a peek inside | kristin ingalls

a peek inside with natural light photographer Kristin Ingalls

It’s time for another installment of our ‘peek inside’ series and today is CMmentor Kristin Ingalls!  Kristin is an incredibly talented natural light photographer who is so kind and knowledgeable.  Our photography forum wouldn’t be quite the same without Kristin and we are happy to have her here today on the blog sharing a little glimpse into her world!

a peek inside | kristin ingalls

whats inside the camera bag of photographer Kristin Ingalls

1. Ketti camera bag – I’ve always wanted a Ketti bag, and when Clickin Moms came out with their very own version in colors that go well with my wardrobe, I had to have it.

2. Kelly Moore camera bag – Okay, I admit it, I have a bit of a problem with having too many bags in general, so one camera bag just wouldn’t do. I also have a Kelly Moore Hobo bag in gray.

3. Nikon D40 – I really only use this when I want a camera that is small and light such as on vacation.

4. Next up, my mainstay, the Nikon D700. I love the low light capabilities and the full-frame goodness.

5. When I am feeling like a change I have a Nikon F100 film camera. I don’t think they are still being made, but you can find them used at a great price.

6. Nikon 35mm 1.4G

7. Nikon 50mm 1.4G

8. Nikon 85mm 1.4

9. Nikon 105mm Micro

10. Nikon 135mm f2 DC

Not pictured: Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35 Optic (it was hiding in my camera bag) and the zoom I used to take the lens picture.

11. Lens Pen – I have a couple and love them.

12. Always need a few extra cards.

13. Bandaids. With my own kids, you never know when you might need one. I also usually have wipes and hand sanitizer.

14. I admit that I don’t think I’ve ever given a client a Smartie, but I almost always have them. I do use lots of stickers and bubbles on shoots though but those didn’t make the photo.

15. WhiBal card

16. Ballpoint Pen.

17. Nikon SB-600 – For me this is a rarely used piece of equipment, but when I need it I’m glad to have it.

18. Remote Trigger – I don’t usually bring this along, but it’s nice for when I want to get into the photo. Only half is pictured.

office space of photographer Kristin Ingalls

I used to have my desk tucked in the back corner of the house, but found it really hard to get anything done. One day I decided to move my desk right to the middle of the action in our front room. Even though it’s not very quiet, overall I love the new location. It’s nice to be able to sneak in a few minutes of work between the homeschooling and driving around.

1. An evolving wall display. I hope to cover the whole wall someday. It has a mix of frames and canvas.

2. My set up. I have a 15” MacBook Pro and a 27” external monitor. I also have an external hard drive and card reader. The family computer is right next to mine, except when I need the extra desk space.

3. This is my bookcase that holds most of the business paperwork, newborn hats, etc. as well as my camera gear.

4. This is a 30×40” canvas that fills the space I never knew what to do with before I decided to get something big!

five things you may not know about photographer Kristin Ingalls

Kristin IngallsKristin Ingalls, Washington
website | facebook | pinterest | instagram | daily project
With her Nikon D700 and assortment of prime lenses in hand, Kristin loves to take portraits and describes her style as “organic and clean/pure with just a hint of whimsy.” She has an art/design degree from college and worked for years as a designer but like so many others really got into photography once she had children. In her own words, “I started to capture our family life, and somewhere along the line I got bit by the photography bug.” Her ideal day off would consist of shooting for herself, spending time with friends, and some quiet time alone curled up with a good ebook and possible a Starbucks/Tazo Iced Green Tea and chocolate. With her husband and three daughters, Kristin currently resides in Kirkland, WA.

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a peek inside with the Clickin Moms team


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