was expecting it to be a joyful experience in itself. Of course we were going to work (sometimes hard!) on how to make these authentic happy pictures happen, but the very first goal of this workshop was to reconnect to our inner joy, in order to ooze happiness so irresistibly that our subjects simply couldn’t resist.

I was both exicted and scared when the first run started – excited to spend 4(…)

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a workshop preview | mastering manual exposure

Mastering Manual Exposure is designed to help you learn how to meter in-camera and control your exposure and white balance while making informed decisions about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in order to achieve your vision in-camera! You’ll examine common exposure pitfalls and how to correct them, and engage in a variety of creative assignments which will give you the confidence you need to capture consistent and beautiful images in any kind of situation. This four week online workshop with(…)

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uncover your voice

If you’re anything like me, and my guess is that you are, you’ve probably gone through a period (or several periods!) of struggle and doubt in your photography journey.  After learning the basics and getting to a point where we are consistently producing technically sound images, we often look over the body of our work and feel, well, blah about the whole thing.  Mastering the basics is no small feat, and in the process of focusing on concrete things like(…)

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a workshop preview | storymaking

What makes a good story anyway? We know one when we hear one. But how do we see a compelling story in a photograph? What elements make a narrative image powerful? How can our shooting and processing lend to the story we aim to tell? In CMU’s new workshop, Storymarking with Meredith Novario, you will learn to plan and build powerful narrative images.  You will dissect images for their story elements, consider what stories you are driven to tell and(…)

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how to shoot water drops and crowns macro photography tutorial by Monica Wilkinson

How to photograph water drops and crowns

Is this winter weather giving you cabin fever?  Wishing it would clear up so you could go out and shoot?  Why not cure that boredom with a little macro fun?  In my workshop, Shooting 106:Intro to Macro, you will learn to appreciate the little things around you, to see the details, but I also have a fun mid week challenge each week in addition to the weekly assignment.  A little challenge to push your creativity and  have try something you(…)

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A Workshop Preview: exploring creative photography

Exploring Creative Photography is designed to help you discover the emotions behind setting choices which will enable you to move past traditional photography and begin to pursue creativity and art in your work.  This four week online workshop with April Nienhuis will help you to explore the technical aspects of creative photography and learn to decide when to choose creative settings to tell the story you wish with your photography!

Here are just a few reviews from past students in this course:


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a workshop preview | timeless photography and emotive expression

Timeless Photography and Emotive Expression has been created for photographers who are ready to push the boundaries in their everyday work and to progress their classic portraits into enduring works of art.  This four week online workshop with Emma Wood will help you take your photography to the next level and will increase your confidence in your work and abilities!

Here are just a few reviews from past students in this course:

I’ve admired Emma’s work for some time and to be able(…)

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