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newborn photo by Heather Mohr Photography

5 keys to juggling a part-time business while working full-time

Theodore Roosevelt once said,

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…

This has been true many times in my life. In fact, the areas of life where I have found the most success and happiness have required the most effort. However, the effective application of great efforts, dedication, and sacrifice yields great rewards.(…)

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timer to keep you on schedule

5 tips for balancing photography

by Melissa Stottmann
Finding balance between my everyday life and business life can be difficult at times.

I even notice that some days I’m super efficient and others, the day slips by and I haven’t tackled any of my to-do list while “working”.  By following these tips, I’m far more productive!
I have a three part on-going list that I keep in “Notepad” on my phone.  MUST DO, SHOULD DO, EVENTUALLY DO are my sections.  Most everything starts in my “Eventually do”(…)

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girl drinking from teacup photo by Buddie Albritton

The golden customer and 5 ways to keep them

by Buddie Albritton
We all so often hear about the bad stories, the negative things that have happened with clients, and how to avoid those same mistakes, but I want to focus on those amazing clients (inner teacher in me, screaming lets focus on the positive!!).

Everyone knows the client I am talking about… the amazing client, who from the beginning are totally complimenting you, so appreciative of your time and the craft of photography. Your session is perfect, you sell a(…)

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10 ways to help you find a healthy work-life balance

by Angela Pointon

The flexibility the average photographer enjoys allows your photography career to be a lifestyle business – one that fits around your schedule and your family.

That’s a big reason why so many photography hobbyists reach a point in their experience where they ponder making money from their craft.

Perhaps you’ve already charged a friend or two a small amount for a photo shoot. Now, you’re wondering if this photography business can sustain relatively regular income without sacrificing the lifestyle and(…)

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Elena Blair is speaking at Click Away in Salt Lake City

Retaining Clients When Raising Your Prices

by Elena Blair

As your business grows and changes you are naturally going to have price increases.

You may have started your business charging too little so you are going through a significant price increase, or maybe you are only raising your prices by a small amount.  Perhaps you are restructuring your pricing model.  No matter what it is you are doing, it can be hard to retain old clients when you raise your prices.  I have raised my price about 500%(…)

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photography Shooting Room

5 steps to help you find a perfect retail space

by Lena Antaramian
So you want to open a photography studio.

Before you call real estate agents and start checking out listings I want you to sit down and think about WHY you want a studio.  I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but I remember that when I was just starting out in this business over 5 years ago I felt that all photographers who had retail studio space had ‘made’ it in this business and that was THE reason(…)

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childrens photography by Rachel Nielsen

specializing in photography. is it for you?

by Rachel Nielsen
There was a defining moment for me that made my decision to specialize in wedding photography.  I literally felt like I was being hit over the head with ‘this is what you need to do!’, but before I get to that moment, I want to tell you what led to that decision. Then I will talk about how that decision came about for me and how to decide for yourself if specializing is right for you.

I started out(…)

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fashion photograph by Courtney Dailey

staying alive in the colder months

by Courtney Dailey

So here we are, in the longest time of the year, Winter. Well, at least it seems it!  If you’re anything like me, you’re waiting for the longer days, the days at the beach and a reason to eat ice cream without guilt. But what to do in the meantime? In many markets, wintertime is also a time in which business gets a bit quiet. In my predictable market, Los Angeles, many of the shows go into Hiatus(…)

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Jump start your photography business by Lisa Tichane

25 quick business tips

The end of the year is just around the corner; what a perfect time to gather good resolutions in order to take your business to the next level!

Every week, the CMpost brings to its readers, amongst other amazing information, one simple but powerful business tip to speed up their success. Here is a selection of our favorite ones from the past few months.

*image by Lisa Tichane

General business tips:
1. On those bad business days, take a few minutes to make a(…)

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basic wordpress and website creation online photo workshop by Beth Wade for Clickin Moms

improve your seo

by Beth Wade
SEM, PPC and SEO…Do you know the difference?

If you said “no” then you are in good company!  Most people say that they need to make their website SEO friendly but they don’t realize that SEO is actually just one part of a much larger concept called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing.

SEM is a type of internet marketing that uses optimization and advertising to promote and increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM(…)

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photography packaging of Beth Orey of Tip Toe Photography


by Melissa Stottmann
If your business had a face what would it look like? Your brand and packaging gives your clients a look at who you are and a “face” for your business. Is your photography bold and bright? Subdued and peaceful? Fun and flirty? Get creative and use your packaging to reflect your work for your clients!
My packaging:
Prints and products need to arrive securely to my clients- this is the very first matter of importance, however, it is equally beneficial(…)

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keeping your photography business deft free

How to stay debt free with your photography

Running your business with no debt allows you to have a larger profit margin, bring in more for your family and ultimately have the peace of mind that you deserve for all the hard work you put into your business. Credit cards have become normalcy in our society, but they don’t have to be in your business (and personal life).(…)

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Elana Blair

your photography business and building relationships

by Elena Blair
In a field that is becoming increasingly over saturated, photographers need to know the importance of clever marketing.  Since making the shift to professional photography two years ago, I have found that my relationships with businesses have been the most solid form of marketing.  These relationships have brought me clients, trade for services, and more.  In this article I am going to share with you how I have formed and maintained these relationships, and how they are mutually(…)

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Get Organized | Stay Ahead of Your Blog Posts and Tweets

by Courtney Keim
If you are anything like me, that little alarm on your phone constantly sounds and reminds me of my upcoming appointments each day.  I am horrible with remembering things.  I’m unsure if I can legitimately blame “baby brain” or say it’s my kids fault.  But, I can say, I need to keep organized.  While I would love to remember each day, to create a post or a tweet, I often find life gets in the way, it slips(…)

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Befriending Your Competition

Befriend the competition?  Yes – you did read that correctly!  So often we hear of photographers becoming distressed about another photographer opening shop nearby.  Worrying about the competition seems to be a common pastime for many.  It doesn’t have to be.  CMmentor and CMpro, Sara Seeton is sharing her story about befriending the competition.  Take a chance – you never know when something wonderful might happen!
Befriending Your Competition
by Sara Seeton
Meet Leah. She’s my BFF. She’s kind, generous, funny, talented, trustworthy(…)

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Sunny 16 iPhone iPod app Apple apps

top iPhone & iPad apps for professional & enthusiast photographers

I feel quite confident speaking on behalf of most of our Clickin Moms photography forum when I say that we are definitely crazy about our techy gear!  We love, love, love ourselves some high tech paraphernalia!   Possibly none more so than our beloved Sarah Wilkerson which is why she was the perfect choice to put together this awesome review of iPhone and iPad Apps for photographers – I suspect you’ll all be adding iTunes gift cards to your holiday wish(…)

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Screen shot 2010-12-14 at 12.42.24 AM

Review: Fundy SOS Album Builder

Desperate to make some albums but you sit down to get started only to feel completely overwhelmed?  Don’t know where to start?  Sarah Wilkerson got the opportunity to play with Fundy’s SOS Album Builder and has provided us with this fantastic review – it must just be the answer you’re looking for!

(Heads Up: It’s a long review. IF you already know all about Album Builder and just want a chance to win a copy of your own, scroll down to(…)

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