newborn photography advice for parents

newborn photography safety

Are you interested in photographing newborns?  Are you a new parent wanting photographs of your sweet baby?  Newborn safety is very important in photography and educating yourself, both as a photographer or a parent, is key. When you purchase our Newborn Safety PDF Bundle (for as little as $5) by newborn photographer Megan Squires, we’ll donate 100% of proceeds to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Included in the bundle is a 17 page PDF for photographers on keeping baby safe during their(…)

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Giving Back With Photography Through Non-Profit Work

In this series on giving, we’ve been looking at different ways photographers can make a positive difference in their communities.  Whether you are a business owner or a hobbyist, there are so many charitable opportunities for to donate your artistry and skills.  An additional avenue for giving back with your talents is to work with a non- profit organization.  Many charities are in need of photographers who are willing to volunteer their time.   A great thing about these agencies is(…)

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Giving Back With Photography | Alison Mickelson

It’s the season of giving! As photographers, we pour our heart and soul into creating a work of art for our clients, family, and friends on a daily basis. We give our time, our energy, our talents. As the holidays roll around this year, I’d like to encourage everyone to consider donating some of their time and talent to families or organizations who could benefit from your services but could never otherwise afford them. Need a few ideas? This is(…)

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Giving Back With Photography: Kristina Young

A few years ago, I learned a rather awkward lesson. When someone leads off with “Can I ask a favor of you?” your response should not be “Sure, anything for you!” but instead a more cautious “What’s the favor?”  The latter can keep you out of some sticky situations and you avoid signing up for way more than you bargained for. That said, there are still a few people to whom I reply with the unconditional “yes” response and usually(…)

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Giving Back With Photography

This time of year often makes us reflect on ways we can give thanks and give back.  CMmentor, Jodi Arego has a series that will run here on the blog throughout the remainder of 2011 that will highlight some amazing ways that photographers are using their talent to make a difference and offer some tips on how you too can give back to your community.  Their stories will touch you and inspire you to find ways to use your talent(…)

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Giving Back: pet adoption photography

Some of you may have seen a fellow photographer, Teresa Berg, featured on CBS a few weeks ago: Teresa is a Dallas, TX photographer on a mission to bring to light an important need of homeless animals hoping for a second chance in life: a beautiful headshot. I recently spoke to Teresa to get her perspective on the topic of pet headshots.

Teresa began offering her services in 2007 after adopting her own rescue from the Dallas Ft. Worth Dachshund Rescue(…)

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Oops, we did it again!

Do you happen to remember this post from last December where we announced that all proceeds from our Digital Gift Pack would go to Fisher House, a foundation which provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers?

Image courtesy of Sarah Wilkerson

Well, our ClickinMoms community raised $11, 270 in that one month alone.  Astounding and amazing.  We decided to continue to offer the Digital Gift Pack in our CMstore throughout(…)

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