young girls having a tea party in a field by Allison Zercher of Snippets from Suburbia

1 way to fall back in love with your photography

It happens.

We slowly, sometimes unknowingly, slip into a creativity slump with our art, and before we even realize what has happened, we’re questioning every brilliant idea we’ve ever had, every original thought we’ve ever managed to bring to life.(…)

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picture of girl wearing a scarf by Allison McSorley

4 tips to master the modern classic portrait

If you’ve ever walked out of a department store or mall studio chain disappointed in the outcome of your kids’ portrait session, you’re not alone.

In fact, many of us who either have children or photograph children regularly are familiar with the assembly-line business model that has given those places a reputation of producing dated, lifeless and oftentimes awkward formal portraits. The good news is, classic portraits of your kids or your clients’ kids do not have to look like they just won first prize in the annual awkward family photo contest!(…)

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newborn picture and interview with photographers Bethney Backhaus

10 questions with Bethney Backhaus

Another month brings a new CMpro of the Month! Let’s start this month off with a huge congratulations to September’s CMpro of the Month, the fabulous Bethney Backhaus! And now for a fun interview with Bethney!(…)

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A day in the life with Philadelphia photographer Tricia Ebarvia

A day in the life with Tricia Ebarvia

Weekends are always welcome but especially ones that you get to spend with your friends. And that’s what this particular Saturday was for us. Our best friends from college were visiting for the weekend, which meant that our house was filled with the laughter and babbling of an extra little boy, our godson.

Our Saturday started with some early morning cartoons and assorted other fun.(…)

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Film photo by Lauren Harris

My Favorite Things: Lauren Harris

Lock up your wallets because we’ve got a fun, and tempting, series for you to get to know the CMpros a little better! What better way to learn about them than to ask them what their favorite things are, photography related or not? Next up is Lauren Harris sharing what she loves!(…)

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The photography journey of California photographer Alice Che

my photography journey | alice che

My photography journey started in 2010 when I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D90. I was a sophomore in college at the time and I got my camera because I was a digital scrapbooker and wanted better photos to scrapbook. I joined Clickin Moms in February of 2010, about the same time I took CS178 – Digital Photography at Stanford. In some ways, it was like a CM workshop in that we had assignments for the photos that needed to be submitted each week. We didn’t get any detailed instructions on the assignments though, just things like… Take a “bad” photo that is either overexposed or underexposed, with no explanations or examples as to how to do this creatively. What I did like about the class was that we explored different genres each week. Unfortunately, it also made me think that I loved macro and portrait photography… but hated landscape and sports photography.(…)

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watch with brown leather band by Amy Schuff

An introvert’s 5 step guide to photography sessions

There’s a misconception when it comes to viewing photographers, that they are a generalized bunch of loud, boisterous, eccentric, extroverted people. I’m here to let you in on a little secret. We’re not all extroverts, in fact, I’d be willing to bet that out of all the photographers you knew, the majority of us would come out on the introverted side of things.(…)

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sister spraying sister with a water hose by Melissa Gibson

4 keys to making fun photos that will make you smile

As a mom, it seems as though I’m always wanting things ‘just so’. Clean faces, clean rooms, children who are following the rules and not climbing the walls. However, I’ve found out that breaking the rules will result in fun, happy, and joyful moments for my children as well as for myself. It’s when I’m letting go, being patient and allowing my kids to be themselves that the great images unfold.(…)

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backlit maternity portrait by Elizabeth Blank 2

Photographer Shoot-Out: Elizabeth Blank & Courtney Larson

It’s easy to get preoccupied with what everyone else is shooting and how. What we have to do, as cliche as it sounds, is stay true to ourselves. Once you have the basics down, you have to shoot what you love and in your own way. Just because one photographer sees a subject in a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to see that same subject in the exact same way as there are many, many correct ways to photograph a subject. To express that point, here is another installment of our photographer shoot-outs with CMpros Elizabeth Blank and Courtney Larson!(…)

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two brothers standing in the light by Meredith Novario

Snapshot vs Good Photograph: 7 photographers weigh in

What’s the difference between a snapshot and a good photograph?

