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CMteam favorite things

Once again, we’re back with one of our favorite blog posts of the year – The CMteam Favorite Things!  Many of the team members are sharing with you their top three or four favorite items and why they love them so.  Everyone loves a little enabling right?!

1. NATIVE UNION Pop Phone Handset: I’m a product of the 80’s and the only way I feel comfortable on the phone is with my big ol’ handset. This one plugs into my iPhone(…)

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2011 Gift Guide: CMteam Favorite Things

Yep – it’s that time of year … time for the CMteam’s Favorite Things (aka The Enabler List). Here are some of the products that made our lives just a little more awesome in 2011. We’re pretty brilliant consumers, if we do say so ourselves — good luck getting through this post without developing a Wish List of your own … or just forward the article to your husband and let him know that THIS is what you’d like for(…)

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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

Raindrops on roses?   Hmmmm….not so much unless they come with a pretty little macro to shoot the aforementioned raindrops.
Whiskers on kittens?  Nope.   Not unless there’s a hefty side dish of Benadryl included.
Brown paper packages tied up with string?   Definitely!  Provided they are delivered by someone in a brown uniform with whom you are on a first name basis.
But we’ve got some other things on our lists here at Clickin Moms.   Our team has put together a list of our very(…)

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