girl wearing a mask picture by Kris and Lauren Penland

5 Tips for Indoor Photography During the Dark Winter Months

Many of us find ourselves stuck inside this time of year. However, this doesn’t mean we have to fall into a creative slump. In fact, being stuck inside can be an excellent opportunity to get our creative juices flowing like they never have before. Some of my favorite images I’ve taken have been the result of gloomy weather forcing me inside. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way.(…)

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The photography journey of English photographer Tamryn Jones

My Photography Journey: Tamryn Jones

My photography journey has been a long one. As I sit down to write this I am overwhelmed with things to say. It feels as if there are so many levels I could delve into here making it very difficult to sum up all in one blog piece. There is the incredibly frustrating side to my journey because mastering the technical aspects did not come easily to me. Then there is the emotional side to my journey deeply connected to life and my struggle with depression. This is the more therapeutic side which helps me escape, be drawn in and feel artistically rewarded.(…)

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girl holding a large sunflower by Tiffany Kelly

Using the Inverse Square Law for Natural Light Portraits

The inverse square law is one of my favorite nerdy photography topics. I use the inverse square law to get nice, dark backgrounds. I love this type of background because it leads to simple images, it hides my messy house, and it helps my subject really pop against a dark background.(…)

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child dressed up as Captain America by Jen Bilodeau

5 tips for taking and editing emotive black and white photos

Light and shadows, and the contrasts between them, are my muses. High-contrast light is full of life and emotion… emotion that transcends that particular moment, and moves and changes as the image is absorbed by different eyes. Both light and dark work in perfect synchronicity to create a feeling that there is more to what lies within the image than what is visually present.(…)

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girls standing in front of wall mural picture by Felicia Chang

My Photography Journey: Felicia Chang

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself on an airplane, flying solo. My very first trip in I don’t know how long. I thought back to one of the last times I traveled this way. I was headed just north of the Saskatchewan-Northwest Territories border, for my last stint on a mineral exploration project. I was reading a book called Vinyl Cafe Diaries by Stuart McLean. It is a story about a character named Dave, an owner of a second hand record store, and it was filled with pages rich with comical and heart-aching stories of his family life.(…)

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girl watching the ipad on a plane by Elizabeth Ordonez

How to capture your everyday while you’re traveling

I love to capture my world through photography. Sometimes that means photographing mountains or beaches, but often it means watching my two young daughters experience things for the first time. When we travel, even the most ordinary things are special to my girls because they are different from our everyday at home. I love to photograph those unique everyday moments while we we’re away.(…)

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Before and After, Creating a “Storybook” Image in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements by Jan Tyler

Before & After: a storybook image in Lightroom and Photoshop

My first love has always been children’s literature. As a child (long before the video age) I would spend hours immersing myself in new worlds… pouring over the beautiful illustrations in books and memorizing every last detail on the page.

Today, when I create an image of my own, I try to pay the same amount of attention to every last detail included in my frame as I did to those amazing illustrations and allow myself to be swept away into a new world.(…)

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The photography journey of Australian photographer Corinne Tristram of Sweet Spot Images

My Photography Journey: Corinne Tristram

My Journey. I struggle writing this… not because I am drawing a blank on how I found my passion. But, because I feel like it is a common story. One that so many of us share, come to in the same way, and continue along the same path.

In 2005, I moved to Brisbane Australia to marry the love of my life. It was very far from my home in the US but filled with happiness and love. We had two, very much adored, children in quick succession.

It was after my second child was born. My husband said to me, “You need to get a hobby.”(…)

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how to light and edit a composite portrait by Lindsay Brummer

How to light and edit a composite portrait

After years of shooting kids, my own included, I have fallen in love with the composite image. I feel like it’s so hard to get everyone EXACTLY how I want them in one shot when I am working with young children. Because of the certainty that kids will be kids, I learned to master the composite image and know that I will always end up with at least one great portrait. (…)

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A day in the life with photographer Jennifer Bogle

A day in the life with Jennifer Bogle

I’m not really a “motivational-quote-on-the-wall” sort of person, but when Susannah, my third child was born, I found that I needed a new mantra for my life. It is, “Embrace the chaos!” I haven’t embroidered it anywhere . . . yet . . . but I haven’t let go of it in the almost four years since. 

As a shift worker, rotating twelve hour night and day shifts, change and chaos are just our norm. The “routine” in our days consists of little pieces that we fit in and around the schedules and activities of any given day/week/month. So when it came time to pick a day to document for this day in our life, I opted for an extra chaotic summer vacation day trip this August. Why not?(…)

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A day in the life with photographer Sarah Vasquez

A day in the life with Sarah Vasquez

I knew being an urban mom with 3 kids and a photography business to run left me quite busy, but I didn’t truly realize how go-go-go my life is until I took the time to do this project. I suspect this is probably the reality for all of us though. This is the first year with having two kids in school and it’s been an adjustment for me… but I love it a lot. It’s well known that my youngest is my most easy going kid and I feel like she allows me to mom in “easy mode” which really has allowed me to be diligent in carving out a little time for me to care for myself and not just everyone else all the time. I’ve tried to reflect that a bit here, despite the constant running we seem to do (I feel like I practically live in my car).(…)

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kids playing with a toy car by Dana Leigh

5 Tips for Capturing Sibling Bonds

As a mother, photographer and storyteller, I love capturing all of the dynamics in the relationships my children have with each other. I know every parent wants to preserve these fleeting magical years in a way that does them justice and I’m so thankful photography allows us to do that. Here are 5 tips to help you capture the ever growing, changing, and precious bonds your children share.(…)

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bowl of figs by Elizabeth Gelineau

7 inexpensive must-haves for drool worthy food photos

I found myself photography food quite by accident. It all began with my love of baking and trying new recipes. At first, I had a desire to simply document what I had made, but after a while I began to want my food photographs to look as good as the food tasted. This is where my food photography journey really began and, over the past few years, food has been one of my favorite subjects.(…)

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child running in the rain with an umbrella by Erin Hensley

6 secrets to beautifully capturing childhood

Through the many daily shooting projects I’ve tackled, I’ve discovered that my most favorite thing to capture is just raw, natural childhood. Just the everyday happenings around the house, or out and about.

Planning and posing stressed me out and we all know how much that stresses kids out. In 2011, taking sessions took a back seat and in 2012, I began my first 365 project. It was the best decision I could have made for myself as a budding photographer and artist. I discovered my love for observation, both of light and life. I’ve always been an observer, but that quality in me is the foundation of who I am as a photographer, and realizing that was a turning point for me.(…)

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camera lenses of photographer Nina Mingioni

My Favorite Things: Nina Mingioni

Lock up your wallets because we’ve got a fun, and tempting, series for you to get to know the CMpros a little better! What better way to learn about them than to ask them what their favorite things are, photography related or not? Next up is Nina Mingioni sharing what she loves!(…)

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