Clickin Moms Mentors, Staff, and Vendor Partners scoured the websites of thousands of photographers for fresh talent, powerful artistic voices, and creative evolution. From the resulting list of nominees, a selection panel comprised of 29 talented photographers and image curators voted for those whose work they are most excited to follow this year, and we are thrilled to present this list of the top vote-getters as our “100 Photographers to Watch in 2015.

If you’re looking to be captivated and creatively reinvigorated, you’re in for a treat! We guarantee you will find plenty of new inspiration alongside longtime favorites who continue to produce new imagery that will remind you why you fell in love with photography in the first place. ENJOY!

Aimee McNamee
Amanda O’Donoughue
Ana Rosenberg
Anna Christine
Anna Kuperberg
Anya Maria
Archetype Studio
Aria Photography
Ashlyn Mae
A Wondered Life
Ben Sasso
Beth Wade
Blush by B
Bre Thurston
Brenna Weeks
Candice Zugich
Cate Wnek
Clare Barker Wells
Diyosa Carter
El Hogan
Erica Collins
Erin McGregor
Felicia Chang
Geoff Duncan
Heather M. Robinson
Heidi Haden
Janine Harris
Jennifer Tonetti Spellman
Jessica Drossin
Jessica Thomason
Julie Paisley
Kate T. Parker
Katy Tuttle
Kirsty Larmour
KT Merry
Lindsey Bergstrom
Lora Grady
Maria Manco
Meg Van Kampen
Michelle Gardella
Michelle L. Morris
Rebecca Leimbach
Sarah Landa
Shane Black
Sonja Stich
Sue Bryce
Suzanne Gipson
Taylor Glenn
Valeria Spring
Wild Whim Photography
Alain Laboile
Amy Grace
Angela Ross
Anna Jones
Anne Scherrer
April Burns
Ardelle Neubert
Ashley Kelemen
Audrey Woulard
Bee Chalmers
Benj Haisch
Bjorna Hoen
Bonnie Hussey
Breanna Peterson
Brian Powers
Candy Kempsey
Catherine Abegg
Cole Thompson
Dylan and Sara
Elizabeth Messina
Erin Hensley
Ewan and Brianna Phelan
Gabe McClintock
Gina Zeidler
Heather Stockett
Jan Tyler
Jayme Ford
Jeremy Cowart
Jessica Lutz
Julia Trotti
June and Bear
Katherine Heise
Kelly Sweda
Kristin M. Young
Lauren Mitchell
Lindy Pfaff
Love is a Big Deal
Meg Bitton
Michael Ash Smith
Michelle Huesgen
Nessa K.
Roxanne Bryant
Sarah Lee
Sherri Davis
Stephanie Rausser
Summer Murdock
Tarah Sweeney
Tytia Habing
Vanessa Kessler
Yan Palmer

PS – Which photographers are you most excited to watch in 2015? We’re constantly amazed by the tremendous talent in the photography community, and we’d love to hear your favorites, too (whether they are on this list or not!).

2015 Selection Panel: