So are you still undecided about making the jump to Adobe Photoshop CS6? Go for it!  You’ll love it! If you’re familiar with CS4 or CS5, you really won’t have much of a learning curve at all. The main thing that is different is how the adjustment panel works. You still have an adjustment panel but you now have a Properties Panel where you make changes to your chosen adjustment. You still choose your adjustments from the adjustment panel but once you’ve done so, you’re taken to a properties panel. It is here that you make your adjustments. And from here you can switch back and forth between your actual adjustment and your layer mask. No more mask panel. It’s different at first but it really makes things so much easier.  Would you like to see how I edit my photos and get a glimpse at CS6?  Click on the picture below to watch a video of me editing!

Adobe Photoshop CS6 portrait edit before and after by Lisa Harrison