A Day In The Life

child taking a nap on dad by Seija Kenn

Photographing Your Daily Life: tips and questions to consider

Shooting your daily life can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

Our routines can become second nature and the feeling of the daily grind can set in. Although many of us picked up a camera to capture this daily life, it can be a challenge to find something that feels like it’s worth capturing. It can be hard to see daily life as a ‘subject’ when most of our days feel very average. In an effort to make daily life shooting feel fulfilling, I narrowed down a few ideas that have helped me along the way. Here is some food for thought on how to capture your daily life and make it a creative and fulfilling process.(…)

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A day in the life with photographer Jennifer Bogle

A day in the life with Jennifer Bogle

I’m not really a “motivational-quote-on-the-wall” sort of person, but when Susannah, my third child was born, I found that I needed a new mantra for my life. It is, “Embrace the chaos!” I haven’t embroidered it anywhere . . . yet . . . but I haven’t let go of it in the almost four years since. 

As a shift worker, rotating twelve hour night and day shifts, change and chaos are just our norm. The “routine” in our days consists of little pieces that we fit in and around the schedules and activities of any given day/week/month. So when it came time to pick a day to document for this day in our life, I opted for an extra chaotic summer vacation day trip this August. Why not?(…)

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A day in the life with photographer Sarah Vasquez

A day in the life with Sarah Vasquez

I knew being an urban mom with 3 kids and a photography business to run left me quite busy, but I didn’t truly realize how go-go-go my life is until I took the time to do this project. I suspect this is probably the reality for all of us though. This is the first year with having two kids in school and it’s been an adjustment for me… but I love it a lot. It’s well known that my youngest is my most easy going kid and I feel like she allows me to mom in “easy mode” which really has allowed me to be diligent in carving out a little time for me to care for myself and not just everyone else all the time. I’ve tried to reflect that a bit here, despite the constant running we seem to do (I feel like I practically live in my car).(…)

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A day in the life with Florida photographer Jessica Thomason

A day in the life with Jessica Thomason

A Day In The Life with Jessica Thomason
I think this is my sixth time shooting a full day, first-sip-of-coffee-til-bedtime, ‘day in the life’ for my family. In the middle of shooting it always feels like chaos. And not in a “chaos is beautiful kind of way”. More like a “I am seriously not going to get more than 5 good pictures” kind of way. You would think by now I would have the whole ‘letting go of expectations’ thing down(…)

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A day in the life with Florida photographer Ginger Unzueta

A day in the life with Ginger Unzueta

Today was our first day back to homeschool. I am excited to have a little routine back into our lives, yet I use the term routine very loosely. I love how our homeschooling schedule allows flexibility as we need or want it. This is especially beneficial since my husband’s work hours can be very long. I love that our days exploring, creating and playing together do not end because summer is over.(…)

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A day in the life with Philadelphia photographer Tricia Ebarvia

A day in the life with Tricia Ebarvia

Weekends are always welcome but especially ones that you get to spend with your friends. And that’s what this particular Saturday was for us. Our best friends from college were visiting for the weekend, which meant that our house was filled with the laughter and babbling of an extra little boy, our godson.

Our Saturday started with some early morning cartoons and assorted other fun.(…)

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A day in the life with Pennsylvania photographer Nicole Begley 104

A day in the life with Nicole Begley

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while… you could miss it.

Who said that? Ferris Bueller of course! I admit to letting my business take over my life at times, and no one was happy with that. Not me, not my kids, nor my husband. I believe that I’ve finally found my groove and I got there by protecting my time like a rabid mother bear. It means taking on fewer clients, but those clients that I have worked with this year have been fabulous. Want to know the best part? I have more time for days like this…(…)

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A day in the life with photographer Taryn Boyd

A day in the life with photographer Taryn Boyd

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is the first full week of of school for my boys so our days are still pretty unstructured and carefree. It usually starts we me laying in bed checking my phone for 20 minutes then getting up and having my morning coffee before the boys arise.(…)

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A day in the life with Arkansas photographer Krista Campbell

A day in the life with Krista Campbell

Thank you for taking a peek into my daily life. My DITL in the summer looks very different than during the school year. In addition to photography, I am a literacy facilitator for a local public school. I am so blessed to have the summers off to spend with my 8-year-old daughter, Ava. My mornings are very quiet. Right now, Ava has been sleeping in until 9 or 10am, so I enjoy some quiet time curled up in a chair with a favorite book, or enjoying some tea on my back patio.(…)

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A day in the life with California photographer Vironica Golden

a day in the life | vironica golden

April 16. I chose this day to document my day because today I get to hangout with Mickie DeVries and Alice Che. Mickie’s husband and son were here for the Star Wars Convention in Anaheim. While they’re off to the convention, Mickie and her daughter got to spend three days with Alice and me who was staying with me while Mickie is here. I know this was not a typical day here in our house but I thought it would be fun to share a day when three CMers spent the day together.(…)

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A day in the life with California photographer Amy Schuff

a day in the life | amy schuff

It’s was a typical day in the Schuff household. I believe it was a Tuesday, but it may as well have been any day of the week. Each day may be a little different, but with a husband, three homeschooled kids, pets, errands, it all meshes together and just becomes who we are and what we do. I love our simple life, our small, well loved and lived in home and how we care for each other.

