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Cameron Bishopp

 by Cameron Bishopp Davis | Click Editor in Chief

Click magazine for female photographers November and December 2012 issue*cover image by Emma Wood

One of the big moments for me in the planning of Click came in the form of a girl crush.

It was an unseasonably hot (even for Atlanta) afternoon in June, and we were grateful to be indoors for a website planning meeting. The designer sitting across the table from me was talking about the photographer who’d been capturing images of her two sons since infancy. “I have such a crush on her,” she was saying (actually, gushing). “Her personality, her jewelry, her hair, her life. She’s faaabulous.” 

Hmm… Interesting.

Was the road-map to Click being drawn by our meeting partner’s adorable semi-obsession? Could it be that the secret to this photography magazine was that it isn’t really about just photography? Was its true focus the woman in love with photography, and what that passion says about what she wants from life? Could Click be a magazine for a woman whose passionate, intuitive and wholly original personality infuses not only every part of her existence, but also the lives of the people fortunate enough to share it with her?  I think we’re about to find out.

As you read this, Clickin Moms’ new bimonthly magazine — 124 pages printed, bound, stamped and mailed — is making its way to you (that is, unless you actually haven’t subscribed yet! You can do so here though.). Click is for every woman in every stage of her complicated, exhausting, gorgeous life. Women whose creative pursuits aren’t indulgences but necessities.  Our lives are far from elementary so we knew Click couldn’t be either. In addition to providing some of the best photography inspiration and education we can find, we’ll cover home, kids, style, design and other subjects that inspire and feed and further our imaginations.

We’re so happy to include a village of great women in our first issue: Tara Whitney and Karen Russell are among the premiere features. And one of my favorite pieces is a wonderfully written story about photographing boys with CMpros Lacey Meyers, Lynne Rigby, Celeste Pavlik, Elle Walker and Tami Wilson. Another bright
spot is our own Sarah Wilkerson’s absolute masterpiece on how to include yourself in family photos. Originally posted here on the CMblog, Sarah’s article is the most popular ever published, and we thought reincarnating it in the pages of the first issue would create a perfect centerpiece.

Every piece of this magazine, down to the very last drop of ink rolled on to its pages, is a product of an even greater village of genuinely amazing women: the Clickin Moms community. A new world has been created here, by not one or two individuals, but by thousands of passionate and engaged women coming together to create a nurturing and challenging online salon, university and sisterhood. It’s a place where a favorite hobby is free to bloom into a creative, even lucrative, form of self expression. And it all comes together in Click—the first printed, portable, huggable celebration of the modern photograph(her).

To subscribe to CLICK now, go here.

Cameron Bishopp DavisCameron Bishopp Davis, Georgia
Director of Publications
Although she was raised in Virginia, Cameron now resides in Atlanta with her husband Bill.  Her love for magazines is at the root of her career as she was named editor-in-chief of Professional Photographer, PPA’s official magazine in January of 2002 where she led the magazine to a 2009 Grand GAMMA for best magazine in the Southeast and General Excellence awards four years in a row.  Prior to her years at PPA, Cameron was managing editor at Cartoon Network magazine, helping to launch the Atlanta-based network’s first publication. Cameron also served as the managing editor of Digitalsouth, and senior editor of Nielsen’s Display & Design Ideas magazine, focused on visual merchandising and design.  Needless to say, handing her a stack of magazines, and throw in a lemon-lime seltzer water too, makes her one happy woman.



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