A Peek Inside with Alicia Gould

Gear images taken with my trusty Canon G12 pocket camera.

Canon photography lenses of Alicia Gould

1. 24-70L : most versatile lens for me, used for indoor family images

2. 135L : my go to lens for outdoor sessions

3. 100mm f/2.8 macro : nature and newborns

4. 35L : every single newborn session is done with this lens

5. 85L : great lens for outdoors

6. Lensbaby : great creative lens, still experimenting!

7. Canon 5d mark III : my everyday camera

8. Canon 5d mark II : my backup camera

camera bags of photographer Alicia Gould

9. CM Ketti camera bag : I love this bag for trips with my family!  It’s comfortable and perfect to double as a purse and camera bag.  It’s all I used on my recent trip to Disney World.  Currently houses my back up gear.

10. Epiphanie Belle camera bag : This is a great bag that holds so much gear.  I’ve had it for years and it’s still in great shape.  Holds my mark III, 35L, 135L, 24-70L, macro and 580 flash.

what's in the camera bag of photographer Alicia Gould

11. My iPhone… I don’t go anywhere without it, who does??

12. 580 EX II flash.

13. 430 EX II, yes I love my flash so much I have a back up!

14. Lollipops as bribes, i mean treats for kids who behave.

15. Allergy medicine, I can’t leave the house without it.

16. Memory card, 8GB minimum.

17. Batteries for my flash.

18. Lens pet that squeaks to help with toddlers!

office area of photographer Alicia Gould

My workspace is my dining room table.  It’s in the middle of the house so I can sporadically get work done while playing with the kids and doing things around the house.  I love that everything is wireless (except power) so that if we have company, I can simply move it out of the way.

19. 21.5″ iMac, recent purchase and I’m in love.

20. Western Digital 1Tb external hard drive

21. card reader

22. Wacom-Intuos4 Medium Tablet, I cannot live without this!.

23. Oh hi there!  That’s me 🙂

desk area of photographer Alicia Gould

Next to my computer on the hutch are some of my packaging stuff:

24. Discs for sessions.

25. DVDs for backing up.

26. Discs ready to ship.

27. Literature for packages: thank you cards, copyright information, digital care cards and business cards.

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