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The 4th annual CMteam favorite things list

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and time for our most favorite post of the year, the CMteam favorite things list. Perhaps not the most favorite post for our spouses or wallets though.

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens: I’ve had and loved this lens for years, but in the past few months, it’s been on my camera more often than any other. Fast, versatile, and close focusing, it’s the perfect storytelling lens.
Cold Brewed Coffee(…)

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CMteam wish list items

Birthday Week Celebration: what’s on the CMteam’s wish list

Happy CM Birthday Week everyone!  Are you ready to get this party started?!
We’re going to start the celebration of the Clickin Moms forum’s 6th birthday with the motherload of all wish lists.  We asked the CMteam what they’re wishing for when their birthday’s come up and they gave us an incredible list of goodies…


[twocol_one]2 Seductive Spirit Essence:
I am in LOVE with this scent from Intelligent Nutrients–Seductive Spirit Essence. It is a little bit earthy/ spicy and a little bit sweet,(…)

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the favorite things of photographer Megan Dill

2013 cmteam favorite things list

We may love photography but we also love sharing our favorite products with our friends.  This year, we’re back with the CMteam Favorite Things list, full of incredible products that we just can’t get enough of.  Be ready to bookmark or pin some of these links because we’ve got some amazing items for you to add to your wish list!

1. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap: The smell is devine – fresh and clean. It has bits of sea salt in(…)

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CMteam favorite things

Once again, we’re back with one of our favorite blog posts of the year – The CMteam Favorite Things!  Many of the team members are sharing with you their top three or four favorite items and why they love them so.  Everyone loves a little enabling right?!

1. NATIVE UNION Pop Phone Handset: I’m a product of the 80’s and the only way I feel comfortable on the phone is with my big ol’ handset. This one plugs into my iPhone(…)

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2011 Gift Guide: CMteam Favorite Things

Yep – it’s that time of year … time for the CMteam’s Favorite Things (aka The Enabler List). Here are some of the products that made our lives just a little more awesome in 2011. We’re pretty brilliant consumers, if we do say so ourselves — good luck getting through this post without developing a Wish List of your own … or just forward the article to your husband and let him know that THIS is what you’d like for(…)

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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

Raindrops on roses?   Hmmmm….not so much unless they come with a pretty little macro to shoot the aforementioned raindrops.
Whiskers on kittens?  Nope.   Not unless there’s a hefty side dish of Benadryl included.
Brown paper packages tied up with string?   Definitely!  Provided they are delivered by someone in a brown uniform with whom you are on a first name basis.
But we’ve got some other things on our lists here at Clickin Moms.   Our team has put together a list of our very(…)

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