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girl wearing a mask picture by Kris and Lauren Penland

5 Tips for Indoor Photography During the Dark Winter Months

Many of us find ourselves stuck inside this time of year. However, this doesn’t mean we have to fall into a creative slump. In fact, being stuck inside can be an excellent opportunity to get our creative juices flowing like they never have before. Some of my favorite images I’ve taken have been the result of gloomy weather forcing me inside. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way.(…)

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girl holding a large sunflower by Tiffany Kelly

Using the Inverse Square Law for Natural Light Portraits

The inverse square law is one of my favorite nerdy photography topics. I use the inverse square law to get nice, dark backgrounds. I love this type of background because it leads to simple images, it hides my messy house, and it helps my subject really pop against a dark background.(…)

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child dressed up as Captain America by Jen Bilodeau

5 tips for taking and editing emotive black and white photos

Light and shadows, and the contrasts between them, are my muses. High-contrast light is full of life and emotion… emotion that transcends that particular moment, and moves and changes as the image is absorbed by different eyes. Both light and dark work in perfect synchronicity to create a feeling that there is more to what lies within the image than what is visually present.(…)

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girl watching the ipad on a plane by Elizabeth Ordonez

How to capture your everyday while you’re traveling

I love to capture my world through photography. Sometimes that means photographing mountains or beaches, but often it means watching my two young daughters experience things for the first time. When we travel, even the most ordinary things are special to my girls because they are different from our everyday at home. I love to photograph those unique everyday moments while we we’re away.(…)

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girl laying in her doll bed by Maggie Fuller

5 indoor activities to capture kids playing at home

As parents we want our children to have fond memories of their childhood home being full of love, comfort and joy. Winter is approaching and the long stretches of time spent at home may seem daunting when having kids underfoot. During these seemingly long days you are creating memories and a strong sense of home. Continue reading to discover five indoor activities to try at home for the kids to have fun, while you are able to stretch your skills. By the end of winter you will have a wonderful set of images depicting “home as a feeling” that can be easily inserted into a family album.(…)

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Before and After, Creating a “Storybook” Image in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements by Jan Tyler

Before & After: a storybook image in Lightroom and Photoshop

My first love has always been children’s literature. As a child (long before the video age) I would spend hours immersing myself in new worlds… pouring over the beautiful illustrations in books and memorizing every last detail on the page.

Today, when I create an image of my own, I try to pay the same amount of attention to every last detail included in my frame as I did to those amazing illustrations and allow myself to be swept away into a new world.(…)

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child singing into a fan by April Nienhuis

8 unexpected ways to add creativity to your photos

Lenses with cool effects are fun but they’re not the only option to add creativity to your photography. Embracing some new techniques and using some household items when shooting is a fun and free way to spice up your work. The possibilities are endless but here’s 8 that I’ve used and recommend to others when struggling with their creativity.(…)

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how to light and edit a composite portrait by Lindsay Brummer

How to light and edit a composite portrait

After years of shooting kids, my own included, I have fallen in love with the composite image. I feel like it’s so hard to get everyone EXACTLY how I want them in one shot when I am working with young children. Because of the certainty that kids will be kids, I learned to master the composite image and know that I will always end up with at least one great portrait. (…)

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kids playing with a toy car by Dana Leigh

5 Tips for Capturing Sibling Bonds

As a mother, photographer and storyteller, I love capturing all of the dynamics in the relationships my children have with each other. I know every parent wants to preserve these fleeting magical years in a way that does them justice and I’m so thankful photography allows us to do that. Here are 5 tips to help you capture the ever growing, changing, and precious bonds your children share.(…)

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bowl of figs by Elizabeth Gelineau

7 inexpensive must-haves for drool worthy food photos

I found myself photography food quite by accident. It all began with my love of baking and trying new recipes. At first, I had a desire to simply document what I had made, but after a while I began to want my food photographs to look as good as the food tasted. This is where my food photography journey really began and, over the past few years, food has been one of my favorite subjects.(…)

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child running in the rain with an umbrella by Erin Hensley

6 secrets to beautifully capturing childhood

Through the many daily shooting projects I’ve tackled, I’ve discovered that my most favorite thing to capture is just raw, natural childhood. Just the everyday happenings around the house, or out and about.

Planning and posing stressed me out and we all know how much that stresses kids out. In 2011, taking sessions took a back seat and in 2012, I began my first 365 project. It was the best decision I could have made for myself as a budding photographer and artist. I discovered my love for observation, both of light and life. I’ve always been an observer, but that quality in me is the foundation of who I am as a photographer, and realizing that was a turning point for me.(…)

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dad holding newborn photo by Beth Deschamp

5 Newborn Portraits You Must Take During the First 2 Weeks

Expectant parents are commonly told to savor every single moment with their little ones, as time goes by too fast and they will grow before you know it. It’s hard to imagine them being anything but tiny when you are holding them for the first time in your arms but, in a blink of an eye, they are quickly growing and you are begging time to slow down.

Well, time sure won’t slow down, but you can freeze it in time… through photographs. And because your new baby will start changing quickly during the first two weeks after birth, you are going to want to capture that brand newness right away. Amongst those few roles of photographs that you take, be sure that you capture these five portraits during the first two weeks.(…)

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girl holding a stuffed chicken toy by Liz Behm

1,269: the story of a 6 year 365 project

What started as a way to keep my husband connected to our family while he was deployed overseas grew into a Project 365 that’s documented three new babies, two moves and five plus years of a crazy life with no sign of putting the camera down anytime soon.(…)

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final black and white picture by Sharon Covert

Before and After: a black and white Edit in Lightroom

Those that know me or follow along with my art know that expressing myself through dramatic black and white images is how I speak straight from my heart. Today I’m going to walk you through how I edited one of my favorite flower images. I captured this gorgeous peony one cloudy morning while visiting one of my favorite gardens.(…)

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side-by-side photo edit by Rachel Nielsen

Before and After: a clean and subtle Lightroom edit

Over the years, I have gone through many editing phases and trends. In the past few years though, I have realized the importance of a beautifully clean edit. Not only does it make the image timeless, but it also truly enhances the image instead of distracting or overpowering the natural beauty of the photo.(…)

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Christina Klahn

Inspiring wall displays that you can create, too!

Every year I have a goal and that is to print my photos.

It’s important to let your photos and your work live outside your hard drives. Sometimes it is simply to print snapshots of my family and keep my many scrapbooks up to date so that my kids can flip through the pages and relive their memories. But I also love the idea of filling my house with my work and my children. So I set another goal when I moved into my new house three years ago which is to print photos that I can display on my walls each year. Here are some examples of those displays.(…)

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child laying in bed smiling by Courtney Rust of Rusty Lens Photography

7 tips for getting better light in your pictures

Lighting can make the difference between a so-so photo and a stunning image. It is one of the most intimidating technical categories of photography because it is out of our control, and we don’t always have control of our locations either. Being able to work with light, understand it, and use it to our advantage is critical. Here are seven basic tips to getting images with stronger light.(…)

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