lensbaby edge 80 review

Have you been eyeballing a new photography product?  Would you like to hear a Pro’s opinion on the product prior to purchasing?  We have a new series for you, Click It and Pick It, where the CMpros will be reviewing several of the most talked about photo products!  In this installment of the Click It and Pick It series, Director of CMpro Jen Bebb puts the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 to the test.

lensbaby composer pro with edge 80 review

How long did it take to get the product?

I had the Lensbaby within 3 days.

What were your first impressions of the product?

I have bought a lot of lenses through the years and I was impressed with the packaging of the Lensbaby. I really liked the fact that there was an image on the box, offering an example of what is possible with a Lensbaby. In addition, the box tells users exactly what to strive for with phrases like “creative freedom”, “bend the rules” and “confound expectations”.

lensbaby edge 80 review photo

lensbaby edge 80 review photo

The lens was ready to go when I took it out of the box. I used the full color guide to ensure I understood the principles of how the Composer Pro with Edge 80 works and was able to start making images within moments.

lensbaby edge 80 review photo

A frequent user of a tilt-shift lens, I was able to grasp the basics of the Lensbaby fairly quickly, but I soon realized that the Lensbaby offered me way more options in composition.

How would you use the product?

I have been using the Lensbaby almost exclusively since it arrived. It has traveled with me to Brooklyn, Nashville, LA, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi and Dhubai. While I had other lenses with me on those trips I found myself leaving them in the bag and wanting to create with the Lensbaby instead.

lensbaby edge 80 review photo

Moving forward, I see this lens being my first choice when I don’t need a wide angle.

Is the product accessible to your clients? In other words, is this something you can see your clients wanting and is it something you are comfortable offering?

I can see my clients wanting a selection of images made with the Lensbaby. Of course, on a wedding day, I need to also make images with my conventional lenses, but this lens will get a lot of use during the day.

lensbaby edge 80 review photo

What do you think of product quality and price point?

At $500 the Composer Pro with Edge 80 is significantly less expensive then the TSE lenses offered by Canon. The Lensbaby feels solid and comparable in quality to my TSE.

How does this compare to other products you have used in the past?

I found the Lensbaby to have more flexibility than the TSE lenses I have used in the past. Specifically, I enjoyed the range of images I could make and the different ways I could bend the lens.

lensbaby edge 80 review photo

*The product(s) mentioned in this article were provided to the post author by the vendor for the purposes of review. The post author was asked to be as honest and objective as possible in sharing her impressions of the product.

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  1. Dec 05 2013 at 5:17 pm #

    YES, the price make this so affordable for anyone in need to get in touch with their creative side! I love the last photo here…or rather all that awesome motion!!

  2. Dec 08 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    This is a great series, and I’m really glad you chose the Edge 80 as the first lens review. Great info. Thanks Jenn!

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