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black and white birth photo by Calgary photographer Cat McAteer

5 ways to artistically express yourself in birth photography

by Cat McAteer
It was not until I started to document births this past year that I felt like I had found my inner artist.  I still remember the moment at my fourth birth, an intense yet beautiful home birth that I realized how much space I had to create art at the same time I was capturing a family’s birth journey.

One might not expect to find a lot of room to create art when you are photographing a birth. You(…)

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photographing a birth

by Amy Lucy Lockheart
I often refer to Clickin Moms as one giant family. It’s true! And families take pictures of one another. What better way to document a birth than to ask a fellow Clickin Mom to photograph the entire event. There have been a number of CM members who have photographed the births of fellow Clickin Moms members, myself included.

The birth of a child is an experience that you will never forget. Indeed, it is one of the most(…)

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your birth photography questions answered

by Sharon Johnson

Birth Photography. If you haven’t heard of it or seen a session you must have been living under a rock. National news sources as well as hundreds of local broadcasts, blogs, and articles have covered the new trend of Birth Photography and while some people love the sessions, others despise the idea. Regardless of your opinion, this is one trend that is growing quickly and doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

I’m one of those that(…)

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