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A Day In The Life with Kelly Garvey

We aren’t very structured around our house. It would probably be good for the kids but I don’t think I was made that way! We sort of fly by the seat of our pants. One thing we do every day is stay busy because for some reason it feels like crazy town around here when we don’t have enough to do. Okay so a couple things stay consistent  from day to day. We always eat sometime during the day, we try to give Miles at least one nap in his crib a day and I almost always work out. I decided to photograph our day on a Friday. Most days I work, but on Fridays I try not to do too much. I might respond to a few emails and edit a few pictures but it’s one of the few days I am able to set aside where I don’t schedule sessions, office time or client meetings. Miles is still getting over ear infections so today we stayed pretty low key. Hopefully we don’t bore you!

I almost always start my day off with a 5am work out because my boys still cry ALOT every time I drop them off at the YMCA…even the four year old! Drama. It’s easier just to get it out of the way. My day starts at 4:15 to get dressed and to the YMCA by 5am.

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey 1

I get home from boot camp around 6:15 and the whole house is already up. We try to make breakfast so we can eat together. Today we had waffles and eggs…

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

Garrett is going to summer camp three days this week for a couple hours. After I got the boys dressed, we went to the playground to play before camp started at 9am. By about 8am it feels like we’ve all been up FOREVER!

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

I get a little extra time with my little snaggle tooth while Garrett is away at camp. He naps…but…not for long! While he’s asleep I try to tidy the house, do laundry and work in my office on some editing.

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

Now we go get Garrett from camp. He’s super tired so we relax with snack and TV for a little bit. He only naps on days when he is a total train wreck…guess what…today is one of those days! He hates naps and it’s a battle to get him to sleep…not worth it most days.

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

So…that nap didn’t really happen. I decide to let him come out and relax in his fort. He LOVES forts so this is what our house looks like this week.  He fell asleep after all! It helped…he needed that!

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

While Garrett is asleep I do my best to entertain Miles so he doesn’t wake Garrett up…our house isn’t that big so it’s kind of a lot of work keeping him away!

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

Garrett is up! He changes because he “got all sweatery sleeping” and asks for a snack. Do most four year olds change their clothes all day long? He is going through a phase! He’s either changing outfits all the time or dressing in costume…I don’t know which is better! It actually makes me laugh. Yesterday he wore dress slacks with a basketball jersey…oh and he’s carrying a trophy as an accessory.

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

I’m starting to feel like we need to get out of here! We’ve been home too long today! I decide it’s Friday…a perfect excuse to not cook dinner and have a pool party! (I’m always looking for ways to get out of cooking!).

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

We head to grab take out at a small local pizza shop. Lots of baby wrangling going on (all the time)…Poor Miles.

a day in the life with photographer Kelly Garvey

We meet their Dad after he gets off work to eat & swim.

We also decide because it’s Friday we will give ourselves the excuse to skip giving the boys a bath, too…we drive home and keep our fingers crossed that they pass out in the car. Good times :)

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Kelly Garvey is a natural light photographer in Houston, TX. She prefers a candid, natural, relaxed approached over the classic “portrait session” and loves photographing real connections and emotions wherever she can find them: kids, families, weddings, engagement, newborns, you name it.  Though always loving photography by growing up in a house with a photographer dad and a job in the fashion industry, it wasn’t until her son was born in 2008 that she acted on her interest, found her style & pursued photography as a career.
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