a peek inside | melissa gibson


Today we’re bringing you another ‘peek inside’ of one of our fabulous CMteam members! This time, we get to learn a little more about one of our newest Mentors, Melissa Gibson.

a peek inside | melissa gibson

My bag is the super cute Ketti bag made exclusively for Clickin Moms.  It is my first real camera bag (I used a backpack before) and I am in love with it.  It is so easy to carry all of my goodies around and I adore that purple lining.

Clickin Moms exclusive chevron ketti camera bag

I shoot a gripped Nikon d700 and I have a teeny arsenal of two lenses, the 35mm 2.0 and my sweet little baby the 50mm 1.4g.

one of Melissa Gibson's favorite lenses

I don’t think I could love a lens more than I love the 50mm.  I use it all the time.  I am a huge fan of shooting at that wide open aperture of 1.4 and also the beautiful bokeh that this lens creates.

Also inside my bag:

what's inside photographer Melissa Gibson's camera bag

1.  A remote for those self portraits with the kids that I need to do more often.

2.  My Moleskin journal for writing down funnies that my girls say and sometimes I also have ideas of my own.  Since my memory is not-so-great, I need to jot them down rather quickly.

3.  Olloclip that I probably can’t do without.

4.  An extra battery and CF card.

5.  Treats for my girls because they are easily bribed.

6.  My iPhone for browsing Instagram, posting from the Clickin Moms app, or using that quick and easy iPhone camera.

*not pictured: 35mm 2.0 and the gripped d700 because I was using it, of course.

office space of hobbyist photographer Melissa Gibson

Melissa Gibson's office

My workspace is in our finished basement, just at the bottom of the stairs.  I edit on an iMac that my husband surprised me with last Christmas (LOVE him!).  I love to fill my spot with color so I framed some of my favorite art pieces by my girls.  It helps me to feel happy and fun.  I like to keep things clutter-free so I have baskets tucked away in a small cabinet that hide my calibration device, extra cords, discs and paperwork.  Also, my girls love to sit behind me and play in the floor which means there’s usually farm animals, My Little Pony figures, and Zoobles in the floor behind the chair.  I cleaned those up just for y’all.  Finally, my smallest girl loves to draw and “do pictures” while I edit, too.  I keep a small basket of paper and crayons handy for her.  She likes to see her art on the cork board near my desk.

5 things you don't know about hobbyist photographer Melissa Gibson

Melissa GibsonMelissa Gibson, Georgia
website | facebook | pinterest | instagram | daily project
Melissa is a proud MWAC who gears up with a Nikon D700, prime lenses, and edits her “fun, childlike, and whimsical” photography solely in Photoshop Elements. Melissa’s goal both now and when she first began her photography journey in 2005 is to, in her own words, “remember my girls’ lives for them. They are so young yet growing so quickly. I know they won’t remember it all so I feel it’s my job to document it for them.”

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a peek inside with the Clickin Moms team


  • Nina says:

    Love seeing you here today, Melissa. <3 You are a girl after my own heart. I also like to consume an insane amount of fruit roll ups. or gushers, or fruit by the foot, or sour punch straws…. I think you get the point. I made myself so sick form eating them when I was pregnant that i just recently started eating them again. :) Vacuuming is something I like to do for fun as well.

  • Heather Lee says:

    This has to be one of my favorite peeks inside. :) LOVE that you use just two prime lenses, and so amazed that you can shoot at 1.4! And that chair . . . I need it for my house!

  • celestejones says:

    i knew this would be a good one. love your personality.

  • Megan says:

    Yay Melissa! We both share a love of fruit roll ups– I cannot even buy the things! Loved reading this :)

  • Lisa says:

    I absolutely LOVE you Melissa; you are so freakin’ funny. Enjoyed reading this and I adore your chair at your desk! It’s also really cool to see that you can create fantastic images with just 2 lenses :)

  • Joyce Kang says:

    Love it Melissa!! Love the bag better than that back pack!

  • Anne Manning says:

    Love the artwork on your walls! Your girls clearly have the creative knack, too. And I’m always happy to read about another 50 1.4 devotee.

  • It was great getting to know you better, Melissa. <3 I too think vacuuming fun. :)

  • I love to vacuum, too, Melissa! I use to be OCD about people “messing up my lines” in the carpet after I got done vacuuming…then I had kids! :)

    Loved getting to read about you!!

