an interview with simply bloom


I’ve been following Simply Bloom for a couple years now and their beautiful, ethereal photography has always struck that secret girly-girl spot in my heart.  Every time I look at their images I’m transferred to that amazing chick-flick that I will never tire of.  Today we get to peek inside the minds of the Simply Bloom duo Christine and Vania!  And a huge congratulations to Vania who recently announced her pregnancy.

an interview with simply bloom

by April Nienhuis

How did the two of you meet and when did photography become a part of your friendship?

Christine and I met in a graphic design course in college the summer of 2006. Our friendship was undoubtedly “love at first sight”.  Our passion for photography and business came shortly afterwards.

Why did you choose to go into business together rather than each of you on your own?

We have always bounced ideas off each other like firecrackers and we can honestly say that our business chemistry 4 years later only gets better and better. We now are even founders and owners of two new branches together: Simply Bloom Associates and Bloom Theory.

With two owners, how do you handle the business aspects?  Do you each have your own duties or do you do a little of everything?

Yes, it’s a beautiful coincidence how we each have our strengths and how we’ve been able to distribute duties accordingly.

You describe your style as “modern vintage”.  What exactly makes a session or wedding modern vintage?  Is it something you bring to the table?

Thank you for this, no one has ever asked us that! We feel we pose the subjects in our photos very editorially- which in order makes the photos feel fresh and contemporary.  Simultaneously, we always incorporate a vintage twist whether it is with props, styling or editing—to always stay true to our love for all things old and rustic.

I know it’s hard as an individual photographer to find their style so I can’t imagine the difficulties in a duo finding theirs.  Did you struggle to find your style in the beginning?

Actually, this was yet again a beautiful coincidence.  Our photography developed simultaneously- we got into the craft at the same time, we came from the same design background scholastically, and we developed the brand completely equally, therefore our style is absolutely true to both of us, together and individually.

While all of your weddings have their own personality they are decorated in similar ways, ‘vintagey’.  Do you turn away weddings that are not along this style or do you just not feature them on your website?

Our brand and portfolio attract girly-girl clients who are just like us, and in turn we are fortunate to shoot weddings which are perfectly in tune with our photo-style!

What is the secret to capturing the true emotions between a couple that you manage to do?

Having your clients trust you and showing them that you are real and genuine.  We joke around with our clients and show our sense of humor, that always helps in feeling close and not like strangers.

Do you do a lot of posing during portraits or do you just let a couple be and photograph them as they interact?

We are very much in control of the client’s positioning, anytime we are able to control the subject, lighting and surrounding we do so.

Why did you choose to specialize in wedding photography rather than children, pets, seniors. etc.?

There is something eternally feminine about weddings, and that is what will always keep us passionate about that specific branch. Also, what girl doesn’t love to be surrounded by pretty dresses and flowers all the time!?

You have a love for lens flare.  Do you think that particular lenses create better flare than others and if so which ones?

We like different lenses for different reasons, however we like all types of flares. The lens we both shoot most with is the 50mm.

You obviously have gorgeous wedding photography but you have beautiful stylized shoots too.  Can you tell us a little about what goes into a stylized session?

Our styled shoots are a mixture of our creative outlets or letting a stylist do what they do best.  Either way we really go all out when it comes to these.  We love and live for dramatic and out-of-the-box imagery.

There are many stances in the photography community on education and workshops.  Why do you choose to do workshops and educate the photographers around you?

Workshops are very satisfying to us. There is a different sense of accomplishment after a workshop than with a wedding. We’ve had students tell us that they would not be into photography anymore if it weren’t for us and even though we are well aware we are not saving lives—there is just a feel-good emotion that comes with that.

The two of you have accomplished a lot over the past 4 years.  Do you continue to set goals for yourselves and work towards them?

Oh my gosh, yes! We are unstoppable business machines.  We get a lot of ideas and we tend to get very pumped about them, therefore work very very hard until our dreams become reality. Our newest endeavor has been Bloom Theory—it’s fantastic if we may say so ourselves.

Huge thanks to Simply Bloom for sharing with us!  Head on over to their blog to see their most recent work and keep up with them on facebook and twitter.  Also be sure to check out Bloom Theory, their new line of camera straps!

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  • Dawn Fyfe says:

    Very impressive!! Working together can be tough, but you seem to be ment to be together and that is awesome. Your photography is unique and beautiful which will seperate you from all others who haven't really found their style. Good for You guys!!

  • Cindy says:

    I have always loved their work, but to be honest, save your money and do not take their workshop… pretty much everything I learned from it is in this article. Mostly they gave vague answers, didn't go into any real detail about any techniques and they even lied about some of their answers. They do very inspirational work, but they are horrible teachers and the workshop was a huge waste of money. I just thought it should be known since there are a lot of inspiring photographers that visit this site.

  • Cindy says:

    *aspiring not inspiring : )

  • Natalie @MamaTrack says:

    I love the pictures. They are simply stunning.

  • Tina Hursh says:

    Beautiful photography! Such inspiration!

  • Tiffany says:

    Wonderful interview! Beautiful photography~

  • Cary says:

    So beautiful :)

  • danielle says:

    Her photography is so beautiful. I hope to find my style soon.

  • Meredith says:

    Oh my word, that Big Ben image is unreal! LOVE the balance!

  • Pam D says:

    I am a big fan of Zack Arias. After reading his recent Facebook posts that linked to blog posts like this: , I am honestly stunned that Clickin' Moms would glorify these photographers. They may do pretty work, but their work ETHIC is questionable. Look to those who truly know their craft and are wiling (and ABLE) to give good value for your money. I might have to cancel my Clickin' Moms subscription after reading this blog post. The part about their workshops made me cringe. Clickin Moms.. you are better than this!

  • I don't like how they treat people at their workshops. I was very sad to read how they treated the people that paid such a large sum to learn from them.

  • CMmentor says:

    The interview with Simply Bloom above focuses on their beautiful photography, not their workshops. We are not endorsing, supporting, encouraging etc. anyone to take any workshop and we encourage everyone to do their research and due diligence before making ANY purchase.

  • KW says:

    I'm surprised they said their 50mm was their favorite lens. Some of their images are so beautiful that for fun I'll check the EXIF data because I like technical details, and every image I've checked of theirs with the exception of one was shot with the 85 1.2:) Just a detail for other nerds like me!!

  • Mara Vaughan says:

    Thank you for this article. Gorgeous, lovely pictures, but I do wish the photographers could have been more specific with giving answers to the great questions in this blog post!

  • Carrie says:

    They sound like horrible greedy selfish people. So disappointing to see CM support these con artists… whether or not this article is about their workshops, it gives them exposure that they do not deserve.

  • Robby Dearden says:

    Trackback… I actually comprehend this informative article . I ? ?ve also beenlooking everywhere you go just for this ! Thank goodness I noticed it on Bing.You have produced my day ! Thx again…

  • angelamking says:

    modern vintage. perfection. :) i don't know anything about the workshop scandals but their pics are lovely.

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