zoe berkovic interview

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

Today we have a very special interview for you from the one and only Zoe Berkovic!  Zoe is a brilliant photographer who has a gift for capturing honest expressions from children and including a sense of humor with it.  Not only is she sharing with you today but she’s got more in store for you too – read on to find out!

an interview with zoe berkovic

by Jennifer Dell

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

I absolutely love your work! Can you tell us how you got started in photography?

As a kid, my best friend’s mom owned a high end children’s clothing boutique. We used to spend hours pouring over kid fashion brochures and magazines. I also used to order every kids catalog out there! I loved looking at the imagery. It all looked so happy and beautiful!

In 2007 I needed to make a choice about a business I ran and decided to shut it down. It was the same time I got a new camera. I started practicing on strangers kids and something in me clicked. I realized I was onto something much bigger than just taking pictures. I haven’t looked back since. :)

You’ve photographed families, children and are now focusing more on commercial and editorial work.  Do you have a dream shoot and if so would you share with us?

For Myself?

I have LOTS of dream shoots! I usually don’t let them stay dreams though! I revel in the task of taking those dreams and making them a reality. They will appear in my portfolio over time.

Dream Client shoot?

I have learned that sometimes opportunities I may not have thought about come my way and they turn out to be better than any dream I could have hoped for!  For now, I will keep my door wide open and not put a limit on my dreams.  Hey, anything can happen!

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

You do an amazing job at putting together your stylized sessions, they aren’t overly prop-y and come across as very natural. Can you give us a few tips for how to achieve a natural yet stylized look?

The biggest question I ask myself before every shoot is if the location, wardrobe, props, and story I want to tell mesh well together. If even one of those are off the whole feel and look of the shoot takes a nosedive. Think of a baby with a cake outside on the grass. Now think of a baby with a cake on a table full of party supplies and decorations. The one where all the elements flow together will likely be the stronger image.

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

Even in the best businesses there are difficulties that are presented.  What has been a difficult challenge you have faced in your photography career and how did you work through it to make it a positive situation?

Every business or new beginning has ups and downs. I don’t let too much keep me down though. I know that success can not be achieved without plenty of hard work. I feel blessed that the joyous parts of my work far outweigh the sweat, blood, and tears.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration?

I feel the most inspired when I stop looking around me and start looking inside me for inspiration.

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

Everyone fantasizes over their ideal location.  What would be your ideal location for a shoot?

I don’t have one ideal location for a shoot. I have many stories in my head that I want to shoot and all of them have appropriate amazing locations. I would though love to shoot little girls in dreamy dresses in the hills of Tuscany. Some lama would be nice too.

Children are a riot and you’ve certainly photographed lots of them.  What has been one of the funniest moments at a shoot for you?

We definitely have a tremendous amount of fun on my shoots (both the kids and the kids at heart!).  I can’t recall any specific favorite incident. It is all just a blur of giggles. hehe.

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

There’s always a new toy or gear to buy in photography.  Other than your camera and lenses, what do you feel has been one of your most valuable purchases and why?

Continued education (workshops, classes, etc.) and hiring consultants are by far the best things that I have done for my business. I still put a huge emphases on learning more and hope I will never stop.

If you were to offer any piece of advice to a new, or experienced, photographer what would it be?

Work hard, shoot with passion, be honest, want success, and don’t make excuses.

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

What do you consider the best piece of advice you ever received to be?

Oh Gosh! I  learned so much from so many amazing people. Some pearls of wisdom from over the years:
Rome wasn’t built overnight.
Your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest image.
Shoot often.
Make sure your props don’t overpower your people.
Put yourself out there.
Shoot for yourself every now and then.
Don’t look at your competitor’s work too often.
This is an all encompassing full time business. Make sure you are getting paid accordingly.

You have a breakout coming up soon! I know I’m really excited and so are lots of your followers. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

I am working on a really fun break-out session where I guide photographers in how to capture joyous emotion and honest expression in their images. It is more than just what I do at the shoot. It is all the things I do before and during a shoot that make it possible.

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

photography interview with CMpro Zoe Berkovic

Thank you Zoe for spending some time with us today and sharing your insights with us!

Would you like to see even more of Zoe’s beautiful photography?  Make sure you visit her website, blog, and facebook to view her images.  Don’t forget to also follow her on twitter!

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