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create an awesome blog(site)

Your web presence is important but customizing your website can be difficult and frustrating.  If you’re frustrated with your site, we have just the workshop for you, CMs Hands-On Wordpress Clinic taught by Courtney Keim!  In this online workshop, Courtney will walk you through setting up your site from the very beginning, including domain choices, to fully customizing your ProPhoto template.  Are you intrigued?  We have alum Allison Chewning here today sharing her experience from this incredible class!
by Allison Chewning

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wordpress workshop | czarina nocon alumni interview

We see it asked on the Clickin Moms photography forum all the time – which website should I get?  There are many great options available but the suggestion of ProPhoto comes up each and every time.  While it can be overwhelming to learn a new system we have the perfect solution for the new (and old) wordpress and ProPhoto users, Courtney Keim’s Business 101: Hands-On Wordpress Clinic!  Today on our photography blog we have previous student Czarina Nocon of Purple(…)

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