The photography journey of California photographer Vironica Golden

my photography journey | vironica golden

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved visual arts. As a little girl I was always making something or drawing something. Growing up in Indonesia where a degree in arts is not very lucrative and parents are a big influence in choosing your career path, my mother steered me towards getting a degree in accounting. I moved to the United States for college in 1995. A year into college I decided to switch my major to graphic/packaging design that was more in line with my interest as a child.(…)

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close up portrait of boy in the falling snow by Celeste Pavlik

7 ways to photograph one child

I worry. I fret. Time. It is passing much too swiftly.

Disquieted. A quick, yet recognizable hard pound of a few heart beats as I allow my mind to linger and to dwell on the reality. That moment when I realize my little loves, my muses, my children, are not so little any more. I see them every day. Yet, when I finally lay my head down at night, too often my heart aches and I feel as though I have neglected to truly ‘see’ them. Individually. Free of their own inhibitions.(…)

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A day in the life with Alabama photographer Lauren Sanderson

a day in the life | lauren sanderson

My day in the life was shot on Sunday, March 7th. I didn’t wake up knowing that I would document my whole day, it just started out that way and I decided to continue it. We had just gotten through the 2nd round of winter weather here in Alabama and oddly enough, the high temp was 70 on this day, so we took advantage of it. I documented the entire day with my Fuji XQ1 camera. I love this little camera because it fits in my pocket and it doesn’t elicit the same reactions from my girls that I get when I try and photograph them with my big camera. With this camera I just take a quick picture and then I’m done!(…)

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Canon camera and lenses of photographer Liz Behm

a peek inside | liz behm

It’s time for another installment of one of our favorite blog series, a peek inside. Today, we have one of our newest team members to feature, Liz Behm.
a peek inside | liz behm

I am not in business anymore and am currently a mostly happy hobbyist, homeschooling my oldest two of five kids. I’ve been shooting a project 365 for each of the last 6 years, though blogging it all sometimes gets put on the back burner. I don’t need a work space as much as I once did, but I do love having a dedicated spot to sit and work on my photos.(…)

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The photography journey of Nevada photographer Shannon Wilkinson

my photography journey | shannon wilkinson

When I was a child, I had an old 110 camera. We lived around the corner from a Kodak kiosk and I would ride my bike over to the kiosk to get film developed. I don’t remember how old I was or when I got that camera but for as long as I can remember I have loved photography.

I was born in the late 60’s and digital cameras were not even a blip on the radar. As I grew, I documented my life with that old 110. When my first child, Alyssa, was born in 1990, I purchased my first 35mm camera and used it to document her childhood and in 1997 I got my first digital point & shoot. It was then that my obsession with photography truly began.(…)

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boy coloring at the kitchen table by June and Bear Photography

6 things you can do to take better photos in your home

I am a hobbyist photographer shooting for posterity. I am documenting the lives of my children so that we all remember the big and little things. Much of our story takes place in our home so it was imperative that I become more comfortable shooting there. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you improve the quality of photos taken inside your home using natural light.(…)

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bride and groom portrait in a field with purple trees by Chloe Ramirez

4 ways to add the environment in your photos

You arrive to a session and your surroundings are gorgeous! The environment is breathtaking and you feel so lucky to be photographing your subject in this beautiful place. Your client arrives and you get started into your session. Time flies by and before you know it you are waving goodbye and loading up your gear. Later that day, you go to upload your images. Although you had a good time with your client and you like your images you are frustrated that your photos do not reflect surroundings that you were so impressed by.

Using your environment in your portrait sessions can help to set the mood, tell the story and set the stage for your session. Here is 4 easy tips to incorporate your environment into your portrait sessions!(…)

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A day in the life with Washington photographer Kate Densmore

a day in the life | kate densmore

The dawn comes slowly to the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Most winter mornings I wake in the darkness to the sound of rain, but this day was clear, and the bluish-gray dawn gave way to a golden sunrise as my house slowly woke up. My day starts early. I wake a couple hours before my children, so that I can work in peace for a bit and enjoy my coffee. Today was a preschool day, which meant that our morning routine needed to happen a little quicker than usual. My oldest daughter wakes up slowly and in her own time, but my youngest girl starts bouncing as soon as her little eyes open. With my husband’s help, we get them up, dress, fed breakfast, I pack lunches, comb hair, and we all brush our teeth. (…)

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lifestyle newborn portrait with mom by Meg Sexton

Meg Sexton’s favorite things

1. Coffee: It’s an essential. I wouldn’t make it through the day without at least one cup of this liquid gold. My favorite combo is the Peet’s Coffee Ethiopian Super Natural in a french press. But really, I’m not picky. (And there are bonus points if I get to drink it in a pretty mug!)(…)

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child holding her winning contest photo

