It’s been two months and 24 days since we wrapped up the last run of the Shooting 201: Lifestyle with Kids workshop, but who’s counting, right?!? I am!!! I cannot wait for the next run of the workshop to begin in less than four weeks!! I’m so excited to meet a new group of students, to be back to teaching again because I love it so much, and to see four weeks of gorgeous lifestyle images shared in the workshop forum.

I have truly been blown away by the talent in the first three runs of the Lifestyle workshop. The students have devoured the lessons and the concepts presented in those lessons and have applied the concepts in such beautiful, amazing ways to their work. Since the workshop forums are private and only viewable by workshop participants during a current run, I wanted to get some of the beautiful, amazing work out of the forum and onto the blog to share with all of you! It’s much too incredible to just sit in a private forum forever, don’t you think??

Without further ado, I give you a small sample of student images from the October 2012 run of the Lifestyle workshop. Along with the photographer’s name and website (if available), above each image, I’ve provided some keywords related to the concept(s) we covered in the workshop that the student incorporated into her image. Enjoy the lifestyle ‘eye candy’…I know I sure do!!

Kelly Wilson | _kelly_ | peeping “mom,” negative space, finding the light

cat peeping over the bathtub photograph by Kelly Wilson

Addie Sheahin | asheahin | framing, negative space, frames without faces, finding the light

child framed in backlit window photograph by Addie Sheahin

Elizabeth Blank | ElizabethBlank | perspective, negative space, frames without faces

baby legs with negative space photograph by Elizabeth Blank

JoSann Lien | JoLien | peeping “mom,” framing, negative space, finding the light

child playing with cars trains and tracks photograph by JoSann Lien

Jessica Singleton | jsingleton | framing, negative space, frames without faces, finding the light

children peeking out a window photograph by Jessica Singleton

Mickie DeVries | mickiedev | framing, negative space, frames without faces

children running in field with trees photograph by Micki DeVries

Nina Mingioni | ninazm | negative space, finding the light

child sitting at play table photograph by Nina Mingioni

Rebecca Bixler | rebeccabix | negative space, finding the light

child sitting on couch looking out window photograph by Rebecca Bixler

Ann Tyer | rubbersoul | peeping “mom,” framing, finding the light

dad holding sleeping baby photograph by Ann Tyer

Sarah Vaughn | sarah_vaughn | perspective, frames without faces, leading lines

child walking with purse photograph by Sarah Vaughn

Lucy Ketchum | valeriesmom | perspective, frames without faces, finding the light

child painting toenails photograph by Lucy Ketchum
In addition to sharing all of these gorgeous images with you, I thought I’d share a quick video (9 minutes) of a simple edit I did on one of my own lifestyle images in Lightroom 3.

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