No photographer rolls out of bed hoping to take crappy pictures. Rather we all hope to take spectacular photographs. What usually happens rests somewhere in between the two extremes. How we define the crappy versus the spectacular varies based on our intent, experience or what we had for breakfast. We don’t all see things the same way, thank goodness. The world is better off for it. While there needn’t be rigid, uncompromising definitions of what is lousy and what is solid photography, it’s worth pondering how we draw these boundaries in our own work. Seven photographers, including myself, set out to answer this question in an effort to give shape to the divide between a snapshot and a good photograph.(…)

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olympus camera by Brittany Chandler

5 unexpected places to find inspiration

As a photographer, I am never short on finding inspiring and beautiful photos that make me want to take my camera out. Thanks to the Internet, and better yet, Pinterest, my newsfeeds are filled to the brim with my photog crushes’ original artwork. But when I’m feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, or tired of shooting the same subject day in and day out, I am usually at a loss of how to get out of this rut and shoot something new. That is, until I decided to start looking outside of the photography industry itself. This world is filled with unimaginable beauty, and one doesn’t have to look far to find a small piece of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing again. Here are my five tried and true places to find inspiration outside of the photography industry.(…)

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a boy and his cats photo project by Beth Mancuso of Manic Mother Photography

Personal Photo Project: a boy and his cats

What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?

My project is called “A Boy and His Cats” it is focused on both documenting and creating images of my sons with their cats. I found myself taking so many pictures of my sons with their cats that I realized I had started a project unbeknownst to myself. I fell in love with the images we were creating, and my boys love taking pictures with the cats, so it was a win-win situation. (…)

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The photography journey of Arizona photographer Courtney Larson

my photography journey | courtney larson

My photography journey didn’t start with motherhood, although I did have a 6 month old when I purchased my first DSLR. Previous to starting my photography business, I was running a small Etsy jewelry shop and had learned that having strong images was key in the selling process. I had taken my point-and-shoot to its limit, even learning quite a bit about editing in Photoshop. When a friend began her newborn photography business, something in me ignited and it’s then that I realized my own love for photography. Jealousy can be a great motivator.(…)

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mom sitting in a bay window holding baby by Beth Ann Fricker

3 questions that will help you create natural newborn photos

Over a year ago, one newborn session completely changed my thinking about how I approach newborn photography.

The parents asked if I would take a photo of the dad feeding the baby in the kitchen. It wasn’t a place I would normally seek out but I obliged since it was important to them to document this moment. At the time, I would seek out rooms with what I thought had the best light in the house and control the posing of the parents. But this moment made me wonder what else I was missing out on at my sessions. It became important to me to figure out how to photograph more natural moments for these new families and make the experience more client-centered. I wanted clients to look back on their photographs and be drawn to the memories at that moment like the one of him feeding his son in the kitchen nook.(…)

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family hugging photo by Ava Hristova

5 basic SEO tips for your photography website

It happens every time: a big smile lands on my face as I read an email from a new client saying that from all the photographer portfolios they’ve looked at they love my work and already feel connected to me through my website. Hey: a little ego boost never hurts, right?

As much as I love seeing past client rave about their experience with me, it’s re-affirming when I get a new inquiry talk about my website and finding me through a Google search – it’s that little pat on the back I need for investing the time in keeping up with my website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).(…)

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magical by Kristen Ryan

How to photograph the sunset

Have you ever photographed an unbelievable sunset and uploaded your image only to discover that it fails to capture the beauty of the sky you witnessed in person? Capturing the colors and details of a sunset is not as easy as it may look. Here are some tips to help you photograph your next sunset with confidence.(…)

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Brooks running shoes

my favorite things | lindsay brummer

Lock up your wallets because we’ve got a fun, and tempting, series for you to get to know the CMpros a little better! What better way to learn about them than to ask them what their favorite things are, photography related or not? Next up is Lindsay Brummer sharing what she loves!(…)

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