Many surfaces have reflective qualities — glass, metal, water, even highly polished wood. Take a walk around your house/neighborhood/city/etc, and pay attention to reflective surfaces. When you set out to find reflections, you might be surprised at the variety of surfaces capable of catching and reflecting the light. Also pay attention to the way that the shape (and even texture) of the surface changes the way subjects/scenes appear (as opposed to when they are viewed directly). How can you use the light catching / image distorting features of reflective surfaces creatively? Most importantly, pay attention to WHAT appears in the reflection. Is there a subject there you might not have noticed before? As you change your perspective (move left/right/higher/lower), what new subjects or scenes appear within the reflection?

This week, you may not shoot your subject directly. You must shoot a surface that reflects your subject or scene, but you may NOT use an actual mirror (too easy!!). Remember that the idea is to shoot the subject indirectly – not merely to capture a random reflection somewhere in your image.

And here are some of the faves submitted for the exercise:

Holly Thompson

Kara Roberts

Crissie Fields



Angie Allen

Amanda Norton

Rashelle Cuperus

What’s the best way to improve your photography? Shoot thoughtfully and frequently! Try new things and embrace creative and technical challenges. Every month, Sarah Wilkerson posts a new tutorial and challenges our members to join in a new Creativity Exercise on the Clickin Moms photography forum. At the conclusion of the exercise, we select Editors’ Choice images from among the exercise submissions and share them here with you on the blog. Congratulations to the ladies whose photographs included in the exercise above were selected as this month’s Editors’ Choices, and thank you to everyone who participated in the exercise!

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