girl holding a stuffed chicken toy by Liz Behm

1,269: the story of a 6 year 365 project

What started as a way to keep my husband connected to our family while he was deployed overseas grew into a Project 365 that’s documented three new babies, two moves and five plus years of a crazy life with no sign of putting the camera down anytime soon.(…)

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girls looking out window photo by Felicia Chang

Photographing Your Kids: the good, the bad, and the everyday

It wasn’t that long ago that I started my photography journey in earnest by joining Clickin Moms. I read any tutorial I could get my hands on and poured over blogs for inspiration. That’s when I first found out about the 365 project. One picture a day, for the year. No easier way to practice and improve your photography.

So I shot my family every single day. I anticipated and sometimes scheduled for at least one interesting thing to happen a(…)

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siblings playing photo by Marie Masse

Diaries of a Daily Photo Project: 3 years later

I’ve lost count at the number of times I’ve said to myself,

“I should have stood over there.”
“Why didn’t I bring my ISO down?! That could have been a canvas worthy shot!”
“Hello, crooked! Now if I crop it, I will cut off her head. What, was this my first day on the job?”
“I wish my photos looked like…”

When I started my photo project of my daughter in 2011, my goal was to take a “good” photo of her once a day(…)

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siblings on porch by beach by Roxanne Bryant Photography

3 inspiring tips from an experienced 365er

365: A year-long journey in erasing fear, making mistakes, and creating art.

It is a distinctly great challenge to pick up your camera and shoot every single day for one year. When I decided to begin a 365 project, I had no idea how the journey would stretch me. For most of my life, I had been making art in the constraints of a very tight box. Folded upon myself, I was fearful of everything – mistakes, judgment, taking risks – and riddled with the thought I’d never create something I could believe in. It took the endless, rolling days of the 365 to crack me wide open.(…)

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food photography personal project by Jessica Nelson

personal photo project: food

Personal Photography Project of Jessica Nelson


What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
As part of my 365 for 2013 I decided to add in monthly themes that would help me grow creatively.  I wanted to choose things that were very far from my comfort zone.  I had shared a photo of food on CM just before June of 2013 and someone suggested I take that idea and run with a 30 day project.  At first I(…)

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low light and indoor black and white personal photography project of Jessica Nelson

personal photo project: black and white, low light

Personal Photography Project of Jessica Nelson

black and white, low-light

What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
In January of this year I was inspired to start a daily project of my kids for the entire month.  Little did I know it would morph into a 365, but that’s another topic of discussion.  I started out with the only goal of shooting them each day but as the first few days went on I realized that I was having(…)

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365 days of sky personal photography project by Katy Regnier

personal photo project: 365 days of sky

Personal Photography Project of Katy Regnier

365 days of sky

What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
I call my project #365daysofsky and it’s really a simple idea.  I am posting one photo of the sky on instagram every single day for an entire year.  Each day’s photo is hashtagged with the name of the project so that they’re easy to view as a group and each day’s photo is also marked with the date in white text somewhere(…)

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365 of her sons personal project by Ardelle Neubert of LifeFlicks Photography

personal photo project: ardelle my life

Personal Photography Project of Ardelle Neubert

ardelle my life

What is/was your personal project and what inspired you to start it?
This personal project means a lot to me, I am so excited to share it with you.  It all began last February when I was at a point in my photography where I felt like I was in a rut, I was ready for growth and change in my art.    My boys inspire me everyday, they fascinate me and I love them(…)

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leah-daily 19

Getting started and pushing through a 365 project

This might sound dramatic, but the CMpro Daily Project has changed my life!  For the better.  Oh, and it’s done wonders for my photography!  I can literally look back to the date I started shooting every. single. day and see little epiphanies here and there.  Not to mention, that I have a record of my baby boys’ growth and giggles (and sometimes tears.)  It’s something I’m really proud of…because it’s hard to commit to a project this overwhelming. I want(…)

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I shot myself 365 times and lived to tell about it

I am coming to you today as a veteran of a self-portrait 365 project. Yes, I photographed myself everyday for an entire year! I took this on as a personal photographic challenge and I am so glad I did. It was a lot of work but also a great deal of fun. I learned a ton about photography on this journey and also have a photographic journal of events going on in my life and my family’s lives during that(…)

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