creativity exercise: off with their heads!


Because breaking the rules is oh so much FUN!

The challenge:  One of the first things to draw the viewer’s eye in any given image is the human face. For this exercise, your image has to draw the viewer in in other ways. Present a portrait of a person that EXCLUDES the head. Cut off should be no higher than the neck, no lower than the waist. Do your best to include some clues in the image that tell us something about the subject’s personality (even though we can’t see his/her face), tell a story, etc.

And our band of mightily talented Clickin Moms did not disappoint yet again!  Here are some of their wonderful submissions:

Anne Scherrer:

Nance Heidemann:

Holly Thompson:

Megan Cieloha:



Thanks for all the wonderful pics, ladies!!  And thank you to Sarah who is always having us push ourselves to be creative and to slow down and really “see” things.  If you want your creativity pushed to the limit make sure you check out Sarah’s brand new workshop –  ACC201:  The Elements of Design.  There are only a few spots left!!  The free spot has already been won for her class but you can check out all the info about ACC201 right here.

free creative photography exercises by Sarah Wilkerson for Clickin Moms


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