creativity exercise: a classic artist’s exercise

egg photography by Shavan Flake

Drawing an egg is a classic fine art exercise for those working in chalk, charcoal, or pencil. It’s a great way to study form and the way light and shadow work together to establish depth, dimension, and even mood. For this month’s creativity exercise, I challenge you to photograph one or more eggs. While drawing inspiration from the classic exercise (single egg, dramatic light) is a wonderful photographic undertaking and will no doubt produce some beautiful and unexpectedly creative work, you need not necessarily limit yourself to a classic white eggs in whole form. Expand it into a color study with brown eggs; crack an egg and focus on the shapes and textures of the break; splatter an egg on the floor and explore the yolk and shattered shell photographically; remove it from the expected kitchen or farmyard environment.  Remember, too, that you can utilize the metaphorical significance an egg or eggs can have as well. Ultimately, what you choose to do with the subject is your artistic prerogative!

a classic artist's exercise with an egg photography challenge
*image by Caroline Jensen ‘carolinej’

Keep in mind that beautiful photography very frequently isn’t about the subject itself but is often about the quality of the light and the way the photographer perceives and chooses to render that subject. Pay close attention to your light and shadows, and make the ordinary extraordinary!

editors’ choice!

Creativity Challenge Badge

Congratulations to the ladies below whose photographs were selected as this month’s Editors’ Choices!

Allison Jacobs ‘allij2008’:

egg photography by Allison Jacobs

Holly Thompson ‘HollyAnissa’:

egg photography by Holly Thompson

Michelle Hrin ‘hrin’:

egg photography by Michelle Hrin

Katrina Stewart ‘kat8’:

egg photography by Katrina Stewart

Kathleen ‘kathleencollins’:

egg photography by kathleencollins

Kristin Dokoza ‘kdokoza’:

egg photography by Kristin Dokoza

Shavan Flake ‘sflake’:

egg photography by Shavan Flake

Thank you to everyone who participated in the exercise!  We love seeing all the beautiful imagery!

Do you want to participate in the next Creativity Exercise?  Visit the forum here where Sarah has challenged us with the theme “Beautiful Bokeh“.  Don’t have a membership to Clickin Moms yet?  Head on over here to sign up!  You can still participate in this ‘A Classic Artist’s Exercise’ challenge by either visiting the forum here or sharing with us in the comments below.  We’d love to see your work!

free creative photography exercises by Sarah Wilkerson for Clickin Moms


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