How I connected with my daughter through photography

My children have grown up in front of my camera. They have said “cheese,” they have held ridiculous props to humor me, they have endured the dreaded, “I didn’t quite get it, can we do that again?” pleas from me, all in the name of their dear mother’s hobbyist-ism. They have done their part to help their mama grow in her own photography, and then some. They have been patient. They have been my muses.(…)

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young girl sitting on the floor by Allison McSorley

6 secrets to more compelling photos

Someone once said that the best camera is the one you have with you. Whether you’re shooting with an old school point-and-shoot camera or a fancy new dSLR though, there are some universal techniques to keep in mind that will help you create more interesting and visually pleasing photographs.(…)

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good crops in camera by Megan Squires

5 mistakes I made as a new photographer

We learn from our mistakes. We grow in asking questions. And we can encourage others forward by being open about our journeys and aha! moments in photography. While the basics come easy now, there will always be more for me to learn and always new ways to grow. That’s something that gets me excited each and every time I pick up my camera.(…)

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Image 9

5 ways to stay creative with your photography

Anyone that is familiar with my work at all knows one thing…I love to shoot ONE subject. That’s it. One. One subject. One child. One Boy.

I have shot my fair share of landscapes…of flowers…of buildings…of babies…of sunsets…of friends and relatives…and I love all of those images. Honestly, I really, really love them. I am delighted to give gifts and to make others happy through images. It continually challenges me and pushes me in different ways, and I am sincerely grateful for that push. Those images, however, are not where my Creative Heart truly lies; where my Mommy Heart lies. I really and truly love to shoot one subject.(…)

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photography interview with CMpro Lauren Sanderson

11 questions with photographer Lauren Sanderson

Hi Lauren! Big congrats on being the CMpro of the month. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in photography?

Thank you! I’m a mom of three sweet girls five and under, and my husband and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for almost 12 years. I’m a part-time professional photographer in Huntsville Alabama and mostly photograph families and children, with a few maternity, senior and newborn sessions sprinkled in. I’ve always loved taking pictures… I was that girl in high school who was always taking pictures, had double glossy prints developed at a one-hour photo, and then passed out the doubles to all my friends. When I started a family, that natural love of photography turned in to a real passion and hobby, and before I knew it, I was in business.(…)

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two brothers hugging picture by Celeste Pavlik

5 easy ways to photograph kids together

Often, I am asked…. How do you get all your boys to sit for you at the same time for a picture? Or how do you get them all to cooperate and look so natural? Or, I’m told, it’s so great how your boys like to be in front of the camera AND with each other!! Well, the truth is, it’s not so much that my boys like to be in front of my lens, it’s more about what ‘I do’ and ‘don’t do’ before I ever click that shutter. Seizing the opportunity to document those moments when they are being themselves; playing together, sharing a silly joke, tickling one another, and even just sharing a quiet moment is a huge part of who I am as a photographer. I want to remember and I want them to remember what it was like growing up together as brothers and friends.(…)

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kids playing at a splashpad by Megan DeShazo

Why I pick my camera up…and why I put it down

As we were preparing to pack up for the long 8-hour car ride we had ahead to visit family, I looked at my camera bag and groaned. “It’s so heavy,” I thought. “I’m already packing half of our house. It’s just another bag to load.” If I’m being honest, as “The Photographer” of the family, I sometimes get tired of hearing, “make sure you bring your camera!” But I knew my husband’s grandparents weren’t getting any younger and since we only get to see them once a year, I would be grateful to have the pictures from our trip. And they would love to have pictures with the boys.

I packed the camera. I’m so thankful I did.(…)

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picture of woman by Alice Che

9 secrets to working with dappled light

As a photographer, you hear a lot about how important it is to know how to see the light. This is absolutely, 100% true!

Much of my photography journey can be marked by how I use the light. I went through a phase of flat, even window lighting with beautiful big catchlights followed by portraits with 45 degree window lighting, then backlighting, and finally, dramatic lighting. One of the very first things I learned was to avoid dappled lighting. For a good two or three years, I avoided uneven lighting and direct sunlight at any cost. I would drape sheer curtains over my windows to diffuse the sun, I’d shoot in open shade, I’d backlight. Back in August, however, I moved to a new place and my move also coincided with the opportunity to do a photoshoot with the amazing Sarah Vaughn. And the way she used light… it was incredible and like nothing I had ever tried before! Instead of shying away from the direct sun or uneven lighting, she’d find the patches of even light and use the uneven light around it to add interest in the shadow patterns. Ever since then, I have been keeping my eye out for the interplay of light and shadows.(…)

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A day in the life with North Carolina photographer Christy Johnson

a day in the life | christy johnson

Like a lot of working moms out there, I strive for balance between my job as a portrait photographer and my job as a mom. On this day, my daughters are tracked out of school (they attend year round school, which we love!). I try to slow down a bit during track out to spend a little quality time with my girls. With a busy baby photography studio, it doesn’t always happen, but luckily I have an amazing partner in my husband. He helps keep us all steady and moving forward.(…)

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