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girl wearing a mask picture by Kris and Lauren Penland

5 Tips for Indoor Photography During the Dark Winter Months

Many of us find ourselves stuck inside this time of year. However, this doesn’t mean we have to fall into a creative slump. In fact, being stuck inside can be an excellent opportunity to get our creative juices flowing like they never have before. Some of my favorite images I’ve taken have been the result of gloomy weather forcing me inside. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way.(…)

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black and white ballerina photo by Kate Luber

my photography journey | kate luber

My photo journey began when…wait for it…my daughter was born! Surprise!

I guess the seeds were planted long before that. My uncle is a photographer in San Francisco. We don’t see him often, but once a year, he visits and brings his fancy camera. He not-so-secretly follows everyone around during holiday gatherings and takes candid shots of the family. We don’t see the photos for a year. When he comes again, he brings the photos from last year. It’s always fun to look back at the previous year…and also hope you’re not wearing the same outfit…(…)

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The photography journey of Mississippi photographer Liz Behm

my photography journey | liz behm

My journey begins like many other moms. In 2008, I was a new mom and I was so frustrated at always “missing the shot”. I had thousands of blurry, boring snapshots of my son and no real understanding of what it took to get the shots I was drooling over.(…)

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The photography journey of Alabama photographer Lauren Sanderson

my photography journey | lauren sanderson

My Photography Journey by Lauren Sanderson

Like most things in my life, I procrastinated writing this blog post for way too long. I couldn’t really figure out where to begin or what y’all would think was important enough to talk about, but then I just decided to do what my Type A personality does best, and that’s go in order from the beginning. I can’t promise that this will be short, but if nothing else I hope to show that progress(…)

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The photography journey of Nova Scotia photographer Samantha Covert

my photography journey | samantha covert

My Photography Journey by Samantha Covert

My photography journey began in 2008, when my husband gifted me my first DSLR (a Nikon D40) just before our wedding.  I had no idea how to adjust any of the dials, but was happy that even in auto mode my images were better than those I took with my little point and shoot.

My interest and motivation for capturing images really ramped up after my first child was born in 2009.

I became quite photo-crazed soon after his(…)

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bride getting ready photo by Sarah Kossuch

my photography journey | sarah kossuch

My Photography Journey by Sarah Kossuch

My journey.

Most of the time, when you read about photographers, there, at some point, was a love for photography early on. I was not one of those. To be honest, it took me a bit to sit down and really dig into my mind of when did my journey start?

I noticed my love for photography really hit home in 2004-2005. At that time my oldest son was 2-3 years old and I wanted nice pictures of(…)

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newborn photo by Winnie Bruce

my photography journey | winnie bruce

My Photography Journey by Winnie Bruce

I didn’t start my photography journey with the goal for it to be what it is. I guess that is the beauty of life though. We are brought to different avenues, and then we make choices of what eventually would be best for us.

In the summer of 2008, my best friend Bruce, who’s a chef, brought over a Canon Rebel XSi to our house. We chatted about how he was going to take the camera to(…)

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the photography journey of Alana Rasbach 640

my photography journey | alana rasbach

My Photography Journey by Alana Rasbach

I feel as though I need to have a polished journey in order to write this–one that has resulted in me feeling satisfied with my work as a photographer. But I don’t. I think I am just at the beginning of my journey as an artist.
(This is me with my camera, 11 years old)
I received my first camera when I was 9 or 10 years old. It was a film Kodak instamatic. My older sister(…)

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the photography journey of California photographer Jennifer Jabbour

my photography journey | jennifer jabbour

My Photography Journey by Jennifer Jabbour

As a little girl, I was always creating something. My favorite gifts were always new art supplies. In elementary, our school competed against other schools across the state in several categories, one being art. I submitted some pencil drawings, water color and oil paintings, and won several awards!