  • Kira says:

    When I saw you were featured Melissa I hurried to see the spotlight. It’s so nice to see inside the bag of a CMpro that doesn’t have ten lenses, but you still have such a variety in your images. :) I love your humor, how easy going you seem to be, and that you choose to take pictures of just your girls (or at least not clients) cause that’s what you like. And now I love your chair, and that you only use two lenses. You’re just cool, thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa says:

      Kira! You are a sweetie! Thank you so much. I love it when people consider me “cool”. :giggle And the chair? It’s from Pier 1….get thee to Pier 1!!

  • Jo says:

    Melissa, I just love the way you showcase your work and your girls’ work in this room!

  • Adele Humphries says:

    Loved reading more about you Melissa! I love your workspace – it’s so “you” – bright, quirky, fun and happy <3 I am a little freaked out about your vacuuming fetish….being tidy is NOT my strong point (probably why you will never see a blog post like this about me 😉

  • Megan Moore says:

    Love this, Melissa! Thanks for sharing more about you. :) (PS, I love vacuuming too, haha!)

  • Amanda says:

    Love this peek inside your bag – why is that so fascinating to us as women?! haha!
    What kind of remote do you use? I recently got a gift card to my favorite camera shop for my bday and I desperately need a remote so that I, too, can be in more photos with my kids and family. I have no clue about remotes. I also shoot with a D700 and 50mm. Love!

  • corinne m says:

    aw Melissa. I love you just a tad more than I already did :)

  • Bree H says:

    I loved reading more about you, Melissa! Your office is adorable too :) I can’t believe I’ve never popped onto your blog before, but you just got yourself another follower…love love love!

  • Dominique says:

    I had to google “MWAC.” I love how your personality shines through…it makes me think CMPro’s are like normal people. 😉

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you, Dominique! And hey… CMPros ARE like normal people. Sitting in my comfy pants, eating a Pop Tart and listening to Dora right now. That’s normal, right? *giggle*

  • jessica says:

    Melissa, you always make me smile and laugh. Love ya girl!

  • parikha says:

    Loved reading this, Melissa! And the corkboard idea is genius – I always have so many photos I want to display around the house, and that’s a great way to keep them rotating. :)

  • jodi says:

    i’m embarrassed to admit how little i vacuum… the carpet is really only upstairs and it doesn’t really show the mess, plus i’m always afraid i’m going to suck up a handful of prized lego pieces! great peek into your world, melissa!

  • Anne says:

    Loved peaking into your bag and have a look at your workspace: it looks so “you”. And I love your chair !!!

  • Mindy says:

    Aw…always so fun to read these, they may be my favorite posts! Great to get to know you a bit better Melissa, lovely workspace, especially love your girls’ artwork framed and that chair.

  • Randa says:

    Melissa is awesome. And..vacuuming IS fun!!

  • Mara Vaughan says:

    I love this!! I really like your workspace, Melissa. Simple and fun! And I love that you love Duck Dynasty. My husband and I love that show! It just cracks me up.

  • Loved reading this Melissa!! You are such a hoot and I always love reading your posts on CM, IG, and fb!! Your photography is wonderful. I hope to meet you someday IRL!

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you, Celeste! I just adore your work. I’m happy that I can say…I knew you “when”. As in “when” you first discovered The Chair. You were off like a rocket after that. :hp *smooch*!

  • Elena says:

    Melissa! I LOVE you! Have I told you that before? You are so cute. I love your workspace and especially love that your kids art is framed. SOOO doing that soon.

  • Melissa says:

    Thanks a heap load everyone! I appreciate all of the sweet comments so very much. I’m throwing out huge kisses right now!!

  • Lacey says:

    You’re so great, Melissa. :hp That’s all. 😉

  • You’re fantastic, Melissa! Magical shower singing abilities. giggle :)

  • Kristen says:

    Lovely learning about you. Great corkboards!

  • heidi says:

    I can eat a whole box of fruit roll ups in like 10 minutes and feel just a smidgen of shame. lol 😉

    LOVED this peek and the cork!!!!

  • Meredith says:

    You’re funny AND clutter-free. Your husband was right to snatch you up from the get-go! :)

  • Tre says:

    Thanks for letting us look into your world.

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