Since none of us are morning people (and we homeschool!), the house usually wakes up all at the same time. My husband gets working on breakfast for he and I (although I would be happy with just coffee, he’s amazing at making sure I eat a good breakfast!) The kids wake up within a few minutes of each other and they always eat something that they can get themselves.(…)

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A day in the life with Michigan photographer Nikki Vassallo

a day in the life | nikki vassallo

Let life be an adventure. Live your life to the fullest, unfettered by fear of the ghosts and goblins of what might occur. Calamity and death happen as well to those who hide from life as to those who squeeze every drop of zest from it.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I was hoping for a normal day to happen to shoot my day in the life but quickly realized that normal days don’t come around very often. I also kept waiting for my house to be spotless and my children to be perfectly dressed and perfectly well behaved. And, well, I would be waiting forever for that to happen. As a freelance retouching artist my work schedule has been pretty inconsistent lately and I haven’t known when or where I will be working day to day. So I randomly picked a day to shoot…the magical day of Monday, April 6. The first day of our spring break and a day with my husband home from work. We had decided to forgo the 20 hour drive to Florida like most of the Michigan residents do this time of year and have a week long staycation instead. We had no set plans and it seems like days like these end up being the best adventure and make the most memories.(…)

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A day in the life with Alabama photographer Lauren Sanderson

a day in the life | lauren sanderson

My day in the life was shot on Sunday, March 7th. I didn’t wake up knowing that I would document my whole day, it just started out that way and I decided to continue it. We had just gotten through the 2nd round of winter weather here in Alabama and oddly enough, the high temp was 70 on this day, so we took advantage of it. I documented the entire day with my Fuji XQ1 camera. I love this little camera because it fits in my pocket and it doesn’t elicit the same reactions from my girls that I get when I try and photograph them with my big camera. With this camera I just take a quick picture and then I’m done!(…)

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A day in the life with Washington photographer Kate Densmore

a day in the life | kate densmore

The dawn comes slowly to the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Most winter mornings I wake in the darkness to the sound of rain, but this day was clear, and the bluish-gray dawn gave way to a golden sunrise as my house slowly woke up. My day starts early. I wake a couple hours before my children, so that I can work in peace for a bit and enjoy my coffee. Today was a preschool day, which meant that our morning routine needed to happen a little quicker than usual. My oldest daughter wakes up slowly and in her own time, but my youngest girl starts bouncing as soon as her little eyes open. With my husband’s help, we get them up, dress, fed breakfast, I pack lunches, comb hair, and we all brush our teeth. (…)

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A day in the life with North Carolina photographer Christy Johnson

a day in the life | christy johnson

Like a lot of working moms out there, I strive for balance between my job as a portrait photographer and my job as a mom. On this day, my daughters are tracked out of school (they attend year round school, which we love!). I try to slow down a bit during track out to spend a little quality time with my girls. With a busy baby photography studio, it doesn’t always happen, but luckily I have an amazing partner in my husband. He helps keep us all steady and moving forward.(…)

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A day in the life with Vermont photographer Kristy Dooley

a day in the life | kristy dooley

Hi everyone! When I was asked to photograph a Day-In-The-Life I put it off for weeks, waiting for the “perfect” day when I would have nothing to do except photograph our day. As I’m sure many of you can relate, that day never came. On this particular day, I was at the end of a head cold and hit snooze a few too many times. My normal 5am start got pushed back to 6am and shortly after I made my way downstairs, I was reminded of why I wake up so early. My youngest followed me downstairs in the dark claiming she was thirsty.(…)

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A day in the life with Florida photographer Bethney Backhaus

a day in the life | bethney backhaus

7:00 am! Baby Lennon is up. I put a few toys in bed with her with the hopes that she will let me get a few more minutes of sleep before we have to get up for the day.

I remember it’s a school day so I change the baby’s diaper and get Finley up. A quick breakfast and we hit the road.(…)

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A day in the life with California photographer Jennifer Jabbour

a day in the life | jennifer jabbour

Every day in my house starts out with my morning cup of joe. It’s what gets me going. I’ll typically drink my coffee (always iced) while the kids sleep in or watch cartoons. The dogs just kind of hang around, waiting for someone to drop some food or open the door.(…)

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