As a mother, my love for the visual arts was crowded out by lack of time and space. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve seriously attempted to(…)

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the inspiring photography journey of Idaho photographer Jo Lien

my photography journey | jo lien

My Photography Journey by Jo Lien

I got my first camera — a pink and purple LeClic that I won selling Girl Scout cookies — in 1987.  I was in the fifth grade.  It shot 110 film cartridges, and I wanted nothing more than to sling it around my neck and take “pretty pictures.”  At Girl Scout camp that summer, I probably shot as many frames of the lake and as I did frames of my friends  — you know, CALENDAR stuff.


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Alicia Gould 4

my photography journey | alicia gould

My Photography Journey by Alicia Gould
August 2006: YAY my daughter was born! My husband got me a canon Rebel XT that year and I became obsessed. Shooting on auto with my pop up flash blew my point and shoot out of the water.  I took this image of my daughter and actually asked my professional photographer if she could do me a huge favor and put this image on those cool round edged wallets for me… she did, bless her!

2007 was(…)

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the-photography-journey-of-Arizona-photographer-Katie-Woodard-640x640 copy

my photography journey | katie woodard

My Photography Journey by Katie Woodard

Thank you so much for stopping by! Here is a look at my long, goofy and very rewarding photography journey.

I grew up in North Carolina and my mom took tons of photos. I remember several times, not wanting my photo taken “again”. But she did an amazing job of capturing my childhood and I am so grateful that she did. There is a small chance I had Photographer’s Child Syndrome, at a very early age…what do(…)

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the ultimate photo journey of Georgia photographer Elizabeth Blank

my photography journey | elizabeth blank

My Photography Journey by Elizabeth Blank

I can honestly date my love of photography back to the late 1980’s when my aunt and uncle gave me my very first camera for Christmas – the beautiful, hot pink Le Clic that only took disc film. I loved that camera with every fiber of my being and adored capturing moments through its lens.

After that camera bit the dust, I moved onto the Polaroid i-Zone and the Canon PowerShot. Did I know anything about shooting in(…)

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Lissa Chandler 9

my photography journey | lissa chandler

My Photography Journey by Lissa Chandler

I always wanted to be a photographer.

Not just a photographer, I also wanted to be a mom and a writer and a teacher. But mostly, I wanted to be a photographer.

When I was in elementary school, my favorite afternoon activity was to lie down on the floor on my stomach and shuffle through all of the photographs in my mom’s old photo albums and boxes. It didn’t matter who the photographs were of – my mother,(…)

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newborn portrait by Texas photographer Jenni Jones

my photography journey | jenni jones

My Photography Journey by Jenni Jones

My journey really began after finishing business school in 2010 – I purchased a Nikon D90 to take with me while traveling (as a way to decorate my walls….because I was cheap).  I owned Lightroom at the time and applied some lovely presets – therefore…I was an amazing photographer. LOL!

Towards the end of the year, a friend asked me to take maternity and newborn photos…it was at that moment I learned what being truly obsessed with(…)

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the photography journey of Kristy Dooley

my photography journey | kristy dooley

My Photography Journey by Kristy Dooley
When I was pregnant with our second daughter I remember telling my husband, “I really wish I had studied photography in college.”  Photography had always been an interest of mine and as a new mom I was all too aware of how quickly time passes.   He encouraged me to purchase a DSLR and pursue it further and I’m so glad he did. As soon as my Rebel t2i arrived I started shooting daily and I haven’t(…)

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the photography journey of Beth Orey

my photography journey | beth orey

My Photography Journey by Beth Orey
As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved photography. I’ve always been drawn to pictures and the creation of art. I rocked it with my mom’s Polaroid way back when! But it never even crossed my mind so long ago to actually take classes or really learn more about photography. Like so many other parents out there, I got my first DSLR after the birth of our first child in September 2007. My little point(…)

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the photography journey of California photographer Jessica Holden

my photography journey | jessica holden

My Photography Journey by Jessica Holden
I have loved photography since I was a little girl. My Grandpa was colorblind, but he drew exquisite charcoal drawings of the sun streaming through redwood forests, and I yearned to create art that was half as beautiful as his. My first camera was a Brownie given to me by an old family friend, and to this day I remember the pungent smell of the film, the feel of winding the spools between each shot…. I(…)

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