Blogging has become an important part of businesses, but also a fun little hobby for people like myself.  You can showcase your latest work, your child’s art and recent happenings in your life.  Perhaps you own a business blog where you post images and advice for clients.  Maybe you have a how-to blog that includes tips and crafts for the home. Or?  You could be like me, and have a personal blog where you post images and stories of your little ones so that family and out-of-town friends can keep up with the latest funnies.  Either way,  if you operate a blog you must remember to keep it real.  Today, I’m going to share 5 tips that will hopefully help you do just that.  Listen up, People.

1.  Promote Positively:

If you choose to advertise on your blog, promote ONLY what you would use yourself.  Share and link to sites that you visit and are proud of. I link to Clickin Moms a LOT because I dig those people.  Have pride in your sponsors and make sure you can back them, their product or their site.  Don’t support anything that your Granny wouldn’t approve of.

2.  Be Honest:

What if you ran into one of your readers at Target?  Would they say you’re exactly as they imagined?  Make sure your online self is the same as your real life self.  Also?  Don’t steal words, one liners, or analogies from other bloggers.  It’s not cool.  Ever.  Posers are losers.  Always.

3.  Just Write:

When it’s time to blog, do you get all antsy and panicked?  Stopping and starting and stopping again?  Well?  DON’T.  When it’s time to write,  just sit yourself down and start typing.  DON’T STOP.  Pretend you’re talking to a girlfriend and let the words just flow.  Tell your friend all about it and type the way you speak.  Be candid, approachable, and professional.  You can go back later to correct your mistakes.

4.  Write drunk; edit sober (Ernest Hemingway):

Once you have gone all crazy with the blogging, written out your funny family story or your how-to session tips?  Take a break.   Leave your computer and focus your attention on something else.  Like on chocolate or pancakes.  Or chocolate covered pancakes.  Let your mind rest.  Come back to edit when you’re fresh.  And full.  “Sober”, so to speak.

5.  Be Yourself:

Are you a funny gal in real life?  Let that goofiness show.  Are you more serious and dainty?  Serious?  Show that.  Don’t pretend to be some really rad supermom-photographer-blogger-storyteller when you know you just sit around in your parents’ basement playing online poker wearing your brother’s t-shirt and your mom’s hair rollers.  Just BE YOU and you’ll be rad.  I promise.

These days?  Blogging is your voice.  It is your thoughts, your feelings, your funnies.  Blogging is your way to connect with the world.  Therefore, I encourage you to use that voice with genuineness, honesty and positivity.  Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, don’t snag another person’s humor, and don’t use big words that you wouldn’t normally use like “therefore”, “genuineness”, and “positivity”.  All in all, don’t be a poser.

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And?  Since I can NEVER end a blog post without some images of my littles?  Here’s one from when I first started and one that’s recent.

the importance of keeping your writing and bloggin real by Melissa Gibson

the importance of keeping your writing and bloggin real by Melissa Gibson

How’s THAT for keeping it real?