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editing with levels

by Rebecca Spencer
For my own images, my personal style is a simple clean edit with a nice pop of vibrant colour. There are lots of ways you can use post processing to achieve this and here I will show you what works for me.  I have found the easiest way to do this is through using level adjustment layers within Adobe Photoshop – levels are a simple way of making a big difference to your photo.

Before Image:

Here is the SOOC(…)

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a day in the life | tracy bradbury

A Day In The Life with Tracy Bradbury
Morning always starts off with a cup of tea – I just cant seem to function without this and the kids know not to disturb me till I’ve finished.

Then the post arrives, looks mostly like bills today!

Jacob is now up. It’s the Easter holidays so no school for two weeks.

Jaiden is fed and dressed so he is now off playing with his toys.

Followed by looking at a book!

Which soon gets boring as the(…)

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using a wide angle lens

by Rebecca Spencer

If you are looking to add a little variety into your portraits why not try using a wide angled lens? Often overlooked as just a landscape lens, a wide focal length can open up a whole new world of possibilities and, contrary to popular belief, you can still get a flattering portrait of your subject – you just need to shoot in a slightly different way.

On a full frame camera a wide angle is anything smaller than 35mm,(…)

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a peek inside | emma wood

It’s time for another installment of our ‘peek inside’ series and today is CMmentor Emma Wood!  Emma is a brilliant photographer who particularly excels at black and white photography and in being a great friend and encourager.  Our photography forum wouldn’t be quite the same without the lovely Emma and we are happy to have her here today on the blog sharing a little glimpse into her world!
a peek inside | emma wood
I don’t have an enormous amount of gear,(…)

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my photography journey | tracy bradbury

My Photography Journey by Tracy Bradbury
I am so thrilled and excited to have been asked to share my photography journey with you all!

My journey really started as a child, even though I didn’t realize it then.  My Dad was an avid photographer and always had a camera with him when we went out or near him indoors to take photos of both myself and my younger sister and he encouraged me to use a little old camera that was an(…)

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