glimpse of the week | july 1st

If you’re not following the CMglimpse project on Instagram then you should be.  The talent there is incredible!  Week after week, Instagramers are following the prompt list and rocking out one awesome photo after another. You need to see them so we’re going to be showcasing just a few of our favorites from the week here on the CMblog each week!


bags of tea instagram photo by 821photography


beach landscape instagram photograph by kirafaris


black and white child sleeping instagram picture by jenclicks


children on couch instagram picture by breapeterson


colorful country landscape instagram photo by roxiestardust


riding bikes silhouette instagram photo by michellehebertphotog


sky and clouds instagram picture by johanna_mariel


smoky mountain national park instagram photo by cr8tivemamarazzi

Would you like to participate in next weeks list?  Here it is and you’ll just follow the prompts and then tag your photos #cmglimpse.  And don’t forget to follow Clickin Moms on Instagram too!

View previous glimpse of the week images.



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