How to export your photos from Lightroom

by Monica Wilkinson

So you finish editing and making changes to your images or “copies “in Lightroom. Now what?

To some, Lightroom can be confusing since you are never really “saving” your work. Instead, when you add key words or metadata in the library module or change your exposure or white balance in the develop module you are making changes to copies that are stored in your Lightroom catalog. These changes are never made on your original files.

So you are done editing and you want to email your images to a friend or upload them to Facebook. Maybe they are for a client and you need to prepare high-resolution files or upload them to your blog. This is where you will use the export process.

First thing you will need to do is highlight the images you want to export.  This may be one image, a few images, or all of them in the file.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

Second, you will select the export box (circled below), or you can go to File>Export.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

This will open the Export dialog box. Once open you choose where you want your files to be exported. I choose my desktop because it is easy. Next I check the file “Put in Subfolder”. Since this is just for my personal macro shots, I name it macro, skip everything else, and set my resolution to 300 and export. This will export the images in their original size to a file named macro on my desktop.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

Under file settings, I always keep my settings to jpeg and sRGB, because I am usually exporting for people who need the images in that format. You may choose psd, tiff, dng or original if needed.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

If I am working with client files I do things a little differently. First, I name the subfolder with the client’s last name. With clients I export two files. One sized for my gallery and blog and one sized for my high- resolution files. If I am exporting for my gallery, I check the “rename to” box in the file naming section. Here I have made some custom templates for renaming my files. With my gallery I have chosen to rename the files to Image01.jpg, image02.jpg etc. This just keeps the numbering simple while at the same time; it keeps my clients from seeing the images go from DSC_338 to DSC_352. You do not want them asking you where the missing images are!!

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

If you choose the drop down menu you can pick your other saved templates or you can hit “Edit…” to make a new one.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

Selecting edit will pull up the Filename Template Editor where you can choose how you would like your files named. You can add any text you want. Some people choose Image01, Image02, etc. Some people use their clients name with a number ex. smith01, smith02, etc. Some people add their business name within the file name for SEO purposes. It is up to you.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

After choosing my file name, I check the resize to fit. With the drop down menu you can choose width & height, dimensions, long edge, short edge, or megapixels. I choose long edge, and set my pixels to 900 and resolution to 72 because this is for web and my gallery and blog both need images sized at 900px. I sharpen for screen at standard. I do not need my images watermarked for my gallery. My website automatically watermarks them. However, you can check “watermark” if you want to use this feature. Finally, I hit export. This will export the files I have highlighted in my filmstrip into a file on my desktop.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

If I am exporting my files as high resolution for print, I change a few things. I rename to High res instead of gallery, I leave the resize to fit box UNCHECKED so my file will stay at the original size and I change the resolution to 300 instead of 72. I do not export sharpen for print. Some people do and if you choose you can select sharpen for matte or glossy paper. I then hit EXPORT and this will make me another file named High res with my files ready to burn to a disc or upload to ROES.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photo

That is it. One thing to remember is that the export dialog box keeps the same values that you had inputted from your previous export. So you want to be sure to look over everything before printing. You do not want to be surprised and realize you have exported your files at 72ppi instead of 300ppi for print. You will be very upset if you find you have forgotten to change that setting from a previous export.

How to export your photos from Lightroom photoMonica Wilkinson, Seattle
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