how to use the liquify tool in photoshop

how to use the liquify tool in photoshop tutorial by Jennifer Dell

by Jennifer Dell

how to use the liquify tool in photoshop tutorial by Jennifer Dell

Sometimes liquifying an image in a subtle way can make a big difference and may help if you accidentally catch the wrong angle when photographing your subject.  The secret to liquifying successfully is to use it in moderation and not to alter how a person looks.  Here’s a quick look on how to use this powerful Photoshop tool!

Thank you Jennifer for this great tutorial!  What a great trick to have on hand!

Jennifer DellJennifer Dell, Texas
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Armed with a Nikon D4 and an assortment of prime lenses, Jennifer enjoys photographing children and families in her own style, candid and full of natural expressions. Jennifer’s photography venture began in high school and was then encouraged in college as she pursued her graphic design degree. Other than photography Jennifer loves to read and finds cooking an elaborate meal relaxing. She also enjoys the show Friends, coffee, a nice bottle of wine, and spending time with her family including her husband and two children. While she enjoys her work very much, she adores the ocean and takes any chance she can to be near it. Jennifer is also the author of Illuminated: backlighting with vision.

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