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Shooting 101: Posed for Success online photography workshop by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

Posing has been one of the hardest things for me to learn.  I’d walk away from sessions feeling completely deflated.  My clients looked awkward and uncomfortable.  I knew that I had to learn so I forced myself to get better at it.  Through a LOT of trial and error I grew confident in my ability to pose my most difficult subjects and am beyond excited to share what I have learned these last few years with you!

Week 1:

Shooting 101: Posed For Success is a 4 week online course that will help get you on your feet when it comes to posing all different types of subjects.  Many times our subjects are extremely different from one another and the task of posing them together can be daunting.  In Week One we will cover the basics of posing and why they are important.  Can you combine lifestyle images with posed subjects?  How do I make my subjects feel more at ease?  We will cover both these topics and much more.

lifestyle and posed online photography workshop by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

Week 2:

We will approach working with toddlers in Week Two and discuss ways to deal with all their different personalities.  We will uncover tips on getting those shy and uncooperative toddlers to give you a few moments of their time and in the end, helping them enjoy their time spent with you.  Also, we will discuss teenagers. How to flatter them and make your subjects comfortable. We know they can be the most awkward to photograph but this week will not only help them, it will also put you more at ease and show YOU what you are capable of!

online posing photography workshop by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

Week 3:

Week 3 will cover posing men and women.  These two subjects were the hardest for me from the very beginning.  The topics will broaden when we dissect both men and women into their age categories, starting with those in their early to mid-20s.  Learn how to make your subjects feel more masculine/feminine and comfortable in their own skin, turning what they may think is a painful experience into one they walk away from feeling 10 feet taller.

how to pose your photography subject workshop by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

Week 4:

Not only will we cover families in Week 4 of the course, we will also talk about shooting and posing large extended families.  How to seamlessly achieve more than 1 pose of the large group and how to break them down into smaller subgroups while keeping a polished and a cohesive feel to the entire experience will be one of the topics we touch one.

posing families online workshop by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

Each week will include a short video of myself working with that weeks subjects.  You will follow my session and see how I turn that week’s PDF into an actual session.  Watching me move from one pose to the next will help tie everything we talked about that week together.  I cannot wait to share this journey with you!

learn how to pose your subjects by Lora Swinson for Clickin Moms

Thank you Lora for sharing some information about your new workshop with us!  Do you have any questions for Lora about this new workshop?  Please ask in the comments below!  Would you like to sign up for this course or know a friend who would?  You can find the workshop information here.  Registration is currently open to everyone as of today!

Lora SwinsonLora Swinson, Colorado
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Mother of two young boys, Lora enjoys life in the quiet state of Colorado. As a sophomore in high school, she began her photography journey with a roll of film and a darkroom. She is a Canon girl at heart shooting with a 5d mark II and both 50mm and 135mm lenses. And although she proclaims to spending her days off as being lazy, Lora loves crossfit and running. Reading, music, and coffee are among some of her other favorite things.


  • Rebecca F. says:

    Wow, this looks like a great class. Posing is so hard, I could really use this. Yet another thing to put on my wish list from CMU. :)

  • Autumn says:

    Oh, I am DYING to take this workshop. I did a mentorship with Lora and it was absolutely wonderful. She was so helpful and very knowledgeable. I’m sure that everyone in this class will learn a lot. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to take this!

  • Sarah says:

    how to the workshops work?

    do you need to be at a computer at a certain time?

    Are there assignments?

    What is the cost?

    • Clickin Moms says:

      Hi Sarah! The workshops are held in a private area on the CM forum and is a four week online course and you do not need to be at your computer at an exact time. There is a lesson and assignment each week – they are usually posted Sunday evening and are due the following Sunday. You will be able to download all the PDFs if you wish for future reference and to be easily assessable on your iPad or whatnot. The workshops are $300 and you will receive feedback from the instructor and at least one teaching assistant for each assignment and can ask questions throughout the week. Lora’s posing workshop is almost sold out for January and we have not pinpointed a future run date yet.

  • Amy says:

    Oh man, this would be such a great course to take! Too bad highschool students usually aren’t very rich… :p

  • Jax says:

    This workshop looks amazing! Posing is a definite weakness of mine and I LOVE Lora’s work. I just wish it wasn’t coming so soon after Christmas as these are always lean financial times for me. :-( Hopefully there’ll be another run later in the year..

  • Jennifer says:

    I ADORE the looks of this workshop! Even in week 1 she’s hitting the nail on the head with what I want to learn – combining lifestyle images with posed subjects (I’m a lifestyle photographer).

    I have been looking to see where to sign up for this, but don’t see it on the CMUniversity schedule and don’t know where to register. I am quite busy in January, but if this will be the only run, I can make it work – though if you will be re-introducing it later, I would be OVERJOYED!!! This is one workshop I WILL NOT be missing!

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  • Colie says:

    I just <3 Lora. Looks fabulous!

  • Kira says:

    Lora’s breakout was awesome, I’m sure this workshop will be hugely helpful!

  • jodi says:

    this workshop is going to be fantastic!

  • Susan Turner says:

    I have not been a member of Clickin Moms, but took Karen Russell’s Snapshots Of A Good Life class. I am very interested in the 4 week “Posed For Success” class. How can I register? Thanks!

  • Alicia Hiebert says:

    Will this workshop ever be available again!? It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for!! Please tell me yes…! Thank you!

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