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photo of girl standing in a field with painted tattoos by Becca Wohlwinder

6 Photography Pullbacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Beauty is everywhere! Even when it’s not.

Do you ever get jealous of all these amazing photographers with all their amazing locations?

I know I have! Until I actually changed the way I was thinking and realized it doesn’t even matter where we shoot as long as we go about it the right way. The right angles and lighting are all you need to create amazing images.

Parking lots? Dirt fields? No problem!

Lets take a look at some examples! All of these images were taken less than a few minutes walk from my house. There is a huge field filled with dirt mounds, weeds, overgrown bushes and too many annoying cacti that I may or may not have stepped on or backed up into too many times.(…)

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black and white picture of young girl looking out the blinds by Tiffany Kelly

4 Lightroom Secrets to Get Stunning Black and White Images

The key to gorgeous black and white images often lies in the small details: making sure there is sufficient range of lights and darks, ensuring skin doesn’t look dull, and making sure our subject doesn’t fade into the background. Paying attention to these details can help us ensure our image has the impact that we want. Believe it or not, color actually matters a lot in black and white conversions. Here, I cover some little-known but simple Lightroom tricks that will help you polish and perfect your black and white conversions. (…)

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backlit photo of twin boys in a field by Heather Stockett

10 Photography Rules I Broke and How I Got Away With Them

Since having my three boys, most notably the twins who are now toddlers, I’ve learned that many rules are meant to be broken. Rules you’ve heard all of your life: jumping on the bed, staying up past bedtime, wearing pajamas all day. I like to break photography rules, too. Throw the rule book out the window, grab a cup joe and let’s get started!(…)

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picture of dad on the couch with two kids by Jennifer Kielich

6 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Everyday Photos

Taking photos of my children everyday is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself. They are only little once, and I cherish all the images I have of messy hair, dirty faces, and naked baby bums.

Taking compelling photographs of everyday childhood isn’t rocket science. If you’re a mother, you know that just about everything they do is photo worthy in the early days. So make it a point to get the camera out regularly, and then follow these simple tips to help those day-to-day images really stand out.(…)

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backlit maternity photo by Jamie Rubeis

The Photographer’s Guide to Backlighting

Let’s face it… what photographer doesn’t enjoy a super dreamy backlit photograph?

That golden flare beaming through a set of trees, creating deliciously creamy bokeh or the soft sun light that outlines the tiny tendrils of a child’s hair can introduce a feeling of warmth and heighten visual interest for the viewer. However, it can be tricky to navigate how to properly identify and work with backlight. It is something we all strive to master, but with a little practice and these easy to follow tips and tricks, you will be on your way to creating those gorgeous light-filled images you envision.(…)

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backlit flash picture of girl in a coat by Kellie Bieser

Why Your Messy Garage is a Great Location for Photos

Garages have a bad reputation.

They’re dirty and full of clutter. Well, mine is at least. That mess doesn’t mean you can’t take some great photos in your garage, though! Sometimes you have to push things around and sometimes you just have to be a little more creative. We asked a few pros for their advice on tackling photos in the garage and have compiled them all here for you. Best of all, nobody suggested cleaning!(…)

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picture of a boy making a goofy face by Kellie Bieser

6 Ways to Get The Kids to Smile Without Saying Cheese

It is the most common request of grandparents and is what every client wants on her walls… and if we are going to be honest with ourselves, we want it, too: that perfect portrait of our little angel showing all of those pearly white teeth in a smile so sweet and happy that we can’t help but smile back. Childhood is a time defined by joy and so it only makes sense that we would want photos that reflect the happiness we wish for our kids.(…)

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backlit photo of girl looking into bubble machine by April Nienhuis

How to Beat Instagram’s Algorithm

By now, you’ve probably heard the news, Instagram is changing.

