Lightroom is the perfect program to use when you want to experiment and try new things.

I like to save new presets all the time, but I don’t always want them all in my Lightroom Develop module at once. I like to keep a Dropbox (or similar, synced storage program) folder of my presets and then I can install what I want, when I want, and still know that I have everything tucked away for safe keeping.

It is also handy to make new folders in the Presets panel of the Develop Module. This prevents all of your presets from becoming disorganized. Lightroom will alphabetize your presets and creating folders is the best way to keep similar presets contained together in a group.

I am going to show you how to make new preset folders and how to install presets into those folders quickly and easily. I will also show you how to install some brush presets for the Adjustment Brush.

How to install Lightroom develop presets

First you need a folder. Go to the Develop Module and right click on any folder. Choose “New Folder” from the drop down menu and type in the name for your folder. The folder will now be available in your Lightroom Develop Preset panel.

preset panel in Lightroom by Caroline Jensen

Lightroom preset installing instructions by Caroline Jensen

Then, right click on that folder and select “Import”.

how to install Lightroom presets tutorial by Caroline Jensen

From there, navigate to the place where you saved your presets. Unzip them if you need to. Select all of the presets and hit okay. They will now be conveniently located in your new folder.

choosing presets to import into Lightroom by Caroline Jensen

I like to keep all my new presets in a dropbox folder. Then I can access the presets from any computer and I can remove presets without the worry of losing them. I like my Develop module to be tidy, so if I know I will not use some presets for a while, I will just store them away in the Dropbox and re-install at a future date.

How to install Lightroom brushes

Lightroom has a few brushes that are installed by default. You may find that you want to save your own variants. I love to make Adjustment Brush presets too! Unfortunately, these are not quite as easy to install, but I will show you how.

First, save the brush presets to a folder and unzip them if necessary. Again, I like to keep mine in a Dropbox folder or similar for safekeeping. The brushes will be installed in the drop down menu that is available when the Adjustment Brush is activated. New brushes will be placed in the same area as my makeup brushes in this screenshot.

how to install brushes in Lightroom by Caroline Jensen

To install. Find the “Preferences” panel in Lightroom.

finding the preferences panel in Lightroom by Caroline Jensen

Choose “Presets” and click on the “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”. Click on the “Lightroom” folder and then navigate to the “Local Adjustment Presets”. You can drop and drag your brush presets into that folder. Then close and reopen Lightroom. The brush presets will be available for you to use!

Make sure that you uncheck the “Store presets with this catalog” button. It is a good idea to keep this unchecked whether you are installing Develop or Brush presets.

storing presets in Lightroom by Caroline Jensen