We would love to share with you the 2016 VOICE Image Collection, our yearly digital print competition. We received almost 35,000 entries and were blown away by the caliber of work. With 14 categories, the VOICE judging panel selected the 211 images that encapsulate the spirit of this special collection – vision, originality, inspiration, creativity and overall excellence.

It is our honor to announce the 14 best in category selections:

  • Beautiful Light Best in Category: Grecian Influence – Caroline Jensen
  • Color Best in Category: Cape Cod Colors – Olivia Gatti
  • Composition & Design Best in Category: Hoops – Ashley Carlon
  • Daily Life Best in Category: Splash a Bit – Bec Stewart
  • Happiness Best in Category: Puppy Love – Yanah Brennan
  • Human Face Best in Category: Tranquility – Martine Altena
  • Love and Connection Best in Category: Love, Everlasting – Felicia Chang
  • Mother Nature Best in Category: Over the Endless Dunes – Kirsty Larmour
  • Movement Best in Category: Untitled – Natasha Kelly
  • Night & Low Light Best in Category: Darkness Touch – Oksana But
  • Self Portrait Best in Category: Equanimity – Teresa Vick
  • Still Life Best in Category: Little Duck – Erica Caligiuri
  • Street Best in Category: Evening Blues in the City of Lights – Merja Varkemaa-Schneider
  • Unexpected Best in Category: I Need Somebody – Sally Ann Field

We encourage you to view the entire collection on the VOICE website. Trust us, you won’t regret viewing all that beauty!

And we’d like to offer a special thanks to our judges consisting of editors and image curators from the photography industry: