A Day In The Life with Kellie Penn

The tardy bell rings for school at 7:45 so our day begins pretty early! None of us are morning people so it’s a challenge!  After a quick breakfast of Pop tarts (don’t judge!) Mason and Millie brushed their teeth (not sure why she’s making such a grumpy face in her picture…I wasn’t lying about not being morning people), grabbed their backpacks, and ran out the door for school.

a day in the life photography by Kellie Penn

heading off to school photography by Kellie Penn

lifestyle photography by Kellie Penn

In a rare turn of events, Madden actually slept longer than his siblings!  He has recently become attached to his sock monkey and I love that he has a bedtime buddy!

sleeping toddler photography by Kellie Penn

After he woke up and got settled into his morning routine, he grabbed his laptop to do work like Mommy.  We snuggled, I checked email, and he worked on his ABC’s.  We then got dressed because it was about time for the kids to come home from school.

toddlers at work photography by Kellie Penn

toddler lifestyle photography by Kellie Penn

silly toddler photography by Kellie Penn

My day doesn’t officially begin until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee.  My Keurig has become a trusted friend!  I love my special cup from Korea that says “I love you, my son.”

keurig coffee photography by Kellie Penn

Mason & Millie had a half day of school and it was gorgeous outside so we decided to load up in the minivan and head out for an adventure!  Our first stop was Flesors Candy Kitchen in Tuscola.  It is one of our favorite places.  They even allowed Mason & Millie to help in making their special fountain sodas.  My kids were over the moon excited!

lifestyle family outing photography by Kellie Penn

family lifestyle photography by Kellie Penn

eating out photography by Kellie Penn

After our bellies were full, we headed to Arthur, Illinois to The Great Pumpkin Patch.  It’s a yearly tradition for our family and I was so excited that this would be Madden’s first trip to the pumpkin patch (we adopted Madden 6 months ago from Korea.  I’m so excited for all of these “firsts” with him!)!

pumpkin patch photography by Kellie Penn

The kids grabbed their wagons, got their obligatory photos in the scarecrow/pumpkin cut out, and spent time going through the mazes.

lifestyle pumpkin patch photography by Kellie Penn

pumpkin patch lifestyle photographs by Kellie Penn

fall pumpkin patch photograph by Kellie Penn

going to the pumpkin patch by Kellie Penn

We then headed out to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkins.

finding the perfect pumpkin by Kellie Penn

hunting for pumpkins by Kellie Penn

pumpkin searching at the pumpkin patch by Kellie Penn

After successfully finding pumpkins, we headed towards home.  Madden was WAY overdue on his afternoon nap.  The car ride went from him being happy, to upset, to crashed!

black and white lifestyle car photography by Kellie Penn

Once home, the kids worked on their homework, and Madden spent some time playing with his John Deere tractors.

lifestyle homework photography by Kellie Penn

homework photographs by Kellie Penn

toddler play time photography by Kellie Penn

I then loaded up my bag for a couple of wedding consults that I had that evening.  I kissed my kids and husband goodbye and headed out to meet brides for cupcakes and to discuss their weddings.  By the time I made it home, the kids were all sound asleep.  It was such a wonderful day of making sweet memories!

photographer client meeting by Kellie Penn