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Studio Lighting 101

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You asked for it, and now it’s here! This introductory studio class will start from the ground up as participants will learn how to position their lights and take a handheld meter reading. We will learn about how to use light ratios and various lighting styles to create portraits to flatter our subject. Accent lights such as background lights and hairlights will also be taught. Detailed lighting diagrams and sample photos will be shared to help participants create stunning images, including Jes’s recipe for perfect high key every time.

Jessica Gwozdz is a Certified Professional Photographer and mom of two.  She is located in Chicago and specializes in studio portraiture of kids and families.


What we cover:

  • Basic studio lighting terminology
  • Overview of basic studio lighting gear
  • How to use a handheld light meter
  • Setting up and positioning your studio lights
  • Various lighting styles
  • Using light ratios to set the tone of your images
  • Multilight setups:  Using hairlights and background lights to enhance your images

What you get:

  • Weekly lessons and assignments
  • Detailed lighting diagrams and example images
  • PDF copy of all posted lessons and exercises
  • Detailed, personalized CC and guidance every week

What you need:

  • DSLR and portrait lens
  • Two studio strobes
  • Two modifiers. Ideally: one larger-sized softbox or umbrella to be used as a main, and one smaller modifier that will give a more focused stream of light. This second modifier can be a grid, snoot, or strip box.
  • Two light stands
  • Method to trigger strobe (either sync cord or wireless trigger)
  • Gray card, zebra card, or another method to set CWB in a strobe situation
  • Reflector or large piece of white cardboard
  • A handheld meter that records flash readings. Recommended meters are the Sekonic L-308 series (308, 308B, 308S all OK) or L-358.

Detailed information with gear suggestions and links can be found here (must be a CM member to view thread):

How it works:
A lesson will be posted every week in a private forum here on You will have a week to post your assignment.  You do not need to be online at any specified time. You can read, view and download at your leisure.

The course’s private forum opens on Monday, January 31. The private workshop forum closes at the conclusion of the course.

$300 per person

Registration is limited to 30 active participants.

Registration opens to Lifetime Members NOW!Remaining seats will open to our regular Members at 11:00am EST on Thursday, January 27. You will see the option to sign up though the following link when it is available to you:

NOTE: Workshop seats are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Your registration fee is only valid towards the workshop for which you have registered. Please make sure that you have the time and energy to commit to this workshop before signing up.


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