The chronological order or posts that you know and love will be replaced by an algorithm that they say will show you “the moments we believe you care about the most”. Nobody knows all the details behind the algorithm or when the change will come but the rumor mill says that tomorrow is the big day.(…)

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photo of child dying Easter eggs by Ardelle Neubert

8 Ways to Photograph Your Easter Holiday

Break out the flowers, the dye, and all the eggs you can find because Easter is right around the corner. It may not be the most photographed holiday but we think it’s worth getting out the camera for. We asked the CMpros to chime in with their favorite tips for photographing Easter and boy did they. We can’t get enough of these fun ideas!(…)

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5 Steps to Adding Depth and Complexity to Your Photos

When we think of shooting tips for new photographers, a few pieces of advice come to mind, and common among them are these:

Get closer.
Simplify your frame.

The suggestions are good ones, and they tend to go together well: the very act of coming in closer helps to simplify the composition, because it allows our main subject to fill a larger area of the frame. As artists, this approach can help us to work more deliberately by forcing us to identify the element or elements that are most important to us. We don’t just ask, “what is the subject?” We ask: “what is the best, most interesting, most important PART of this subject?” (Hint: It might be a face, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.) Get closer. Cut out everything non-essential. Fill the frame. Simplify. When you do this, your intended subject becomes more prominent and showcases rich details that we might not have noticed in a wider composition. There’s a lot to love about a closely composed photograph.(…)

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picture of big brother looking at newborn in crib by Beth Ann Fricker

7 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn and Energetic Toddler

Bringing a baby home is an exciting time. There is a different energy in the house and everyone is adjusting to a new norm. With an energetic toddler already at home, documenting this change can seem daunting and photographing toddlers creates its own set of challenges. Instead of suppressing your toddler’s spirit, incorporate his or her energy into capturing your new day-to-day.(…)

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toes in the water photo by Heather Mohr

6 Tips for Taking Photos in a Small Home

My husband and I had only been married a couple years when we closed on our first home. It was a small starter house, but perfect for two young adults in college with one cat. We were thrilled with our little house, and we were so excited to be home owners for the first time.(…)

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the rule of thirds on the beach by Gina Yeo

What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography?

As photographers, one of our goals is to create visually strong images.

Composition, which is the placement of subjects within a frame, should be considered and used purposefully in order to enhance the visual aesthetics of an image. The Rule of Thirds (ROT) is one of the more well known and utilized tools a photographer has at his/her disposal as a means to enhance composition within a photograph.(…)

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photo of dad holding newborn by a window by Kelly Marleau

4 Easy Ways to Frame Your Subject in a Home

Some people walk into a room and see decor, art or colour.

Not me.

I see light and framing. If my camera is in hand, as soon as I enter a room my eyes instantly dart around to find what I can use to help me compose my image – windows, doorways, walls, shadows, furniture. Part of the reason I love shooting indoors is the way a home can infuse itself into an image. I don’t believe in allowing a home to simply serve as a background; I force it to be a silent participant in the photo session. There are so many options when it comes to framing within an image, but here are a few of my favourite ways to frame your subject indoors.(…)

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young boy looking through an eye piece by Sally Molhoek of Sallykate Photography

20 Ways to Photograph the Same Subject in One Lousy Location

What do you think it takes to create a set of breathtaking, emotive and eye-catching photographs of a single subject, all completely different from one another? How much time do you need? What kind of location? What about wardrobe and props?

If you start thinking too deeply about everything you might need, you may get overwhelmed and put aside your dreams of a magical session. What if you live in an uninspiring location? You have no budget for wardrobe and props? You have a child subject who might only last ten minutes, if you are lucky?(…)

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man and woman holding hands in a field by Lissa Chandler

How to be a better photographer THIS year

The first few months of a new year are such a rush!

A new year is a new slate – a clean slate! – and, because of this, it’s easy to overwhelm ourselves with all the things we’re going to do this year to make our lives easier and skinnier and more fulfilling and more organized and more creative, too. We want a new year to be the most amazing year ever – who doesn’t?! – and, honestly, the pressure we put on ourselves can be pretty ridiculous.(…)

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